‘Six Realms of Faith’

God Needs To Be Involved!

A sample from Book 4

(April 29, 2015)—[‘Six Realms of Faith’ was written in 2014.] I wrote this while teaching. There are flaws in our education system. Our young need our guidance. They need to know they CAN make a difference! And it CAN be done without violence.

We are ALL the same. Our skins are all sorts of shades but inside, we are made the same. God did that! Without faith, without God…what do we have…corruption, deceit, betray (the very hand of evil).

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‘Leave It All Be’

Just Let the Children Learn!

A sample from Book 4

(November 21, 2013)—[‘Leave It All Be’ was written in 2011.] Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes pays sometimes. I’m a teacher in heart…always will be.

If the government would stay out the way, every child would actually have a chance to excel. All they need is a little love, a hug, someone who actually cares, who actually is allowed to teach instead of follow some desk-junky’s IDEA of what a child NEEDS to learn without ever having been a teacher themselves.

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‘The New Student’

The First Day of Class: They Sure Do Test Those Waters!

A sample from Book 4

(2003/05)—[‘The New Student’ was written in 2002.] I’m back to the classroom at the beginning of the school year. They say that that first day sets the pace for the entire year. It’s sort of like the first impress you get when you meet somebody—it sticks with you forever.

I’m not exactly sure if I agree. The first day can be hectic or mellow. It depends on how you deal with it. Having seating charts and trying to keep order on that first day can wear you out. Sweat beads pour out of every pour by the end of the day.

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Teachers Need More Money, Less Work!

A sample from Book 4…Exert From Chapter 7

Chapter Seven…More Money, Less Work

In 2005, hurricanes hit our region and we were forced to move back home. Weeks after the storms, parents of the New Orleans’ area were scrounging to get their kids back into school; at this point, any school, it didn’t matter where. Before we left in October of ’05, schools as far as Shreveport were overflowing with students from the Orleans’ area.

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‘Positive Notion’

Returning To the Classroom Over and Over!

A sample from Book 4

(September 25, 2013)—You ever had a career that you just simply gave up because you had no support and it was all so demanding, that you didn’t really have anyone watching your back so you just figured it’s better to just quit. That’s where ‘Positive Notion’ comes from.

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‘Ignoring Secular’

Teach About Jesus! Please Do!

A sample from Book 4

(November 19, 2013)—[‘Ignoring Secular’ was written in 2011.] Reading all the status’ about Common Core and the moral dilemma of what to do when it comes to protesting such an invasion into our free choices had me looking back at works I’d written coming out of my home schooling years.

I read one particular status that really got under my skin and I had to comment my most outspoken opinion. The recipient of that opinion was none too happy but you have to go against the grain sometimes in order to convey what is necessary.

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‘Transformative Change’

Educational Reform: Nothing New Has Happened!

A sample from Book 4

(November 20, 2013)―[‘Transformative Change’ was written in 2011.] This is a rather lengthy work but it’s worth a read. I’m a journalist by degree but something made me start writing about this political stuff in poetry form for a reason.

What’s the reason? I haven’t the slightest clue. I post my political stuff here and there when the time seems right. My poetry dealing with the education of America seems to be coming to light now.

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‘To Save a Few’

Educating the Young: The Struggle Is Real!

A sample from Book 4

(2003/05)—[‘To Save a Few’ was written in 2002.] A teacher also sees life in a different way. It’s not about me and someone else. It’s about me and the whole world. It’s a scary thought—the responsibility one has as a teacher. Then to think about the lack of respect they get. That lack of control they have.

The superiors would say that it’s how a teacher handles his or her classroom that determines what kind of class they will have. I must be lame because I don’t believe this for a minute. In my eyes, the child has no rights when it comes to bad behavior on someone else’s territory. Besides, the teacher has enough to do then to worry about behavioral problems.

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‘World Trade Center’

It Isn’t Just About Subject Matter!

A sample from Book 4

(September 11, 2001)—September 11, 2001 marks an atrocity for every American citizen. Remembering, without a choice, for the rest of our lives, exactly where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day.

It’s a strange thing what you remember. I remember exactly where I was when Princess Diana crashed into that tunnel wall in France. [x] and I were coming back from the hospital (I forget why we were there). We were turning on Victor II Boulevard in Morgan City when I heard the news. I felt the impulse to flag [x] down and tell him. And I did. I couldn’t believe it. Then as I was getting out the vehicle to tell him, the newsman announced Princess Diana had died. I was devastated and didn’t exactly know why. She just seemed to be a symbolic figure of good and humbleness not just to England, but to the world.

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A First-Year Teacher’s Experience

A sample from Book 4: Exert From Chapter Three

[Book 4 was written in 2007-14.] A First-Year Teacher’s Experience. I was shown my classroom right off the bat. It was big but the teacher I was replacing left me nothing. Did you hear that? Nothing! There was a filing cabinet full of stuff—five drawers of it, and I had to go through it all.

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