‘Magical Land: A Superficial Wonder’ (Yeshuah)

‘Magical Land: A Superficial Wonder’ (Yeshuah)…’I already told them what to do. The enemy has fought this truth. It was expected. What happens when veils cover faces, eyes, reveals the true nature of hearts. Those who deny Me are not Mine, not My Father’s. They are left to man. They can return to the Father and He will replant them into the vine, but they first have to accept Me as His Son. They will not do this as a whole. Their pride rules their heart. This is why this time of plea to heal is an individual plea. Each person has the responsibility to decide, make a choice. The enemy is at work. The false, self-proclaimed prophets are vast, many in size and they are working overtime. Prophets of God belong to no man-made religion, are not of wealth or fame and never will be. No one can get in the way of God. They can try, and they will. God’s mercy is an abundant that cannot be counted. Go in peace, prophet of words, I stand behind every word sent to you. It is God’s word over all those in arrogance…God’s word will be proven true over time. The time He deems. The words of arrogance and false prophets will burn and not be remembered!’ —words of Yeshuah (Jesus the Christ)

Magical Land: A Superficial Wonder (Yeshuah)

how can you eliminate time
how can you eliminate space

what grounds do you have
to eliminate such important
factors as these

so in order to do anything
worthy in science
you must include time
and space

so how can you include
time and space
when you don't know
their truth

it is I†, Yeshuah†
speaking to you
yet, you refuse to listen

you deem a man's time
in space
anyone can go into space
the outer realms
and survive
then they must be right

but stepping into God's† 'universe'
is dangerous
the human body is not made
for such places

'you must take precautions
you must train the body
for many months before
putting it in to such a test'

tests man deemed possible

'nothing happened to the body'

nothing that the people know

God† is powerful
so is space (what you deemed 'universe')
it is not like earth
it has boundaries
space…the outer world
doesn't have boundaries

this is a meaning
man refuses to learn

do you not think
in all your technology
and mechanical makings
that what's in space
can't penetrate

the boundaries set by the Father†
cannot be penetrated
space and earth are separate
for good reason

for man to invade another's
is upon man himself

I†, the Lord Almighty's†
first Son†, Yeshuah†,
am teaching you truth

once upon a time
man knew his boundaries
he knew when to stay put
he knew when to roam

your modern world
has upset the balance
boundaries have been crossed
without reason
but with ego and pride

these anger the Father†
but you dismiss the Father†

He† is revealing His† hand
to you
but you rely on science
and not Him†

the taste of His† wrath
is upon you
the full mouthful is coming

'o blissful arrogance
buried in shame and lust
the spiritual is a lot different
than your world of chunky things

your modernness
is part of your world only
outside of your world‒
what is hard to you
is soft to us
penetrating into your world
is easy

so why do you not think
that sending people across
will not bring something
not of your world
back to your world

what makes you think
you can detect everything?

God† allows you to see
what He† wants you to see

your ignorance
after all this time
is still a bit baffling
to see

even with blindness on
your heart should know
some sort of truth

an age of machine
an age of wires who think
for you
you should easily be able
to understand the past

after all
it was written down
for you to learn from

I† will tell you
what has happened
I†, the Christ†, who sees
the enemy has been summoned
years ago
to begin his march

lies were planted
in ears that cannot hear
the Father Almighty†

lies such as
'history books are lies'
has spilled all over the world
so you will join
the enemy


'what will you do?'

the question the Father† knows
but before the choice is made
for you
He† wants 'you' to see
the choice 'you' made
or will make

that choice 'you' make
that is your true heart

satan is very persuasive
and he enjoys deceiving you
he enjoys putting lustful desires
in your heart
to watch you fall into 
his trap

his deception will get worse

the Father† will allow it
for the Father† is bigger
than all of us

arrogance He† hates
He† has set the punisher free
to correct an imbalance
to discipline all who have 
fallen from Him†
but are His†

He† will make them return
to Him†

you have combined two
what becomes
is the becoming of man's ego
his selfish, arrogant ways

I† send the words
this generation will not believe
for their arrogance is too grand

the generation that follows
the coming new earth
will understand why
all these words were given

it is I†, Yeshuah†
go in peace
then peace I'll† give you

Notes: The photograph David chose is from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel. The day was bright and sunny. You can go look at the pictures yourself. I don’t know what this picture reveals. I don’t know what the light in the middle is. All I do know is God has changed the coloring of the frames in these photographs in order to show us something. You figure it out.

(September 22, 2022 (September 13, 2022))—He led me to The Sermon on the Mount in my Bible. I’ve included the entire Sermon below. I didn’t read it after the writing. I just turned to it and He began speaking again:

‘I already told them what to do. The enemy has fought this truth. It was expected. What happens when veils cover faces, eyes, reveals the true nature of hearts. Those who deny Me are not Mine, not My Father’s. They are left to man. They can return to the Father and He will replant them into the vine, but they first have to accept Me as His Son. They will not do this as a whole. Their pride rules their heart. This is why this time of plea to heal is an individual plea. Each person has the responsibility to decide, make a choice. The enemy is at work. The false, self-proclaimed prophets are vast, many in size and they are working overtime. Prophets of God belong to no man-made religion, are not of wealth or fame and never will be. No one can get in the way of God. They can try, and they will. God’s mercy is an abundant that cannot be counted. Go in peace, prophet of words, I stand behind every word sent to you. It is God’s word over all those in arrogance…God’s word will be proven true over time. The time He deems. The words of arrogance and false prophets will burn and not be remembered!’ words of Yeshuah (Jesus the Christ)

As I wrote yesterday in ‘Anything is Possible’, it is best not to call yourself prophet if you didn’t hear God say this to you. He knows. In your world ways, ‘No one will know,’ He will and He is what counts.

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‘Times Innuendo’ (God)

‘Times Innuendo’ (God)…The day of your watchmen has come, the day God visits you. Now is the time of their confusion. Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend. Even with her who lies in your embrace be careful of your words. For a son dishonors his father, a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—a man’s enemies are the members of his own household. But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; My God will hear me.—Micah 7:1-7

Time's Innuendo (God)

smothering deceptions
isn't the answer
it leads to hardships

a time is coming
where these deceptions
will be made known
in biblical proportions

wake up 'o sleepy heads
you are missing
what lies right before your eyes

it is I†, the Lord Almighty†
coming, came, is here
letting you know
a coming phase of wrath
unbeknowth to man

look around
abeals of wrath
all around you
for you have pillaged
My† name
you have pillaged
the one I† sent
distorting His† reality
to make do
what you deem
to make done

awaken 'o wonder
let yourself be known
arrogance doesn't know
your face
for I† have hidden it
deep within
for your guess?
no, for the glory of Me†!

see to it
that you awaken
see for yourself
what I'm† telling you

dark clouds are coming
sin's widespread curse
awakens more
for I† deemed it

come 'o wrath
be My† cornerstone
for this generation
a generation of privilege
whose awaken to abuse
its abusive nature
covering up its greediness

but I† see what is hidden
I† see your greediness
'o arrogance
your generous desire
to want things
to build things
instead of helping
My† people

go forth greedy nature
I'm† breaking a dark day
to last
until it doesn't last

it is I† speaking
what you don't want to hear

go to your false prophets
spilling words
of half truth
words of neediness
proclaiming I† give
no matter your sin
proclaiming I† offer
without repentance

all lies that you believe
that you seek

your seeking material things
has brought My† eye
to you

seek your grace
seek your pleasant words
seek the endless chatter
for your popularity
for mere acceptance

you are horning the harness
that will destroy you

they call themselves prophets
but do not know Me†
I† didn't put words
in their mouth
as I† do My† servant

awaken 'o arrogant ones
seek the words of truth
seek retribution
for your sinful ways

I† do not desire your money
I† don't desire
I† demand your deeds
of the good nature
I† demand your giving
instead of taking

open your eyes
for I† am moving My† hand
open your eyes
for I† am spilling MY WORDS!

Notes: The photograph is from September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. It was taken at 5:55:44.

(September 9, 2022)—Given September 2, 2022.

abeals‘ or ‘abills‘ is what I heard very clear. I do not think it’s two words as in a beals/bills. The a sound as in asunder was very prominent. The b was also prominent as well as the ‘bill‘ sound. I give you what I get.

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‘Voices Heard’ (Yeshuah)

‘Voices Heard’ (Yeshuah)…Formerly he was useless to you, but now he has become useful both to you and to me. I am sending him—who is my very heart—back to you….—Philemon 8-14

Voices Heard (Yeshuah)

it is time to open up a vessel
one of courage
and knowledge
let wisdom flow

it is time to be moral again
let righteousness out
let it flow

the coming peril
depends on it
the future integrity
depends on it

I† have come to teach
instruction is important
its vastness is grand

do not lose sight
of the prize at hand
it is justified

sorrow is awakening
in its sunny days
darkness will linger

as the days go by
the course is shaped
with bitterness and anger

the tempest is ready
and waiting
for your stumble

'o grand hands
look what you have done
surrounded them with pillage
a block on which they cannot stand

it is I†, the one who speaks
through a Spirit so grand
He† calls Himself† Truth
that which cannot be mistaken
that which roams searching
but not finding
so I† have come
to enlighten with the light
the charge the Father†
has given Me†

awaken 'o light
shine on the innocent
of the world
hear My† voice call
listen to the words I† say
breathe in the light of hope
salvation I† am
for those who seek Me†

wander around
in empty
you will find empty
but fill your self up
with light
and light you shall find

I† am the light
Yeshuah†, the Son†
I† bring peace
if you allow peace in

settle your soul
don't worry
what the Father† brings
will be brought
your self is saved
if you awaken to Me†

awaken 'o wonderful you
hear Me† speak
as every word for you
is written
from the ink of a pen
on plain paper
for you to see
and for you to hear

a coming is masked
a wayward soul

don't lose sight of hope
experiences will be vast
in the making

change is bound
change is coming
a massiveness of change

reemerge your self in hope
seek the light
around every corner
pray to the Father†
give Him† your troubles

it is a plan in motion
that you cannot change
but you can survive in the light

I† am above the tempest
only in Me†
can you overcome
reach up high to the light
keep reaching
even in dark times
I† will come
stay in hope
My† salvation is given
when you stay in hope

be sincere
you'll crumble but rise
you'll sour like rotten grapes
but then
in your sincerity
you will unspoil
and rise
with Me†, you will rise

don't compare Me†
to what is around you
the experiences must happen
you will be in the experience
but if you remain in Me†
I† will remain in you

be in hope
I† am in hope

sí la ve róm

go in peace
then peace I'll† give you

Notes:  The photograph David led me to is from October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye. The seven churches.


(July 22, 2022)—After I had a discussion with the Lord, going over everything He told me about what is coming, I opened up the program I write in, which dates and puts the time of when I open up the page in the program. The time reads 11:11 a.m.

This work was given July 18, 2022. After ‘Voices Heard’ was given, He led me to Philemon 8:14 through Philemon 15-17.

Onesimus means useful.

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‘Empty Hallow Spot’ (Yeshuah)

‘Empty Hallow Spot’ (Yeshuah)…But the Scripture declares that the whole world is a prisoner of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe.—Galatians 3:19-22

Empty Hallow Spot (Yeshuah) 

it isn't empty
it seems empty
this waywardness
digging deep
needing the insides
to seep

come closer
you will see
the autumn
around the corner
then the winter
a mourning feat

come close 'o winter
come close all who mourn
set your sites on Me†
Yeshuah†, the one who keeps
pure hearts of righteousness

the opening vastly awaits
comfort brings
above people and things

'o solemn awakeness
seek the openings
the smallest endeavors
for anew is coming

hold forth to needing
but need the right things
comfort of sorrow
in the mince of confusion

the combining agent
just a fragment
of the lost and found

awaken 'o wonder
listen to the rain
as the waters rush
can't you hear its sound

beat, beat, beat
goes the rain
a hunger of thirst
that's never quenched
a wayward host
pretending in boast

as the prophesies lay
so does the hand of God†
a waywardness in wrath
for man's guess
a triumph in the wrong things
a nontrusting fellowship
of words He† commands

all of them
will come to pass

the iron making its way east
no time to cease
as conditions worsen
as fighting becomes less
monies falling
in the wrong hands

be patient My† dear prophet
these things must take place
in the face
of all the human race

they will know
His† mighty hand
protection will become
upmost important

currently, they are struggling
with man made
their discussion on what to fear

it is His† wrath
they should fear
but they don't
for they can't see
through the lies and deceit

they will

a combine is making its way
a child of the wrath
a golden spike
one 'you' can't hold

don't undertake His† wrath
don't think you can
He† sees the pillage
of His† seed
it abhors Him†

the truth to man
is never what truth is
man has a way
changing things to fit his need

don't waiver in faith
those who seek Me†
with all their heart
with all their soul

I† am not gone
nor am I† a folktale
or something ancient
I† am
as He† is
as you are

seek comfort in prayer
lift your burdens
through faith

changes are coming
they must come
preparation of the change
is a must
confusion is set
words will be said
maybe miracles and delusions
question all that's put
before you

truth doesn't change
God† doesn't change

awaken 'o wonder and see
preparation of the prepared
those belonging to Me†
are guides for those who 
cannot see

all the words given
they are instruction
for preparation
they are warnings
for this preparation

don't wither in your prepare
be on guard
'o watchmen of the tower
warn them
or their deaths fall 
on your heads

the ways have been told
not for your academia
but for light
for the life of those sincere
to live in the light

for the kingdom overshadows
and I† am the way

it is I†, Yeshuah†
speaking for Him†, the Father†
speaking for Myself†
with words He† gives
thus I† give to the prophet

go in peace
if you have ears, hear
these words are truth

Note:  The photograph David chose is from October 2, 2019: Wave Warning. He has me using these photographs over and over again so that some day, you will notice what God has been telling you. The elements in the photographs are intentionally used for God’s purpose, not mine. I tried to duplicate these photographs again, but can’t. They were done on purpose for you. He has sent warnings upon warnings, and what He sends those He chose comes to reality on His watch, not ours. As with all His prophets, some 500 years pass at times, sometimes even 1,000 years. My number that I constantly got was 152-54. Now it’s 150. Time is moving forward. What will happened? You’ve already witnessed a virus that is far from being over and a war that is far from being over and a financial crises that will worsen as the clock tics. And the sad part, as God warned, man is causing these events to come by his poor choices. God’s love is unconditional and He gives us all, every single person on Earth the freedom of choice, free will. And those choices cross over each other setting up a collision course that we will not be able to stop. God will allow the collide for we chose it. So, the self is important. Get your self right with God. Do good deeds. Do a LOT of good deeds to offset all the bad marks already on your heart. It is a choice made strictly by you.

(June 19, 2022)―He led me to Galatians 3:19-22 through Galatians  4:21-5:1.

If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.Galatians 3:23-29. The ‘if’ factor. If you are true, then you have the faith. What exactly is the faith? The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is truth. He knows who is true. You can appear to be a righteous person on the outside, but inside you are manipulative and deceiving…the Holy Spirit knows and bypasses you.

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‘I See You’

‘I See You’…He will not tell you to poke your eyes out, or cut off a limb, or sustain from eating from certain foods. He says to love.

I See You

I see you
in my mind's eye
wanting to be great
not understanding how
in the stillness, the silence
really loud
beyond a crowd
or reasons to shout

I see you there
avoiding the how
around every turn
circling your now
without having to be foul

round and round and round

hitting this wall
and that wall
even selling your soul
to prevent the fall

I see you
don't you get it

right there‒
in view

shame's got you
it has a really good hold
of you

sometimes turning you blue
making you come unglued
sometimes shades of red
making you feel dead
‒not knowing what to do
guessing, treading through

yes, I see you
I have a really good view
there's a door
all ya gotta do
‒walk through
lay that shame
on the floor
say you don't want it
release all that's done to you
then write it all down
share that new view
the one Jesus
will take you to
help others walk that walk

Notes: The photograph is from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning.

God’s Two Witnesses Testify—’And I will give power to My two witnesses and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.’ These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth. If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die. These men have power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want.[1,266]—Revelations 11:3-6/5656

(January 29, 2022)―There’s a ceremony in India and they are poking their eyes out with a knife! I have no idea about this festival Muslim gig. I don’t want to know. I do know that that is not of God. I don’t need some scholar to tell me this. I don’t need to debate it. I know it.

‘I See You’ was written April 22, 2021. It followed quite a lot of direct writings from the Lord and God. Interesting isn’t it. God tells you that He has eyes every where and that you can’t hide anything from Him. And these people in India, where, for some reason, everyone says is the heart of spiritualism, they are poking their eyes out. It’s like they are saying, ‘Now He can’t see!’, which is extremely wrong. And here I am editing a book and I come across this particular work. Coincidence? No, there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

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‘Referenced Lot’ (God)

‘Referenced Lot’ (God)…The Pacific Ocean and Polynesia are the only two names that He specifically names in the visions. I can’t tell you when or how. All I can tell you is what He gives me.

Referenced Lot (God)

a vision or two I† send
hoping you'll understand
you operate on people
thinking you are a god
you police people
lock them up
throwing away keys
without first looking at yourself

I† come in judgment against you
oh nations
I† can destroy the part of you
all your wickedness
as I† did tongos santé us

I†  displace you
I†  have displaced you
you have made a mess
it has all gotten away
from you

I†  have watched you
try to clean it up
‒all your cables and cords
all your need to blend
all your need to think
you are more than I† 

I†  will shake you up 
says the Lord†  Almighty,
the one and only living God† 
of all times!

I†  am putting you in unstable
rocking this way
rocking that way
like the hills of gilead
and the mountains of israel's
long ago homes

I†  have put it together
and I†  can pull it apart
like samaria and persia
and babylonia
in all their arrogance
I†  have shredded their likings

oh jerusalem, nothing more
than a blended pea

all you capitis heed this warning

I'm† going to shake you
I'm† going to unearth you
I'm† going to take back
control for a while
and fix your wrong doings

I†, the Lord Almighty God†,
your creator

are you going to argue with Me†?
come, simple minded peas,
come and argue with Me†
if you can find Me†

I† am therefore you are

the warnings to your arrogance
have been set
confusion is roaming
among you, enjoying its run
temptation is building
the show has begun

it is time to undo what man
so carelessly has done

Notes: This is the 2nd time this week that a picture from October 2, 2019: Wave Warning was selected. Please pay attention.

(January 18, 2022)―(As always, the writing is written as I heard it. Words that I was not familiar with I was led to look them up. I write long hand and I keep all my writings.)

Liberty Yields Forbearance: 1 Corinthians 10:23-30 was the main Scripture pointed out to me this morning. The end of 1 Corinthians 9:12b-14 then 1 Corinthians 9:15-18 through 1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1 were the Scriptures that fell on the two pages I was led to.

These particular Scriptures I have been led to time and time again. They deal with doing for God and Jesus without needing rewards except for the basic needs of living. It’s about sacrifice and being strong in the Spirit.

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‘Called’ (Jesus/New Added to Old Dream)

‘Called’ (Jesus)…And the Persian empire was devoted to the spiritualist, hence, they pretty much don’t exist anymore!

Called (Jesus/New Added to Old Dream)

are you so vile
you'd make such claims
have I† spoken to you
have you heard Me†
say your name

are you wavering through
have you confessed
your sins
have you cried all night
have you tried
Me†...to fight

has My† blood been poured
on you
has the Father's† hand
touched you

you and your self-proclamations
nothing changes
satan stays the same
loving his star gazers

(below He scolds me for my thoughts)

don't cringe
don't scuff your nose

they, too, are part of the plan
they, too, are judged
as you are

each part of the world
has their star gazers

to see into the future
is a prediction

to wage war on the future
is a prophesy

I† have sent you both
so has My† Father†
they will not look at you
like that
you are protected

I† could hand you a bone
if I† wanted
I† could make you known
if I† wanted
‒it is not your job to want this

I† am your brother
your job is to listen to Me†
the Lord Jesus Christ†

they don't think I† speak
I† do
through you
through many

He† doesn't speak through many
but He† speaks
when He† speaks
He† means it

predictions are hit or miss
prophecy stands

We're† not done
He† is not done

what have they done
to ease His† wrath
what have you done


those in prayer are heard
tell them they are heard
continue to pray

what will happen
is already going to happen
the words are already given
they refuse to listen
the blame is only on themselves

they will know
when they stand before Me†
that you have spoken to Me†
they will rally around you
though you cannot see
you will know

it is I†, the first
don't cry for them
they are arrogant and vain

what does it take
for hearts to change
to save their own souls
‒this 'what' they do not possess
if they did possess it
they would have knelt on their knees
and begged Him† for mercy

I† am He†
the one you love
the one you cry to

a second is coming


My† Father† will hear you

Notes: The photographs were chosen by David. And they are interesting when it comes to the piece from Jesus and the Scripture chosen for this piece. I do not believe in accidents. The photographs are from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning. This is the third time that God puts a baby in the sky as a message to me about this promise. The baby is to the left of the sun. Below the baby is an incomplete ring. I wrote in 2019 how a golden ring was found in my apartment, but it was split, incomplete. It just showed up. I still have this ring.

If you click on the link and view all the photographs, you’ll see the baby turn into a man. When God came to counsel me in 2019, He put the image of an older, gray-haired bearded man in my mind so I would feel comfortable. This is the image that the baby transforms into to. You can argue this until you are blue in the face that it isn’t so…it still will be so. The second image of the day that was freaking amazing was my mother’s image that was put on the water behind me. David had to point her out. This is the second time that a baby and my mother’s image were given to me together!

10.08.2019.16.21.51…my mother
10.08.2019.16.21.46…step back to see this image clearer.

(January 5, 2022)―There was a number of things that happened since New Year dealing with the promise. I’m not allowed to write or speak of these things until after, but I’m to tell you that it is moving forward, hence part of the reason I was shown 1 Samuel 1-2:1-11 this morning. I have included this Scripture after the commentary.

Before Jesus dictated ‘Call’, I was shown a spiritualist byway of my newsfeed. Then after I received the piece, I was shown another. Both told lies. The first had me thinking and Jesus addressed this thinking in ‘Call’. I can’t, in no way top, what Jesus had to say to me.

After I typed this in, I made a soup and talked out this weird dream that I had last night, as I’m talking this dream out, the explanation of it was put before me.

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‘It Is The Same’ (Jesus)

Love. It’s doing for other people in such a way that you save their souls. Not their bodies. Their souls. It’s putting yourself on the line because you trust in God’s journey for you. It’s taking the shame, the name calling, the judgment of people who do not live in love so that you CAN live in love. It’s even dying for your friends and family. It’s loving Jesus when others want to persecute you. It’s giving everything away for God. It’d doing without bragging that you do it. It’s staying humble. It’s calling someone out on their sin, not to hurt them, but to save them, not to judge them, but to help them. Amen.

It Is The Same (Jesus)

broken wings don't fly
take a deep breath
it is I†

there is still much to say

'why now?' I ask

'truth' He† says

too many lies
plaguing these lives
I† don't want them to die
so many
don't even ask why

'why?' I ask

a question
left for God†
to be answered
in its proper time

each person's 'why'
has a different answer

'what's my why?' I ask

you were chosen
to do a prophet's work
you are not left
in the dirt
please do not hurt
you will understand
as I† told you

'what about them?' I ask

they, too, will understand
as time moves along
as I† said
the tests are many
the passers are few
all...that what they do
is entirely up to them
I† come to judge
at the end
of each life
all that they chose
I† weigh
good or bad
the marks on their hearts
do not lie

they had choices
all...always have choices
no matter how hard
there is still a choice

the 'way' is the right choice
it usually is the hardest
of all choices

'what is the way?' I ask


―Words of Jesus the Christ
the first Son of the one and only
living God

Notes: The photographs chosen are from October 7, 2019: Faces. The answer to my question, and everyone’s question: Are we alone? The answer: Never. We see the Orb all the time in photographs, but no one actually understands them. They just chalk them up to a light issue with the camera. Very well then. God uses the light with the Sun to communicate with me outside of the box of how humans communicate, using technology. Before October 2019, He had sent a message via this website. It was posted in July or August, it is still on this website. I did not take it down. Back to the Orb, He decided to change it up a bit. In some of the frames on this website, He has used the Orb by changing its structure. Below, that is exactly what He did. As David said, it’s His footprint.


(September 14, 2021)―After He finished, He led me to Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Daniel 6:1-28). When you read Daniel and what God did for him, you realize that it really wasn’t God at all. It was Daniel’s love for God that saved him. I’ve experienced this, this love in return deal from God. I think a lot of people lose faith because they don’t truly love the whole of the Lord from the beginning.

Let me write more on this. Everyone I talk to says they know God, they love God. In my opinion, they love what man-made preaches teach them and that’s it. They don’t know the whole of God. And that ‘whole‘ includes Jesus. That includes loving God through all of it with your whole heart. That means following His commands, all of them.

Love. If you loved, truly loved, with your whole heart and soul, you wouldn’t lie, steal, manipulate, use people, or do any of the other sins that cause people to fall. You would be honest with everything you had and you wouldn’t harbor hate or anger in malicious ways, like with judging people or races or cultures. None of what I mentioned here is love.

Love. It’s doing for other people in such a way that you save their souls. Not their bodies. Their souls. It’s putting yourself on the line because you trust in God’s journey for you. It’s taking the shame, the name calling, the judgment of people who do not live in love so that you CAN live in love. It’s even dying for your friends and family. It’s loving Jesus when others want to persecute you. It’s giving everything away for God. It’d doing without bragging that you do it. It’s staying humble. It’s calling someone out on their sin, not to hurt them, but to save them, not to judge them, but to help them. Amen.

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‘I Am Here’ (God)

‘I† Am Here’ (God)…The hording of them, the boiling pot, has got to release, boil over, for us to heal or we will continue to hurt other people and bury ourselves…leading our beings to the pit instead of to the light. This is how sin evolves over and over. It is not until this is dealt with in each human being that sin will be no more.

I† Am Here (God)

I† am here
you have to seek Me†
I† am waiting
I† am always waiting

don't be afraid
men of greed are afraid
they seek what they cannot find

just let go
trust in Me†
each and every soul
trust in Me†

I† am the giver
upon your heart
I† built My† temple
I† once placed barriers
a hardened place
confusion, fear, broadness
zigged through the lands

then I† introduced order
rules to govern by
only to one people
only to reveal Me†

others lived by their own paths
there was nothing beyond earth
that they knew

I† introduced when it was time
a time to prepare

preparing for something grand
takes time
takes patience

the time had come
for the grandeur
of My† splendor

they were looking for the wrong things
emeralds and diamonds
jade and sapphires
silks and furs
reds and purples
proving they did not know Me†

how My† splendor appears is
how my heart works
there's nothing anyone can offer Me†
for I† make all things
for I† make all bodies

what is given to Me†
what is accepted by Me†


says the Lord Almighty God

Notes: The photograph is from October 2, 2019: Wave Warning.

(October 4-6, 2021)―Circumcision. I didn’t know how to write this. My instructions: Teach what I taught you about time. Then circumcision was brought to my attention, but only after the Scriptures below. Cleanse. In the law, the Lord gave specific instructions about everything. These specific instructions did not exist until they were given. All the things that God demanded were not just for those people who came way before Jesus. They are for us as well.

To cleanse. To heal. Wiping the heart clean. In order to do that, you have to circumcise it. The idea of circumcision, man taking young man babies and cutting the loose skin from off the penis over and over, for years. Then Jesus came and said there was no need to circumcise by man’s hand anymore. It was the circumcision of the heart that was now required. To cleanse the scars from the heart.

Man-made churches and Internet preachers are not teaching this. They are NOT connecting the new with the old. As Jesus said they don’t want to let go of old ways…they can’t turn the cycle around. Now, they are demanding the new is the only way! Think of old traditions. I know these well. That saying, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ Yes, but they never questioned why. Well, the same goes with what God taught all those years ago.

He taught by having these people do the same thing over and over. Yet, no one seems to connect the old with the new. Well, maybe some. God taught by symbolic gesture. By having the wall built, then destroyed, then rebuilt over and over. By having the people gather in large groups and have a huge sacrifice, basically many times, it was a huge party made sacred by giving the joy up to God. An aroma pleasing to Him. All of this was ‘doing‘, giving time to the Lord. He had them do this for many, many, many years…this process over and over. He had them read the Law out loud in large groups over and over. Not just a part of it, but ALL of it.

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‘Conditioned Response’ (Jesus)

‘Conditional Response’ (Jesus)…Following the way of Jesus is really simple. It is those who must be part of the collection that make it hard because they ridicule, criticize, compare, judge, insult, hate, and abuse physically, mentally, and spiritually all of Jesus’ sheep.

Conditioned Response (Jesus)

whatever the noise
whatever the poise
it's always a choice

except when it comes to the collection
then they 'must' be followed
to be accepted

they flock to popularity
even if it is not true
even if it is all lies
as long as it's popular
it doesn't matter

dictation by popularity
seems the way of the world
it was the same‒
when I† walked the earth
nothing much has changed

when the collection speaks
everyone listens
they follow

the truth...the way
not lying
love without betraying
love without resenting
love without hate
love without abusing
love isn't hard
yet it is the most difficult
to love without sin
seems impossible

I† am Emmanuel†
I† taught love
what it means to love

to burden another soul
with hurt
is not love

to betray is not love
to hold grudges is not love
to hate and judge is not love
to cheat, obstruct, conjure is not love

love is easy
when done without sin

to get to the kingdom
is easy
with pure love

My† sheep know love
My† sheep are few
they spread love
listen: hear them, listen to them
follow them
for they will lead you 
to My† Father's† door

Note: David chose the photograph from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning. It is a screen shot taken from the below photograph. He was showing me the faces, hence, spiritual beings that are around us all the time. The eyes of God whom keep watch on us. No matter how hard our life is, there is a purpose for it. Trust in God. Go to Jesus and find your way instead of following the collection, which always lead with lies and betrayal and hypocrisy.

(September 3, 2021)—Jesus. Teaching. Teaching after the following Scripture was presented to me. God’s love is hard love. My love is hard love. Since He put His hand on me in 2019, since I contended with Him, He has changed me from Soft to Hard, even in my appearance. Don’t contend with the Lord. If you belong to Jesus, He will scold you to the fullest, but He will let you live. And by live I don’t mean as in the body. I mean as in the spirit, which is more important when it comes to life. Jesus’ sheep pay their prices while on earth, so they remain in life. Remember this when you complain and cry. Don’t let envy and ego cloud your judgment of what is really happening in your life.

God IS. His power is beyond awesome. Currently, His wrath is on us. Yes, He sent the virus. Read Numbers 16. That is just one account of God sending a plague (virus) on those whom He needs to scold, punish. The preachers of the world lie to you. As when they lie to you about money. No, you are NOT to make money off of God and Jesus. You can only make enough to support your family in a most humble of manners then the rest is for the poor, the hungry, etc. , etc. All these YouTube preachers…of the world. Popularity as Jesus teaches.

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