‘His† Spirit’

You got this…BUT only if you WANT this! It’s your CHOICE!

Note: The picture that accompanies this writing was taken November 9th. God revealing His power in a big way. His ART! I’m still adding frames to this page. Every second, 1/2 second, He changes the art. To reveal His speed…His creativeness. He wants you to know that He’s giving you time to get right with Jesus! That’s unconditional love in a nutshell!

 His† Spirit
He† took me to the cross
pulled me within
like a boss
all my anguish
He† tossed
'I suffered, too'
revealing truth's
heavy cost
when I felt lost
He† came to me again
in the glow of brilliance
He† held my hands
as in His† eyes
my childish self
got lost
building me up
'you have a blessing coming'
His† words
adding a heavenly sauce
to the love
in the raw
that filled me up
I can't complain
in patience
I must wait
all the judgment
for He† said:
living in truth
a heavy cost'

as He† reminds me
of the cross
so I bow my head
welcome in
the Holy Spirit
filling me up
letting me hear Him†
then there He is
'I love you karen elizabeth'
'I love you, too, my Lord†'
as I'm surrounded
by the arms
of the boss
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‘The Way―Still in Dispute!’

Choices to follow is exactly that…a CHOICE! We don’t have to. That’s unconditional love. [Thou shall not kill? The Torah anyone? Hello! They killed Jesus, too! THOU SHALL NOT KILL! And NO ONE questioned/questions this!].

 The Way―Still in Dispute!
two thousand nineteen years‒
why...still questions
why...still debates
why...still doubt, disbelief
when God† brings home‒
unwavering tears
that His† Son†‒
still...not held dear!
charges slammed against paul
intended to maul
by a people
denying the great hall
for using them...veils in null
to unleash a great stall
against God†‒
their voiced sword
was their draw
oh! all these many years
oh! so many useless tears
‒doesn't it feel a bit queer
how evil continues its sheer
after the sacrificing Lamb†‒
God† gifted the Spirit†
talking to us
as individual y'alls
giving each...a different call
instead of a slew of laws
sending us to the wine
–giving up to the ways of crime
teaching us byway of paul
there's one...love
the final law
still...a crawl instead of a walk
ways known better‒
according to the dark
all because...their attitude
in pissed off
‒God† using them
byway of the cross
freewill...unconditional love
they decided to withdraw
spreading their anger
like a slithering little claw
not seeing
their self-inflected flaw
years and years
spreading across the world‒
their instilled fear
as they tried to silence paul
40 years, 40 years, 40 years
‒plus more years
we don't live that long anymore dear
‒and questions rise?
‒isn't that a bit queer!
as Jesus† rose above the law
these people stripped love to raw
spreading hate, egging hostility
‒'til rape, greed, murder
sincere's fall
got up from crawl
ran with come on y'all!
the way to God†...in halt
arrogance, ignore...their insult
instead...the way to God†
the law
they opened...wider
evil's vault
for it
making everyone do summersaults
happy in their material pursuits
laughing at God†‒
as they bang the wall
mocking God†, cursing His† Son†‒
at the drop of a jaw
studying His† words‒
pondering, pondering
questioning, questioning
instead of actions...good deeds‒
allowing suffering to spread
‒becoming common law!
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Every journey has meaning. Every part means something. Pay attention.

he said let go of fear
I tried
with him near
knowing, he too
had fear
then it all
came to a still
all that passion
lost to indiscretions
gone...separate directions
I lay me down
sink in a world
outside of me
really...the deeper of me
only to find distorted faces
all my hidden fears
bringing me to sadder tears
facing what haunts me
in endless seas
sad and ugly
what the world buried in me
dark, oh! so dark
why hadn't this hardened my heart
Jesus† said: I didn't let it
trust He† says
so I sink into His† care
as He† digs me out
these darkened places
that's buried me
as I think of him
somewhere out there
gone...without worries
of me
as the rest
think I'm out there…crazy
so I put my life
in Jesus'† hands
my master
with david...His† shepherd
guiding me
back to where
I was born to be
him, baby and me
bringing together
the rest...in family
scared as I am
I'll let Jesus† lead me
to where He† wants me to be

‘Vastness of Found’

To heal…you’ve first have got to die, you first have to be willing to die.

 Vastness of Found
I didn't go looking
I didn't take the trouble–
searching, seeking
I let it find me
to truly desire
in...will come the fire
without a fight or want
it just is
it was meant to be
so...in my heart–
I let it ride
each moment, each tiny wish
I let myself die
I waited for the collide
knowing one day
it would come
leaving me stranded
a bit reckless
‒or so it seemed
I left it all–
to fail or win
just threw it in the air
I took whatever
‒even if it wasn't fair
years passed me by
time slipped faster and faster
one by one
they all said goodbye
as I lay...falling
‒as I began to die
after all the achievements
in my life
not one was...just right
all...was to move me
to the exact moment
–that moment in die
where suffering is in alone
absent of home
just a bed to lie
an imprisonment of die
as each moment
pain shoots from bone
as sexual excitements build–
some where
in an unfamiliar zone
feeling each inch of pain
as it travels through veins
searching for its way out
experiencing selfish doubt
wishing to be–
way up high
in the clouds
it found me
‒took me in
patience...as I struggled
against it
deep inside of it
the core of it
it struggles to release
what's trapped it
so I let it–
I'll continue to let me die
not anymore
will I hide
I want its pain
to suffer
nothing in vain
–so that I am rebirthed
giving away all that hurt
to fully understand‒
to die
truly means...to die
not a half-way sigh
but a full sacrifice
in order to be given–
new life
it's very right

‘Mysteries Within’

You can wait for the hearse and never truly live or you can die now and live. It’s up to you.

 Mysteries Within
of all the mysteries
of the universe
it comes down to this–
the me here on earth
before they take
this body...away
in a hearse
of all that I've become–
it's going back
in reverse
experiencing each moment
the collection of pain
in my bones
what it deserves
then throwing it away
to the curve
of all that my body feels
it comes to wounds
deep within
–what's so deeply hidden
forbidding me to feel
love...truly given

‘Buried Deep’

To know the hurt. To examine the hurt. To release the hurt…you’ve got to trust the hurt.

 Buried Deep
something buried so deep
lives inside of me
keeping me from being free
in pain...trapping me
keeping me in captivity
please, unravel this mystery of me
uncover what secrets–
lie deep within me
holding me from happy
deep within me...strangling me
please, awaken this child–
whom lived so long ago
in an unwanting need
so young but with eyes to see
that put me in a prison
locking me up...way down deep
awaken this deep mystery
awaken it so...it...I can release
move on...to the better of me
–unchained and free!

‘Blessed Is He Who Bleeds’

To understand your pain, you’ve got to go find where it lies inside.

 Blessed Is He Who Bleeds
it hurts...the pain you feel
take a knee...kneel
sit in a chair...stare
lay in a bed
rest your head
give it all–
the Lord†...call
in all your discomfort
open the way...heal
there is one who cares
no need for fancy flair
you are not yet dead
listen to what's already
been said
no need for cards
to deal
break open hurt's seal
whatever's given–
you can bare
to be reborn
is only fair
with Him†...do wed
what's already been fed
what is unseen
is the real
your constant, true meal
all the world
constantly led
but no one...yet...has met
it is found in quiet–
not in sounds that blare
so close those holes
then go inside the mind
you'll find Him†
waiting there
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