‘How’s the Wine’

‘See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples…It still is (meaning the darkness is still present) because He then says…Nations will come to your light…The key word is will. It hasn’t happened yet…from Isaiah 60:1-14

 How's the Wine
you planted the seeds
ensured their soil...fertile
richly mixed within–
the best nutrients
–you watched day and night
plucked every weed
–babied every seed
your fields were blessed
for you cared for their crest–
sun came when needed
rain came when needed
all your vines began to grow
healthy, vibrant
–'til the grapes began to show
you marveled at their birth
giving thanks and praise
but you missed...a thing or two:
your eyes started to go blind
you started dreaming prosperity
–as more grapes appeared
your eyes grew big:
you can buy more land
you can build a bigger house
–money spent...not yet earned
not yet understanding–
the return
you became so careless
you didn't even see–
as your presses grew
as your cellars filled
as your variety increased
–you forgot about the nutrients
you forgot what was needed
–what each vine required
–you even forgot
about the weeds
–how they root and feed
you forgot to tend‒
below the surface
–all you saw...shiny vines
but in the dark‒
weeds and pest
began to ingest
a slow building nest
–leaving you to guess
but you didn't
–did you?
years have passed‒
since that first glass
you've grown‒
‒so many things
you own
you don't even access–
what's 'a mess
you just keep moving‒
never wondering–
what's next
never even asking–
how many vines...lost
to the infest
you just keep spending
you just keep enjoying
your well-brewed wine
a simple toast to your lost
and to you–
nothing else adds to the cost
you've become the boss
whatever...you have rights
to toss!
so, my friend....
how's the wine?

Note: The photo that accompanies this work was taken November 11, 2019 when God sent the message of the Avenging Angel. He went beyond what He has been doing up until this date. He not only used the green orb to point out what He wanted us to see, He also put an arrow in the sky that day to ensure we got the message. Not many paid attention. This will come at a price.

(January 15, 2020)―I have been writing and not completing. I have quite a few pieces to work on. But there’s a few things God is wanting of me. Being number 1 since I began meditation back in July: Stop smoking. I’m on day 5. So it’s been interesting, but I’m about to move to the next part of my journey, so zero nicotine is part of that. I always knew this. Back in 2016, I was told this as well. So, wherever I’m going, I’m willing!

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‘Suffering is Personal’

You have a choice. I chose my journey because God’s more important than man…yes, even my children. It’s up to man to have enough faith to fear Him as much as I do.

 Suffering is Personal
to cry is to water seeds
hunger is to know how to feed
–those in need
those accustomed
to being the weed
to the Word I shall heed
no matter the cost–
no matter how much I bleed
it is written
it is my forever creed
–my vow, my chosen deed
all this hope I shall mead
I will adhere to what I believe
good...I will constantly conceive
open all that I am
for what I'm to receive
if I stand strong–
I can always be naïve
wear my heart on my sleeve
allow others...me...to deceive
allow others
me...walk away...leave
I'll never
in negative...weave
their meddling notion
in unbelief
I'm His† child...this vine
forever grows through weeds
forever planting hope's seed
forever holding strong–
my intentions
in all I believe
for all creation:
the sun, the mountains
the animals, the sea
the entire earth...everything
that my eyes see
even this air that I breathe
comes from the one and only 'He†'!
I'm His† child
open to all
there is to see
moved by what is unseen
what is to be
what is already deemed
all in the hope for souls
to be redeemed
–picked...one by one
those taken for weeds
but have been already chosen–
for the light...deemed