‘Suffering is Personal’

You have a choice. I chose my journey because God’s more important than man…yes, even my children. It’s up to man to have enough faith to fear Him as much as I do.

 Suffering is Personal
to cry is to water seeds
hunger is to know how to feed
–those in need
those accustomed
to being the weed
to the Word I shall heed
no matter the cost–
no matter how much I bleed
it is written
it is my forever creed
–my vow, my chosen deed
all this hope I shall mead
I will adhere to what I believe
good...I will constantly conceive
open all that I am
for what I'm to receive
if I stand strong–
I can always be naïve
wear my heart on my sleeve
allow others...me...to deceive
allow others
me...walk away...leave
I'll never
in negative...weave
their meddling notion
in unbelief
I'm His† child...this vine
forever grows through weeds
forever planting hope's seed
forever holding strong–
my intentions
in all I believe
for all creation:
the sun, the mountains
the animals, the sea
the entire earth...everything
that my eyes see
even this air that I breathe
comes from the one and only 'He†'!
I'm His† child
open to all
there is to see
moved by what is unseen
what is to be
what is already deemed
all in the hope for souls
to be redeemed
–picked...one by one
those taken for weeds
but have been already chosen–
for the light...deemed

Author: k. e. leger

I'm a writer.

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