Are You Being Submissive Willingly?

(March 2, 2019)—Submissive. I rejoined POF. I was on this site in 2012 and got off because it was foul. I paid this go around to see if anything’s better just for conversation. There’s some interesting folks.

I had an interesting conversation with a guy and the word submissive was brought into the conversation. I had seen this word on another guy’s profile…and it just blew my mind! They are demanding that a woman be submissive!

It seems all these guys want that wife-type like our grandmothers. This guy actually said that. He said we all wonder how our grandmothers had that 30-40 year marriage. My mother had a 54-year marriage. Yeah, I know how.

Submissive. They can talk to us like they want. They can do what they want. They can live like they want. They can talk to whomever, wherever they want. They can fuck whomever they want. Yeah…I got the memo…submissive! What the hell kind of planet these men live on?!

I guess, for the most part, I’ll remain single because I’m done with men talking to me like I’m a child. I’m done with men thinking that I’m going to keep the home-front going while they chat up other women, go out and do whatever they want with other women. I’m done with unemotional men. I’m done with men who act like little spoiled boys when they don’t get their way. I’m done.

The sad part? You point out these weaknesses, if you want to call them that, and you get slammed because to the public they have a whole different character and everyone is ‘why you doing him like that?’ That’s messed up.

Submissive. Well, I’ve been submissive…gave all my time, money, talent, sex, friendship, emotions…everything and that was never enough. Oh, yeah! women aren’t allowed to mourn properly, we aren’t allowed to be sick, we aren’t allowed to have a 6th sense, we aren’t allowed to talk about abuse, we aren’t allow to talk about the truth, to these particular men, we aren’t allowed to be couples on social media, we aren’t allowed to involve ourselves in their world.

But we can’t talk to anyone. We can’t even shake hands with a guy without getting the third degree. We aren’t allowed to have the cable man in to check the wires. Etc., etc. I’ve been there, done that…got the t-shirt.

Submissive. Today, I’m having a PTSD. I’ve heard enough crap to last a life time. I’m not bitching. Oh, that was another thing that came up in the conversation. ‘Women need to take the bitch out of them.’ My response that I didn’t say, ‘Men need to get a hold of their flesh desires.’ For 3 years, I heard ‘You need to get hot for the Lord.’ I’m sure that God had something to do with it, but telling me to get hot for the Lord while doing things not of the Lord is where these men get it all backwards: Submissive…so they can play behind our backs!

It’s good to go out there and say I’m crazy by types of men because I call it out like I see it and because I know the truth. The women that these guys are preying on are stuck in the bargaining stage somewhere and when they learn how to get out…there won’t be anyone to prey on. Oh, the wishes of a faithful woman. Notta. There will always have a wide selection of prey. And that is spelled out in the Bible, over and over again. You don’t cause a brother to stumble. Shame. That those preach the Bible, use the Bible on their POF profiles can’t actually comprehend what the Bible is saying. Blasphemy…using God to score the prey! Using God out loud while thinking with lust is not a far cry from blasphemy!

Yeah, it’s a PTSD day. I get shut up for talking about all of this. I celebrated with my own self last night talking with this guy on POF…who had some really good points. I posted my last book of my vow online and got hardly zero reactions. Why? Because I did what I said I was going to do? Because I’m bold talking about God and Jesus? Because I called the sweet man out? It’s a strange world we live in.

Submissive…a woman will give a man anything he wants from her, she will give him the world! He has to treat her right first! I guess men missed that point. Most men back in the day knew what they were looking for in a wife. A lot married a woman much younger than them so they could control. And that’s how they got that woman to stay. Control! The rest who stayed because of love, those men treated them with respect first. They prided on her, made her feel like a queen from the start and didn’t beat on her, yell and cuss her out with foul language, didn’t cheat on her in any way, didn’t forget the romance or the intimacy or the respect.

Submissive…with all the technology, a man has all these options. The faithful woman…she isn’t an option. Her beauty will turn into a ravaging bitch when she suspects foul character. That 6th sense. Sorry. It’s for real. You can bitch, and yell all you want. You did wrong. She has every right to investigate what she is feeling. Because that shit doesn’t feel good when you suspect something just isn’t right.

Submissive…It’s your fault that she had to investigate you. A woman does NOT do that unless you are doing something wrong. Sorry. And you can run and tell people she’s crazy…she’s not. She’s honest and true and faithful.
It’s also in your touch, in your kiss, in the way you say her name. Fake is fake. It is revealed to her.

Why do they get so mad when you call them out? Are they addicted to sex? Is their secret so dark that it embarrasses them? Or is it that they know they are two-faced, and they fear others finding out? Don’t they know they will get caught? Don’t they know they will be called out? Or are they that dumb to truly believe that they rule the world and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks…and they are no consequences for their actions? So, why keep it a secret? If their ego is that big, why keep it a secret? Why sneak with secret texts and chats on the phone? Why have 2 phones? Why play their devious games behind the eyes and back of the one they are in a relationship with? If it is all about the game of hide and seek…you lost. Because you look stupid to everyone but yourself.

This is all the stupidest thing. If you don’t want to be with just one woman, leave and stop wasting her time and money. All I can say about these kinds of men is that they are seriously broken. They should fix that broken. Especially men heading in that second-half of life deal. That dick…well exhaust…sure they have the pill…but then that could lead to other things. Shame. I’m so saying it. Damn, someone needs to. Y’all go ahead and play…when you’re old, ask anyone, your ass will be left in the dirt and some strange man with wavy teeth will be wiping your ass and he may decide to turn you across the bed when no one’s looking…just saying! I’ve heard horrid stories.

You don’t get the joys of having a submissive woman when you abuse her in any way. She shuts down. She’s left the building way before you did. She just doesn’t show it. And you’re too ignorant to notice. Think about it. Did she use any dildos while you had sex with her? Did she fake her orgasms? Being in denial is so much better for you…when you are lost in a fantasy world. Real women…the faithful one who’s already been there, done that with men who betray, she’s know from the beginning…she just sees how far you will take it.

The submissive woman. She’s an awesome catch. But you have to keep her. The strong, independent ones…it won’t be easy for some. For those who have an honest character naturally, it’s won’t be hard. You’ve just got to get her to fall in love with you. That could be tricky.

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