‘Six Realms of Faith’

God Needs To Be Involved!

A sample from Book 4

 Six Realms of Faith
having an idea
‒one that's clear
strips the fear
‒a free-thinker's agenda
a place your life
to steer
adding content
‒liberating a commitment
instead of settlement
replacing resentment
‒being legitimate
instead of being stuck
in a clique's common placement
having an individual voice
it's a choice
instead of being a toy
for others to enjoy
‒standing out
on your own paved soil
saying what you mean
with fluency
‒not living
in hypocrisy
strips away life's crazy
stops the path of lazy
in the middle
of its lunacy
perfecting convections
improving slang's grammafications
turning into a professional
leads to graduation
adds promotions
in this world of intoleration
putting it all together
a profession's
perfect presentation
ready for any situation
walking away
from damnation
without hesitation
for I am
in life
a worthy publication
my world
a learning reflection
of mistakes made
every word heard
I can turn around
all situations
with these six realms of faith
I can change
my fate

(April 29, 2015)—[‘Six Realms of Faith’ was written in 2014.] I wrote this while teaching. There are flaws in our education system. Our young need our guidance. They need to know they CAN make a difference! And it CAN be done without violence.

We are ALL the same. Our skins are all sorts of shades but inside, we are made the same. God did that! Without faith, without God…what do we have…corruption, deceit, betray (the very hand of evil).

God needs to return to the classrooms. There’s way too much rage in our society. WAY TOO MUCH! Whatever color your skin is…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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