‘Distinction Made’

A warning to America. A call for change.

(September 20, 2019)—‘Distinction Made’…is one of two writings that came through this morning. I’ve taken a break from meditating because I am told to build God’s Mercy…the page here about what God, Jesus and David are showing me. I can tell you this: I’m being guiding on how to do these pages just like I was guided on how to put together my books. I’m to display all the pictures I was told to take, to reveal a part of God that few get to see. No, I don’t feel special. Actually, I’m nervous and a bit afraid. But God knows this. So, I’m being helped.

The writings…for 10 years now…have always come with ease. Before I received the message that I had to deliver, it was about healing…all of it. Not on a massive scale. It was about healing one heart at a time. In fact, those books are tools for healing. (They are on hold I’m told. There’s something that has to happen before people will understand their purpose. I’ll let you know when that happens.) The writings coming in for the past 2 months are more on a grander scale, which makes me a little apprehensive but I’m doing it anyway because God asked me to.

A little bit about these new, more grander scale, writings: The visions…came after the message was delivered. I had dreams and impressions of sort before that, but not straight-up visions. That was new. I’m told that this is a graduation in my gifts. A grace. Of course, I did have to accept the gift first, I also had to state that I would use it for honorable purposes, and I had to understand the rules. Yes, there are rules. I will discuss this more on a sub-page of God’s Mercy, when I talk about the third eye, which I will have an entire sub-page. It will, I guess, be more clear.

After I was graduated, my hearing seems to be getting clearer. Today’s pieces are more in-debt than the ones I’ve been getting…a lot more. When you read through my work on this website, you’ll see the change.

Point: How do I know that these writings are from God? They always come through David, my spirit guide. (I will explain him more on the sub-page I’m building for him.) They are out-of-the-blue. Totally. Read the piece below. Trust me, this is something that is NOT on my mind. So, that’s how I know.

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‘He† Said’

If you have ears, Hear!

(August 25)―I’ve been tormenting myself over the visions I’ve been shown. How can one accept that they have been placed in ear shot of the Lord? But I remain faithful. Some things have happened that I didn’t record here, some that I did and are worth repeating. The one huge fact that my vow, pleaded and made in 2012, was to ‘write for You’…meaning the Lord if He rescued me from my peril. I didn’t say ‘I’ll write 13 books’. I said ‘I’ll write for You.’ And as I wrote previously, He reminded me of that this past week. God takes things literally. He doesn’t, like we do, add stuff in there! That’s a very hard lesson to learn.

So, I have written everything that He’s ever sent to me. It’s all there in the 12 books that I’ve published and in this next book. The words come and I write them.

So, I’ve written all that I’ve heard. I have been criticized because of it. I’ve cried a million plus a million tears because I’ve felt betrayed by man, those who said they loved me. But God reminds me that His love is all that matters and the sacrifices I’ve had to make to do what He’s asked is for Him and not for myself. I often forget this. And then I’m reminded over and over the good that He’s brought into my life, the miracles, the graces. How easy it is to forget those things when I am being selfish.

He has taken care of me better than any human could ever do. I can’t see Him. I just hear the words coming in my mind and I know they are not my own. No. I cannot explain this. I just know. I have been blessed with grace time and time again for doing what I’m told. I don’t trust man. I trust God. And if He needs me to suffer to do what He asks of me, then I suffer.

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‘Solitary Confinement’

The Truth of Planting Seeds By-Way of Jeremiah! The Truth of Planting Seeds byway of Jeremiah! It’s time for narcissists to take the personal responsibility to heal.

(July 23)—There’s a lot going on but little of nothing. What’s taking place in my life is not on the outside per say. I never really knew what was meant by Spiritual Awakening. To be honest, I thought it was all a bunch of crap. But I could never deny the things I’ve experienced when it came to the spiritual world. All the experiences I’ve written about in My 12-Book Series, well, they actually happened. Everything I’m experiencing now…it’s actually happening. It’s not in my mind, or some crazy deal. I think this is the part that separates the spiritual realm from the rest of the world. People go to church every day all around the world, but they really don’t understand what they are hearing or reading about because so much is left out of those preachings.

I’ve been having a lot of questions lately. I know what I’ve been experiencing. I began my journey in meditation. I think maybe I jumped a few steps and went directly to the meat of it all. It’s work. It’s of the spiritual realm, the place I go when I fall deep into meditation. I have questions answered and my mom seems to be part of this journey now. She is the truth of the spiritual realm for me. She is on my team per say. Anyway, a lot has been put before me lately. And my questions keep adding up.

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