‘Never Forget’

What Do You Stand For?

A sample from Book 1

 Never Forget
each day you get up—
never forget
who filled your cup
each day you begin work—
never forget
on your back
there's a shirt
each day
you create something new—
never forget
who gave you the clue
each day
you joyfully sing—
never forget
the past-learning thing
each day
you sit to draw—
never forget
you once was young and raw
each day
you start to paint—
never forget
those who can't
each day
you work your farm—
never forget
you have two arms
each day
you design a new dress—
never forget
those poor...in distress
each day
you write on your book—
never forget
the years of learning it took
each day
you write an article—
never forget
those who can't live humble
each day
you sit to learn—
never forget
those who lack concern
each day
you attend a school—
never forget
those controlled
by a dictator's rule
each day
you drive your car—
never forget
those who have to walk far
each day
you take a bath—
never forget
water...some do lack
each day
you sit to eat—
never forget
those who can't afford meat
each day
those you judge—
never forget
they don't ask for much
each day
you wedge your war—
never forget
you're watched by the Lord†
each day
for greed
you make policy—
never forget
where comes God's† glory
each day
you choose not to pray—
never forget
in the end
it's God's† say
each day
you don't thank—
never forget
how your day soon sinks
each day
you have a choice
it's your individual voice
that's heard
above the noise
whatever you say
no matter the day
for your wrongs
you'll eventually pay
never forget
when problems you can't solve
when accidents you're involved
when anger doesn't dissolve
never forget
when you're ridiculed
by your boss
your keys
you carelessly lost
government rendered fines'
heavy cost
never forget
when love leaves your house
when your income goes south
when criticism
comes from every mouth
it's your own choice
ignore the Lord†
your criticizing voice
not believing in His† truth
—playing your own card
your reasons for shedding blood
—your raging fighting flood
using His† name
for nothing but gain
never forget
God†...your Allah
is one and the same
you are His† children
equal in His Holy† vision
to not thank Him†
to ignore His† ten commandments
to think
you're better than Him†
to not believe in Him†
to condemn His Son†
—all that's within Him†
these accidents
these painful moments
that's happening to you
is just a clue
to what He† can do
you think I'm wrong
you're right
—your non-believing song
won't lead you
to any throne
here's a test for you
take a break from your cause
from your man-made laws
a month that's all—
each day
when you first awake
thank Him† right away
don't lie
don't steal
don't cheat

be nice
stand up for what's right

say thank you
say please

to each person you meet
pay attention
to those with limitations
those missing a limb
those blind
those left cripple
those without money
open a door
try to help
do more
for one solid month
then you'll see
how things change
how you start to feel
way down deep
there's nothing to believe
all good—
comes from He†
you just have to stop
slow down your clock
you don't need miracles
to understand
His† principles
is all He† wants
from you
to be true
to be honest—
His† simple menu
if these you do
He'll† be true
to you
His† love will shine
you'll see His Divine†

(July 26, 2013)—[‘Never Forget’ was written September 9, 2011.] I remember, well, writing my sad, angry post…screaming, crying, ignoring all good, each day worse then the previous. I remember thinking all who told me there’s a light coming were wrong.

For a year and a half, I struggled. There were days when I didn’t think I’d make it through, didn’t want to.This too shall pass! It did. They were right.

The light did come, but not because they told me it would, it came because of prayer. When times are hard (and mine are clearly not over), it’s good to stop where you are and take survey of the bigger picture. There are so many less fortunate then you. That’s where ‘Never Forget’ came. It is rather long (I have quite a few long poems), but it is worth the read.

If you are in the middle of your darkness with no light in sight, print it up and hang it where you see it every day. This poem was written for you, to help you through your darkest days, for I was there, too. I understand how it feels when you can’t even breathe. I understand how it feels when with each breath more tears flow. Don’t lose your faith.

Trust me, the light is coming. Trust in the Lord. Pray…talk to him in your head, He is listening. He just doesn’t work on the same time-line as we do. Trust in Him. God Speed, my friend. You are not alone.

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