‘Ignoring Secular’

Teach About Jesus! Please Do!

A sample from Book 4

 Ignoring Secular
demeaning the family
corroding society
educational responsibility
overshadowing parental vocality
secular taken the role
our children―
no longer do they grow
retake your control
only through your soul
can your children grow
reject their way of school
Jesus†...your most powerful tool
make them drool
show them you're no fool
through Him† teach
ignore what they preach
your parent rights
there's no need to fight
for every christian
here's Jesus'† lesson
you're a guide to heaven
for all your children
teaching them at home
you're not alone
you're doing nothing wrong
put Christ†
back into your life
every husband
every wife
give your children
His† light
it is your responsibility
―against secular animosity
to teach christianity

(November 19, 2013)—[‘Ignoring Secular’ was written in 2011.] Reading all the status’ about Common Core and the moral dilemma of what to do when it comes to protesting such an invasion into our free choices had me looking back at works I’d written coming out of my home schooling years.

I read one particular status that really got under my skin and I had to comment my most outspoken opinion. The recipient of that opinion was none too happy but you have to go against the grain sometimes in order to convey what is necessary.

I’ve never been a fan of the dumbing down of America by way of education; hence, why I home schooled my two youngest in the first place. I laid a foundation for them to question everything. I’m not a conformist. Neither is my daughter. Thank God! I hope I instilled this into my two sons.

Just because everyone else goes with the grain, doesn’t mean you have to. Our founding fathers believed in that as well. It’s logical to say that if they didn’t, then we wouldn’t be here enjoying the aftermath of their wrath. Hail to free thinkers who put it out there and refuse to conform. You are what this country is all about.

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