‘A Rose When It Blooms’

A Woman Becomes Awesome After the ‘Hard’!

A sample from Book 6

 A Rose When It Blooms
it's easy to pass it by
if you don't have a good eye
it's easy to deny
―be easily satisfied
by its humble life
it's easy to say goodbye
if you don't understand―
its true vibe
instead of just
its surface shy
it's hard to describe
what comes from deep inside
watching a rose come alive
―shine in the light
spread its wings and divide
it's hard to simplify
its gentle lullaby
―its pure divine
without trying to deprive
its exotic fire
it's hard to amplify
what its many colors
or how it mystifies
emotions and desires
it's hard to transcribe
without trying to terrify
or leaving questions of why
―I'm willing to try
when a rose awakes and divides
emotions thrive
its very beauty signifies
its power from God†
―adding harmony to lives
making a grown man cry
leaving the most vocal soul
once awoken―
a rose transpires
all of its drive
all of its pride
to its newly created empire
it doesn't try to bribe
with all its energy it dives
overriding its individual side
transforming its tide
refusing to deprive
so that its vibrance can thrive
with its own awakening desires
 it doesn't place a price
or intend to bring strife
it doesn't even think twice
or wonder if it's right
it doesn't need or try to justify
―connive or lie
it just breathes life
―a humbling sacrifice
byway of God's† pure light
yes, it's easy to pass by
if you don't have a good eye
it's easy to deny
the beauty of a rose
―opening and coming alive

(June 29, 2013)—I’m a little girl again. I’m wearing a one-piece. I’m standing at the end of my father’s wharf, by the old cypress tree. My little sister is sitting on top of the picnic table, watching. I’m getting ready to run then pretend to go then stop. She slams her hands on her thighs eager for me to take the plunge. She never wants to be the first one in. I have to test the water. At least, the times that I don’t pick her up and throw her butt in first.

I look once more at her. I smile to myself seeing her eagerness. She wants to get in so bad. I take a deep breath and off I run. I feel the boards beneath my feet. One, two, then the water hits my skin like a refreshing cool shower.

I sink then quickly raise. When I reach the surface, I only see the end of her splash. She felt safe. She took the plunge, too…oh, the memories of my childhood.

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