‘Anger’s Brethren’

Don’t Use the Children!

A sample from Book 5

 Anger's Brethren
its face is ugly
peeking through
little by little
building its soul
one small piece at a time
it patiently waits
then the attack
increasing the heartbeat
a once throughout plan
wilting the roses
rains replacing sunshines
beautiful language
turns to spiteful vengeance
over ruling logic
closing open hearts
its face is ugly
destroying all good
taking its time
taking all time
closing doors
'til love exist
no more

(September 9, 2015)—‘Anger’s Brethren’ was written February 1, 2012. That was the day before my baby’s 12th birthday. I don’t remember the exact events of February 1, but I do know that I was struggling to keep it together by planning a birthday party for my son, trying to keep things as normal as possible.

Months later, the ex would email me one of the most disturbing lines he could have ever told me: Your kids don’t need a mother anymore.Who says that? What place does a person need to go to say that to the mother of his children?

Today, my sweet little boy is no longer sweet. He’s filled with bitterness. Today, the roses are wilted. The manipulation and lies has driven its wedge so far down that I am not sure how to loosen it. The only thing I have to hold on to is my faith. I have to trust God that he will restore my family some day.

Using children to maintain control, to seek vengeance, to horde anger against another person is, by far, the worse act of cruelty anyone could possibly do. There is nothing that anyone can do except to wait, let God work His magic. So, no more words for me to convince my children of the reality. It is pointless. The beautiful language that I knew, and my children knew, is gone; replaced by hate, lies, and deceit. Time tells the tale of all, and time is all that I have.

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