‘A Beacon’

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A sample from Book 10

  A Beacon
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
through the tiniest notion
–every vocation
each unique imagination
one nation
stands for liberation
she's not a simulation
she's reality's verification–
there's ramifications
if tied by dictation
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
no unification of nations
can match her situation
no militant formulation
can undermined her creation
she has limitations
push her motivation–
her wrath's determination
unveils against aggression
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
all look upon her manifestation
for freedom's not suppression
it's an awakening sensation
unmatched by any's validation
she is liberation
the beacon of hope rendition
to all oppression
she is the united states of america–
under God†
she is one nation
to the world's population
she is their mandation–
being free is
God's† given human condition
not under bureaucracy regulation
not under controlled restriction
but through
the self's desire for liberation
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing

(December 15, 2012)—Enough of this bitching: As I was reading my Facebook news today, I came across a post by a friend and I couldn’t keep myself from responding. After I reread my response several times, I felt it most important to repost it here on my own page. You can agree or disagree, but the facts still remain.

Here’s my response: Our founding fathers in establishing the Judicial Branch had the perfect idea. They had lived in times where innocent people were assumed to do crimes and were punished, many by immediate death, before any investigations were done to prove if they actually did the crime or not. By simply looking guilty or not liked by the town or being at the wrong place at the wrong time or having Christian beliefs, they were automatically assumed to be guilty.

Before the 1980s, many innocent people spent most of their life-time behind bars for something that they didn’t do. The Judicial Branch was established for one sole purpose: To protect the innocent. Greed is the sole reason that it’s not fulfilling the desires of our founding fathers.

An example: A man can walk up to two people and butcher them (O.J. Simpson) and get away with it, but a woman (me) gets a ticket and the threat of being arrested because her husband’s goats broke down a fence and grazed in the pasture next door.

The sole blame: The American people themselves who sit back and play video games, watch movies, drink and have a good time, busy themselves by buying stuff, play on their cell phones and computers all day long and refuse to take a stand against a government that they were given the right, the responsibility to control, not the other way around.

I, myself, have spoken many times to people about what’s been happening with our country and I have been silenced by their pity remarks, and then completely ignored because [according to them] I run at the mouth.

American people today refrain from talking politics because it’s not sociable! making it easy for corruption and abuse to take place. The old saying who’s watching? comes to mind. From pay-offs to under-the-table deals, the Judicial Branch is corrupted beyond repair. It doesn’t stop there.

Our founding fathers designed a system of checks and balances to ensure that one branch wouldn’t overpower the others and would not get out of control, and they were also given the responsibility to ensure that neither of the branches step out of bounds. They were given the responsibility to ensure that all follow the laws written by a group of men who personally experienced tyranny at its best.

All this has failed because the American people failed to do their job. It is our responsibility to ensure our government is honest, honorable, loyal, and doing the jobs they were hired to do. We have become a business that has let our employees run the company, instead of us, the employers! The result of all this slacking: The victims have become the criminals and the criminals have become the victims. The only way to undo this is for the American people to stand up and say no more! Remember the Tea Parties and their outrageous signs: Next Time We Come With Guns.

Our founding fathers gave us the right to take back our government if it became out of control, too big, and corrupted. We were given the very right to use force by means of arms if all else failed.

I would never encourage a civil war or blood to be spilled on American soil by its own people, but how many mass killings, how many more regulations, laws, rules, ordinances will the government be allowed to place on us before we say enough!?

How much more foreign influence (like [seven] presidents who don’t have enough experience at being an American) will it take for Americans to stand up and take action? These mass killings give this liberal-run, foreign-invaded government more ump to instill more laws, regulations, rules, ordinances on us making it easier for them to gain more control over our every day lives.

The sad part is that no one seems to willingly want or have enough courage to open their eyes wide enough to see that their way of doing this undermines us without our involvement. Hint: They tend to go straight to the gusto while our people mourn and are vulnerable. A man kills and gets rights. A woman gets a ticket over a goat grazing in a pasture and has no rights. Where’s the logic? Where’s the reason?

The last 4 years should have taught America one lesson: Talking and negotiating will work no more! God is hanging in the balance. Christians are already being persecuted by slander because of Him. How far are we willing to go before we Christians are persecuted by the guillotine just because we believe in Him? If He were still present in our schools, in our courts, on our TVs, the events of yesterday would have never happened.

If parents and teachers were allowed to do their jobs with Him in their hearts, yesterday would never have happened and we would not be having this discussion. It’s the conservative, Christian Americans, especially, those of us who’s had family fight for the small amount of freedoms we still have left, to say no more and take action to right the wrongs of the oppressive-liberal cronies. If you can’t do that, if you continue to be the coward and curl up on your [chair] and watch as your freedoms are being stripped away, then stop bitching and accept the results.

I’m so sick of all this talk, talk, talk and no action. As I’ve always believed: Actions speak louder than words! That’s what the next generations will see, not the bitching or griping or negotiations or the legal B.S…no, they’ll simply study our actions. It’s up to you which legacy you’re willing to leave behind. Good day. Karen E. Leger

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