‘Stepping into the Fear’

Forget the Fear. Concentrate On What You Want!

A sample from Book 6

 Stepping into the Fear
what you are is what you think
―an old worn out thing
but living half your life
you come to see
how truly right
these words ring
any day-dreaming thought
even silently in the dark
―closed secret of the heart
given enough time
begins to shape its part
if the pictures seep in your head
while laying in bed
something you dread
or just want to unwed
―be careful
your repeated secret byline
given enough time
will come to you
will come true
it takes years
to make the picture clear
bits and pieces―
many scenarios pass through
your reality won't mock it
your actions won't show it
but in the universe
you did throw it
―over and over
believing it just fantasy
only your mind can see
nothing close to your reality
what does it hurt
losing yourself to its scenes
just a day-dreaming thought
something imagined in the dark
―silently in your heart
where no one has to be fought
something you think
not really sought
given enough time
begins to shape its part
with enough passing days
with enough nights to fade
the fantasy slowly builds
secret thoughts turn real

the universe enjoys enough time
fantasy to reality begins to align
instead of in your head
―hidden secrets fed
soon to become
a life led
deep inside
you try to deny
your eyes continuously cry
this can't be right
you start a war
―feverously fight
an outward dreaded fear
―at first unclear
the day-dreaming thoughts stop
as hands move on a clock
tic-toc, tic-toc
all your eye-seeing reality
becomes your secret fantasy
not exactly the way you saw
―the same is the result
wiping away the tears
now, it's all perfectly clear
what you wanted the most
―the secret you didn't boast
was the one thing
you truly feared
the fantasy
that only the universe
could hear
so it changed your course
―it may feel forced
you yell, scream, cry
over and over asking why
repeat, repeat, repeat
'til you're hoarse
 it leaves you no choice
but to step into your fear
―see your secret thoughts
as the true reality
of your heart  

(February 2, 2014)—[‘Stepping into the Fear’ was written June 25, 2013.] It’s hard to explain this to someone who doesn’t understand, to someone with a closed heart. The Law of Attraction is very powerful. If you think something long enough, if you have it in your mind over and over, sooner or later it comes to pass. I didn’t learn about the Law of Attraction until 2008. By then, it was too late for me.

My totally worse fear was being abandoned, left alone. I wrote about it over and over. My novel was centered around the idea. I really didn’t understand how the law worked, but after it came to pass for me, it has become fully understood. I had completely put the law out of my mind until a friend told me that he found his true love because of her belief in the law. So, its meaning has resurfaced for me. I wrote a lot about this law. Studied it. I have books on it.

To think about what you really want, instead of your fears, is very hard to do without placing doubt somewhere in there. I guess to overcome the fears in your life, you have to walk into them. That’s where ‘Stepping into the Fear’ comes from.

My worse fears had to become reality in order for me to move towards what I want the most: To make my living as a writer. In order to make that my reality, I have to let go of everything else and fully concentrate on this one thought. Dreams are dreams until you make them your reality, until you think them into reality. Love the skin you’re in.

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