‘Six Realms of Faith’

God Needs To Be Involved!

A sample from Book 4

 Six Realms of Faith
having an idea
‒one that's clear
strips the fear
‒a free-thinker's agenda
a place your life
to steer
adding content
‒liberating a commitment
instead of settlement
replacing resentment
‒being legitimate
instead of being stuck
in a clique's common placement
having an individual voice
it's a choice
instead of being a toy
for others to enjoy
‒standing out
on your own paved soil
saying what you mean
with fluency
‒not living
in hypocrisy
strips away life's crazy
stops the path of lazy
in the middle
of its lunacy
perfecting convections
improving slang's grammafications
turning into a professional
leads to graduation
adds promotions
in this world of intoleration
putting it all together
a profession's
perfect presentation
ready for any situation
walking away
from damnation
without hesitation
for I am
in life
a worthy publication
my world
a learning reflection
of mistakes made
every word heard
I can turn around
all situations
with these six realms of faith
I can change
my fate
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‘Leave It All Be’

Just Let the Children Learn!

A sample from Book 4

 Leave It All Be
ma' lord...be gone
your grace here...so wrong
―stayed on track
non-constant watching back
since I's young
no steady song sung
I's get use to a way
then thes' be's the day
some different mold of clay
readin' I's be laughin'
yes―there in the secon' grade
we's laugh...giggle
what fun we made
I can tell a book mighty fine
it had all stuck in my mind
then came the time
got me all out of line
yes...fourth grade it was
cuz books were a fuss
no longer my lust
I's a bit slow
but stories...they do go
I's 'member the row-boat
―that train that could go
readin' fast and all
―grades began to fall
if they'd just let it be
I'd have straigh b's
now...it's only f's
behind...my skills was left
I's didn't make through the res'
all those long tes'
too much of a reading mess
this way...that way
wish someone had just say
leave it all be
she's fine you see

I know...I know
beings here on the street
isn't good fa' me
but the truth be
I's still there
enjoying reading
in second grade
with a b
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‘The New Student’

The First Day of Class: They Sure Do Test Those Waters!

A sample from Book 4

 The New Student
as a teacher
I see life
in a different way
it’s not about me
and someone else
it’s about me
and the whole world
and how much
I can give
in a single day
I teach a different age—
an entirely different race
email, modems and chat rooms—
they don’t want me to lecture
just an enduring classroom
they’re welling to face
 but it’s all in my head
standing there
in a statue of voices
listening to the brains
that need to be fed
they are loud, uncaring, rude
the result of our government
and weak family link
the lack of paddles, rulers
disciplines rules to boot
they are given a choice—
I have to settle
they have summer school and g.e.d.—
I’m the school board’s fiddle
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‘World Trade Center’

It Isn’t Just About Subject Matter!

A sample from Book 4

 World Trade Center
(Written September 11, 2001...the day it happened)
I don’t know much
all that financial stuff 
assumingly wall street
determines economy
what now
do they store records
someplace else
are they going to have to search—
a thousand shelves
are there companies
around the world
to figure out
all that wealth
what about they
aren’t the best
the brightest
of this finance world
at play
in the world trade center
every day
these buildings totally destroyed
all those lives
all that knowledge gone
what did survive
did they have a day-care center
did they sound a speaker
how many children were there
how many babies didn’t fare
what about ladies expecting theirs
what about the young men
not yet experienced enough
in life to care
their mothers waiting there
what about the elders
who hadn’t jotted down memories
that were rare
all that knowledge
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A First-Year Teacher’s Experience

A sample from Book 4: Exert From Chapter Three

[Book 4 was written in 2007-14.] A First-Year Teacher’s Experience. I was shown my classroom right off the bat. It was big but the teacher I was replacing left me nothing. Did you hear that? Nothing! There was a filing cabinet full of stuff—five drawers of it, and I had to go through it all.

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Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken!

A sample from Book 4

That was my question as I went through year after year of constantly starting over as a teacher. Yes, there’s things broken with the American education system…but they are constantly trying to fix the wrong things.

The following is from the Introduction to my 4th Book in My 12-Book Series during my denial stage where I focused on everything outside of myself and my home instead of focusing on the important stuff. What I discovered will amaze you! The only thing I could do was write a book about it and offer simple solutions to what the higher-ups makes so complex.

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