‘Transformative Change’

Educational Reform: Nothing New Has Happened!

A sample from Book 4

 Transformative Change
things are done with all good intentions
there goes
america's lack of education
in the year 2000
the dumbing down
continued its endless round
all have lost concern
going to school
meant...all children had to learn
all have forgotten
it's not easy to teach―
some are hard to reach
all have forgotten
teaching's not for pay
but to help our young
make their own way
over sixty percent
of this destructive wick
―those in poverty
couldn't read a single lick
forty percent of the same
this education game
their reason―
not at all lame
their teachers no longer care
their parents not willing to bear
―to graduate
why even dare
―passing each grade
wasn't rare
pushing them up
―better for a teacher's cup
to end this sorrow
a new scenario
for america's tomorrow
―more american children
for a faster diploma flow
president george w bush
offered a texas push
no child left behind
his posted sign
his slogan and promise
to quickly diminish
too many chiefs
―round and round
goes the wreath
out went―
competition of the best
in came
a constant evolving mess
a hypotheses of reality
failed quite miserably
this change―
under bureaucracy's rug
it was swept
parents having a right―
their child's mind
still behind
to a new school
they're free to go
this conceptional insight
in texas―
proved right
from 1994 to 1998
58 to 76 percent
―third graders
even with their grade-level line
proved bush's advocate
school management
america's liberal kite
―their dumbing down bite
wedged their fight
endless control
endless laws
they sank their claws
getting their way
no matter
how many unconstitutional flaws
from the right to kill
an unborn child
mile after mile
idiots gone wild
without parental intervention
children can make
their own decision
straight to the clinic
abortion―right to take life
the way of hypocrites
their whining fit
young adults under seventeen
no more driver's license
wiping out privileges clean
before age of twenty-one
no more spirits
consumption undone
still...at eighteen
for freedom
they can kill...die
with a machine gun
liberals fighting to prove
before the age of twenty-one
not yet fully grown
young minds
must be given time
every young adult
they demand
must follow
their every plan
the diploma-for-ever-young-woman-and-man
became their cause
so here it goes
―the unseen blow
all those who can
―those above the slow-moving clan
forced to be equal
oh! so simple
all those
so bright―so smart
pinned down
with a liberal-halting dart
no child left behind
grew a different kind of vine
a simple concept
they could never accept
complication...their invention
instead of a parent decision
more controlling
by every administration
no more higher-order thinking
our school won't be sinking
federal money
will be our honey
began the lust
for higher ranking
now the threats
continued dumping down
liberals kept
just a new way around
bush's easy conception
every child will read
a forced liberal interception
the department of education
―bureaucratic corruption
forever changed america's direction
instead of increasing the minds of children
water-down test
we do confess
our scores
no longer in stress
teachers with high standard
once forced their students
moved constantly forward
instead of backward
with challenging assignments
single control of their classroom
instead of individual ways
doing what liberals say
teachers now burned
―lower your standards
slow down your pace
don't make it hard

so all can move forward
no longer I want to see
in your records

a failing grade
assignments not turned in
on a test...comes an f
on the teacher's back
their fault
threaten to be sacked
children who struggle
now are lovable
we don't want to see
them stumble

or you'll be in trouble
new kind of administration
now a miserable occupation
now here comes
the liberal bureaucratic climax
to all this crap
the intelligent...held back
for the mentally challenged
we now clap
teachers stabbed in the back
no more play

at age three
school every day
gone school-yard recess
lunch now
a disciplining quest
equalism―liberal fascism
their hidden sarcasm
turned bush's
no child left behind
into an american education crush
their dumbing down scheme
moslem ideology
lurking behind the screen
as american freedoms
slowly die
leaving all
asking why

(November 20, 2013)―[‘Transformative Change’ was written in 2011.] This is a rather lengthy work but it’s worth a read. I’m a journalist by degree but something made me start writing about this political stuff in poetry form for a reason.

What’s the reason? I haven’t the slightest clue. I post my political stuff here and there when the time seems right. My poetry dealing with the education of America seems to be coming to light now.

I was a teacher for 7 years and I had seen what was beginning to take shape, I had seen what already had taken shape. I have a nonfiction book written about it called Feeding the Monster. No, it’s not published yet.

My interest in the educational systems in this country are vast. I would have thought that more parents would take their stand once it got to where it is now. I was so wrong. Instead, I’m seeing conformity in the worse way. How silly it is to watch how easy it is for these foreigners to come in our great country and manipulate so many minds! The break down of family values, the destruction of a great education system! You are so blind to what they are doing. Open your eyes.

Below are hard facts, truth: Real that you refuse to acknowledge. Ask any company owner about today’s young workers. Go on. Ask. I think you will be terribly disappointed.

Today’s American educational system is producing lazy cowards. Do you have an argument? You won’t win here. What kind of animal arrest a 13-year-old child for fighting in a school yard? This is the age when these young boys and girls are figuring out who they are. You have bullying because these kids aren’t allowed to have a normal fist fight, get it over with, take their punishment, and move on.

Bullying happens because they can’t release their anger or stand-up for themselves. I’m sorry. You people have your shit all backwards. When I was young, my bus driver would yank anyone off his bus and let them have at it out outside, then make them take their seats when they wore themselves out. Fight and argument: OVER!

Today, bullying takes the place of honesty, integrity of finding out who you are. Not to mention no one is allowed to fail…even when they are not that smart, even when they cheat, even when they don’t do their work.

As a teacher, I was held accountable instead of the student. That’s total B.S. Not everyone is equal. In 4-H, we had competition in cooking, etc., only those who were the BEST got a ribbon. Today, all get a ribbon. It’s so fake! You call yourselves good parents, good politicians, good administrators. Sorry, in my book, you all fail because you have allowed individuality and the rights of your individual child to be controlled by the ridiculous notion of equality!

I am NOT equal to anyone. How dare you say I am! I’m an individual. I love my God. I love my country. I will teach my children to think for themselves, to excel, and to accept failure if they don’t do the work. If you can’t handle that, then you are a fool. Common Core! Are you common? I’m not. That’s control by the federal government and it should not be allowed in our classrooms where our children learn every day. Common! What the hell are you all thinking? Just saying.

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