‘Leave It All Be’

Just Let the Children Learn!

A sample from Book 4

 Leave It All Be
ma' lord...be gone
your grace here...so wrong
―stayed on track
non-constant watching back
since I's young
no steady song sung
I's get use to a way
then thes' be's the day
some different mold of clay
readin' I's be laughin'
yes―there in the secon' grade
we's laugh...giggle
what fun we made
I can tell a book mighty fine
it had all stuck in my mind
then came the time
got me all out of line
yes...fourth grade it was
cuz books were a fuss
no longer my lust
I's a bit slow
but stories...they do go
I's 'member the row-boat
―that train that could go
readin' fast and all
―grades began to fall
if they'd just let it be
I'd have straigh b's
now...it's only f's
behind...my skills was left
I's didn't make through the res'
all those long tes'
too much of a reading mess
this way...that way
wish someone had just say
leave it all be
she's fine you see

I know...I know
beings here on the street
isn't good fa' me
but the truth be
I's still there
enjoying reading
in second grade
with a b

(November 21, 2013)—[‘Leave It All Be’ was written in 2011.] Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes pays sometimes. I’m a teacher in heart…always will be.

If the government would stay out the way, every child would actually have a chance to excel. All they need is a little love, a hug, someone who actually cares, who actually is allowed to teach instead of follow some desk-junky’s IDEA of what a child NEEDS to learn without ever having been a teacher themselves.

Just let them be, let them learn on their own pace, in their own way; let the teachers teach. There’s a reason why we USED to be #1 in education in the world. There’s a reason why we ARE NOT anymore. Love and God, and allowing them to learn, allowing a teacher to actually teach. Just saying….

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