‘He† Warns’

‘He said, ‘Amen! May the Lord do so! ‘…Jeremiah says to a false prophet who dies because Jeremiah said so.

He† Warns
in peace‒
He† won't come
to warn
He† comes to warn
in impending troubles
He† tells you
what to do
‒how to push away
His† mercy's in the words
He† sends
it's not in pretend
it's not in blend
‒He† does it
to mend
so, bow down
all the hurt
it's not time to steal
it's time to heal
‒this is for real
a God†‒ordeal
in peace‒
He† won't come
to warn
He† comes to warn
in impending troubles
He† tells you
what to do
‒how to push away

Note: The photograph taken October 8…Oil Spill Warning. Again, I wouldn’t know what is in the pictures, or what God is trying to reveal if it’s not for David pointing it out. On every picture, I tell you. This isn’t ordinary pictures. Although the Orbs are nothing new…they aren’t. The switching of colors and shapes is. I’m just telling you truth. Nope. You don’t have to believe. God is. Jesus is. No arguments!

(April 9)—I have been getting upset so much. I have said this before: They are just not worth it! God comes back: Trust. Jesus comes back: Trust and be calm! And David continues to guide me. I’m blessed. Truly blessed. But being blessed with this kind of spiritual insight is heart breaking! Why don’t you listen? Why don’t you see?

Of all the things that’s taken place through the years, still…you are blind! As I said before this virus is the Adjunct! Jesus said it Himself in the writing He titled ‘The Adjunct‘. He told us this back in January. All these people have to die before you’ll listen, but who cares, right? Over in the Middle East, they do NOT believe Jesus is God’s Son! They are the walking dead. Call me names. It’s okay. I’m ignored. I don’t care anymore. I want you to go to the kingdom. I want you to take these seeds and soak them and stir them and ponder over them. I’m just the messenger. After I deliver the message, you are own your on!

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‘Tests of Worth’ (God in Commentary)

What is life worth to you? What would you do to get it?

 Tests of Worth
will you remain the playa
the prima donna
stuck in propaganda
or will you see
as did hezekiah–
stand still
drop all pride of heart
pull out deception's dart
do your part
for the one and only Lord†
in words of isaiah
in words of the Messiah†
–now...will you continue
to adhere to false dogma
ridicule His† agenda
words sent to heal, to save
not break down, destroy
will you see the difference
change your ways
will you continue your
judging hoopla
praise in a manipulative
will you turn
see truth in Jesus the Saviour†
or abuse His† cross
for money's gala
what's your worth
avoiding the pit
why won't you heal
from your trauma
–understand the true utopia
heaven's doors...opened
God† won't send a subpoena
–it's all upon self
seeing true worth
the reason for the Messiah†
from death to resurrection
from fall to rise
the truth
to your dilemma
as in the life of hezekiah
stand firm
in God's† agenda

Note: A direct message from God begins this commentary. The photograph that accompanies this work was taken November 9th. The V in my hair. God’s vengeful side. Read the commentary on that page to fully understand. It’s time that you did!

(December 3, 2019)―I was told to wait and post this. I’ve been waiting for the go ahead. I finally got it.

On November 15th, I received the following message directly from God:

‘You will see. The test is coming. They will see I am the God, the Lord Almighty, the Alpha, the Omega. They will see My wrath around the world. I will shake it, rattle it, put it all in unstable. Unite or see the end. Unite. Come together. Help. The time has come. For the prophet Isaiah warned so now a new prophet warns. This is the one and only God. The warning is set. The button’s been pushed. You will soon know it is I.’

I can’t really force you to believe God’s messages. But things are happening in my personal life, which I’ll divulge when God says it’s time, that I can’t dispute what He’s telling me…at all. He’s pretty stern in His words. When I hear Him, I can hear His tone…and I can tell the sincerity, and He’s not very happy!

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