‘A Letter to Pandora’

Say It: ‘I Am Woman. Hear Me Roar!’

A sample from Book 6

(November 29, 2013)—Come visit my author page and let the rage fly! Enough already with all this childish behavior…Woman is the strength of the world. A real smart man knows when he has a good woman because she shines so bright just when he walks into a room.

A true friend knows when they have found real for they feel safe, secure and vulnerable at the same time and still feels unconditional love and trust. Be real. Love the skin you’re in.

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‘Without Burying in Holes’

You Be You. Let Me Be Me. While We Leave the Past Behind!

A sample from Book 6

[Note: This is another bit of advice that I didn’t take. And I gave it to myself! Lose the microscope! The best advice you’ll ever get!]

(October 23, 2013)—When you fall in love then lose, you begin to fully understand what true love is. You don’t shatter each other’s pride to satisfy your own. You don’t hurt each other on purpose.

In divorce, what hurts the most is thinking that you thought you had that, but you were wrong in so many ways. That’s where ‘Without Burying in Holes’ comes from. When you find true love, how do you know? Twice in my life I thought I found it and in both, I was wrong.

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‘Dying House’ and ‘Our Last Goodbye’

That Place You Have To Leave!

A sample from Book 6

(September 13, 2013)—In the stages of grief, you have to come to terms with a lot of things. In divorce, there’s a lot of grief. It’s a death. A real death. To properly heal, you have to take back yourself. As my therapist says, I need to go through everything and ask myself did I get this for me or for us. If the answer is us, get rid of it. She meant everything, even the pantry and frig. Then that final decision, the house. I love my house, but I can’t stay.

I pray whoever ends up with it, loves it as much as I do. I love the bayou. I can’t stay. I have to separate myself from it all in order to find the total of me. Saying goodbye to a house that you built from the ground up, watched it take its first breath, well, it’s not the same as giving up a house that was already built. I put a lot of love into my house. I made it a home, and it will never be the same without me.

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It’s All About Survival!

A sample from Book 6

I thought I’d give you a little peek at some of the bargaining pieces.

(August 16, 2013)—You know this feeling, don’t you? To find that one person that just rocks your world. They come and go. It hurts when they go, but, damn, doesn’t it feel good when they come!

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The Codependent: Make Yourself Happy First!

A sample from Book 6

(October 18, 2013)—I wrote this a while back [July 20, 2013], but it didn’t hit me until today. It didn’t hit me until he texted me a bunch of crap, not understanding what I’m doing all day long or why.What’s wrong with you? was his question. No need to say my response, but I’m still co-depending, I’m still allowing others to affect me when they shouldn’t.

I [had] stopped reading Co-Dependent No More. Many women who are going through this know this book well. I need to continue my reading, continue strengthening my heart and soul. Battered-down women don’t know how to do this easily because we keep depending, thinking things will change. They won’t.

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‘No Goodbye Kisses’

It’s Not Your Fault!

A sample from Book 6

(October 1, 2013)—[‘No Goodbye Kisses’ was written July 11, 2013.] It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The first time I was made aware of what had happened to me, I sat there like a child and cried. I’m an educated woman. I was trained in the military. How could this happen to me?

I didn’t understand. How could I have not seen it? How could my family not have seen it? Where is my family when I need them the most?It’s not your fault. My therapist said as she watched me cry. It’s not your fault.Words that ring through my head all the time now. Then I sit and think of all the women who’ve gone through worse than me, who didn’t have nearly half the strength I have.

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‘Stepping into the Fear’

Forget the Fear. Concentrate On What You Want!

A sample from Book 6

(February 2, 2014)—[‘Stepping into the Fear’ was written June 25, 2013.] It’s hard to explain this to someone who doesn’t understand, to someone with a closed heart. The Law of Attraction is very powerful. If you think something long enough, if you have it in your mind over and over, sooner or later it comes to pass. I didn’t learn about the Law of Attraction until 2008. By then, it was too late for me.

My totally worse fear was being abandoned, left alone. I wrote about it over and over. My novel was centered around the idea. I really didn’t understand how the law worked, but after it came to pass for me, it has become fully understood. I had completely put the law out of my mind until a friend told me that he found his true love because of her belief in the law. So, its meaning has resurfaced for me. I wrote a lot about this law. Studied it. I have books on it.

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‘A Rose When It Blooms’

A Woman Becomes Awesome After the ‘Hard’!

A sample from Book 6

(June 29, 2013)—I’m a little girl again. I’m wearing a one-piece. I’m standing at the end of my father’s wharf, by the old cypress tree. My little sister is sitting on top of the picnic table, watching. I’m getting ready to run then pretend to go then stop. She slams her hands on her thighs eager for me to take the plunge. She never wants to be the first one in. I have to test the water. At least, the times that I don’t pick her up and throw her butt in first.

I look once more at her. I smile to myself seeing her eagerness. She wants to get in so bad. I take a deep breath and off I run. I feel the boards beneath my feet. One, two, then the water hits my skin like a refreshing cool shower.

I sink then quickly raise. When I reach the surface, I only see the end of her splash. She felt safe. She took the plunge, too…oh, the memories of my childhood.

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‘Twenty-Year Itch’

Trust Me: It’s Not Your Fault!

A sample from Book 6

(October 30, 2013)—[‘Twenty-Year Itch’ was written May 23, 2013.] Since this goes with my stupid post today, I thought I’d share. I wrote this towards the middle of this year after reading about and experiencing the ‘Twenty-Year Itch’.

It is interesting how much is written about this and how no one actually talks about it. I’m gonna talk. You know me. Go on hold it against me. What do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing. Life is not all negative, but in order to move to the light, you first have to see things for what they are. You have to talk about it. You can’t keep it buried, pretend it’s not happening and all is okay.

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‘Changing of Tides’

You Will Make It Through!

A sample from Book 6

(July 21, 2016)—[‘Changing of Tides’ was written April 29, 2013.] Ways to create a better life: Stop: playing the victim card, making excuses, letting society tell you how to live, trying to make other people happy, relying on others to make you happy, doubting yourself. Start: enjoying alone time, turning off gadgets and go outside, positive thinking, believing in yourself, making your own happiness, expressing your creativity, acknowledging your desire/dreams/wishes, make everything you want happen, making your own happiness tips, helping others realize they can make their own happiness.Be thankful for the difficult people in your life, for they have shown you who you do not want to be.

‘Changing of Tides’…when I read this, my toes curl. It was written in April of 2013. I remember well what I was feeling, what this piece is about even though it was written over three years ago. It seems to be a thing these days: Not caring how others feel. Not having empathy or compassion. Thinking of only one’s self.

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