‘Oh! Sorrowful Heart!’

‘…the whole land will be laid waste because there is no one who cares…’―Jeremiah 12:5-7

 Oh! Sorrowful Heart!
I felt a fragment
of His† heart
–barely a fragment
the sorrow buried deep–
I can't even start
He† looks east
He† looks west
–there is no one
I beg for Him†–
'look some more'
He† says:
'it's no use
they are too proud
even with the given tools
they conceal‒
what they're told
–they fear the crowd'

He† bows His† head
–shows me all those dead
He† wishes they'd understand
to whom they are wed
but they refuse to listen
as did their forefathers
–the law of love
they easily shed
so their egos‒
can get fed
as to me–
each time He† speaks
more silver...in sneaks
of more and more truth‒
He† gives me a peek
–clearly...the why
I see
‒then not–
all lost at sea
'do your part'
He† tells me
'it'll be okay'
He† reassures me
but my heart
feels the sorrow
time can no longer–
be borrowed
the harvest...soon–
to be sorted
the good from the bad
what will live
what will be burned
the judgment is spewing
a peach that won't survive
yet the target will die
before he finishes the job
a people up in roar
no longer able to soar
all across the earth
sticks and bricks–
equal the same
a spilled sorrowful heart
plants itself in every town
plants itself–
against every nation
oh! sorrowful, mourning heart
taking the children–
for its own
for it found no home
‒all sacred, holy love
in trye's blood-soaked flood
'prophesy against them'
says the almighty Lord†
–all I want to do is pray
He† says:
'it's too late‒
they live in sedate'

so I cry–
I feel His† sorrowful heart
a tiny, tiny piece of it
He† bows His† head
as I close my eyes
see...all those dead
all those who forgot
to whom–
they were wed

Note: The photograph that accompany’s this work was taken November 9, 2019, Certainty of Visions. It may seem a random shot of my hair, but it isn’t. The V was put there and not by me. It symbolizes Vengeance. To further state His, that would be God, message, on November 11, 2019, He sent us the Avenging Angel, which He not only points out with the green Orb but also by putting an arrow in the sky to be sure that I see it and point it out to you. This isn’t a joke. This is as real as it gets. People from all around the world will start getting messages. Pay attention.

As always, the bold italic in the work is the words of God. He directed me to Jeremiah last night and the line that He wanted me to see: ‘because there is no one who cares’. You think He isn’t here for some reason. You think He isn’t paying attention. He is always paying attention.

‘Rebuke Me’

God is in Charge. Believe that or not…it’s a choice. Eternity means forever…unending.

Note: The photograph that accompanies this work was taken October 8. It was explained to me that what you see is God’s energy. He manipulates the round orb that you constantly see if the photographs to prove to you that what you see isn’t of my imagination. It’s up to you to believe.

 Rebuke Me
I've already felt the breeze
that which makes one freeze
the kind that rolls off tongues–
those doing evil's deeds
I've felt...deep inside...the need
become like the trees
swaying...back and forth–
feel inside their stagnation of free
even if a chain saw came–
cut them down by the knee
they're better off
than the millimeter
of a bad seed
so take your crimes...rebuke me
for I am as clean
as fallen leaves
without even having to plead
go on...get down on your knees
try...in your heart...to believe
that I've come...you...to deceive
–your abundance in receive
will be a constant in dream
He† said 'trust Me†'
so I stagger around
in watchful need
waiting around
for what I've seen
but...it's not for me to worry
bleep out all parts of history
for time is measured
in discrepancy
in which man doesn't understand
–can't possibly conceive
the mystics in heaven's mystery
so be brave
with a tunic in your hand–
let ego and pride cast the vote
turn the other cheek
believe instead
what you see every day
whisper in corners...rebuke me
for the Lord† said
'write what you see'
'write what you conceive
so they will love you–
it's best to be accepted by society
instead of think of eternity'

His† words...short and sweet
precise and demanding
what He† says today
in a human's guess of proceed
in an hour or a hundred years
–it's all in His† hands
breaks or makes
of a society
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‘Distinction Made’

A warning to America. A call for change.

 Distinction Made
america listen to the warnings
europe pay attention‒
to the sayings

words coming...pouring

offsprings of edom–
a world in pillage and death
–stripping God's† people
of rest
He's† tired of the mess
He's had enough in digest
–from governmental conquest
 to man-made churches
–all of it combining
with its deceptive separation
in guess
the ways of babylonia
the same sin-engaged agenda
corrupting systematically
God's† been listening
chances have been given
over 2,000 years
as His† people–
quaked in fear
His† prophecies sent
in slavery...they spent
–by your hand–
don’t you understand
like the jews' torah test
–in deception...you dressed–
His† laws
in your manipulative best
disguising made-up truths
–turning everyone
into fools
oh, pray! oh, pray!
the new land of milk and honey
stolen by
the edom of loony
captured by
a sneaking-in crony
–this place...the new home
to His† tribes–
He† threw the bone
His† passed-down prophecy
–coming through for them
saving them...one by one–
He† brought them over
–a handed-down, four-leaf cover
oh, edom! oh, edom!
raping and enslaving
this beautiful maiden–
now the mother of her
‒turning His† flower into a zoo
stealing her
‒she didn't have a clue
you tried to conquer the world
almost winning the swirl
–God† finally sent you
in a twirl
over two hundred years
–you broke His maiden's walls
oh! didn't you, dear‒
solidly placing
God's† people in fear
now...comes up the rear
islam...joining hands to shear
oh, beautiful maiden, God's† dear!–
casted-out little deer
making friends with enemies–
quite queer
poor, poor beautiful maiden!
courted and manipulated‒
by the seductive new babylonia
‒God's† given so much to you
oh! this vengeful-enemy agenda‒
has more pillage...on you...to do
it's already turned
your beautiful innocence‒
into a sinful crop
prostituting you out
forcing in its clout
you were about
oh, forever lost virgin!
–so young, yet so dumb
not protecting God's†
great big crumb
‒a beautiful land
with the whole
of the sum
you have given into fallen
to the evil spreads
–edom's favorite jest

God's† wrath is awoken
His finger...pushed the button

‒He's† left you alone–
hoping you'd find your way
on your own
giving you vastness–
intelligence, technology
beauty in mercy
protection...a massive army
but you failed Him†
you open-handedly gave over
His† precious four-leaf clover
–forgetting He's† the creator
forgetting His† Son†...your Savior†
too late, too late
it's all begun
His† cycle...to begin again
you abolished hearing
you abolished seeing
He's† pleaded and pleaded‒
but you concealed
that of listening
preaching myths and tales
putting up His† existence–
for sale!
oh, watchmen! oh, watchmen!
 those in listen
–go against this captured fest
speak, speak, speak
God's† wrath is on the move–
there's no turning back
for Him†...they didn't seek!
wasted, wasted, wasted
oh, beautiful land of gems!
oh, mountains and lakes!
oh, crops and fields!
oh, forest and streams!
–a land so free
but not easy to keep
the doors have opened–
God's† turning
on your precious land
the enemy isn't sneaking
–its already in
God's† wrath awoken!
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‘He† Said’

If you have ears, Hear!

 He† Said
He† said it once
He† said it twice
still...they're not worried
still...they don't bow
still...they ignore
the same
they don't hear His† name
I cry for them
I cry for me
tormented just like them
wanting more
for my self
for my self
just like them
He† said it once
He† said it twice
it's the same
for they forgot His† name
and the reason
His† Son† came
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‘Solitary Confinement’

The truth of planting seeds by-way of Jeremiah! It’s time for hurting to take the personal responsibility to heal.

Solitary Confinement
they're out there enjoying life
those who lied and betrayed
while she sits in silence
waiting for her time
they all believe the opposite
of what is true
they are all blinded in fool
while her tears cause her to drool
praying...her inward tool
for being condemned
doing what she was supposed to do
all abandoned her
deciding to judge
where no judgment was due
pitying her–
where no pitying was due
so she accepts the cross
‒knowing full well...who's in charge
in the waves of other's flaws
like a rage doll...she was tossed
but her hopes
stayed with the light
their insecurities
weren't even her fight
in her eyes
she just watched their blight
screamed at them
in her troubled fight
thinking it was her right
standing up for herself
against the night
those suffering for lack of insight
in only the Lord†
can things ever be right
yes, she watched...screamed
with all her might
years of blight‒
but it was never her fight
‒she was already in the light
so she waits...sometimes in cry
accepting the silence
her temporary confinement
for ever lasting enlightenment
as those who suffer inside
play with false lives
on the outside
‒the lost coveting what they lost
concealing in lies...lost
not knowing what it means
to take it to the cross
yes, they condemn her, judge her
placing her in depressed...lost
when all the while‒
what they refused to see
she was always a faithful child
of the Boss†!
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