Racism, hate: Evil’s best friends. Don’t let it consume you!

A sample from Book 11

liars seek truth‒
falsifying a life
without any light
manipulation...their due
cutting it on cue
‒without noticing
the coming dues
their belief‒
trying to convince you
all they do
true, true, true
backing them‒
there are few
their spots change
sending you to the loo
oh! what to do?
‒without cursing them, too
truth is truth
no half truths
‒it's either all true
or just makings
of a waterloo
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‘A Beacon’

You MUST take action instead of trolling!

A sample from Book 10

  A Beacon
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
through the tiniest notion
–every vocation
each unique imagination
one nation
stands for liberation
she's not a simulation
she's reality's verification–
there's ramifications
if tied by dictation
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
no unification of nations
can match her situation
no militant formulation
can undermined her creation
she has limitations
push her motivation–
her wrath's determination
unveils against aggression
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
all look upon her manifestation
for freedom's not suppression
it's an awakening sensation
unmatched by any's validation
she is liberation
the beacon of hope rendition
to all oppression
she is the united states of america–
under God†
she is one nation
to the world's population
she is their mandation–
being free is
God's† given human condition
not under bureaucracy regulation
not under controlled restriction
but through
the self's desire for liberation
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
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‘Salvation’s Need’

To Deny Others Is To Deny God!

 Salvation's Need
test after test
I have failed
my 360
to the cross...nailed
You† brought people to me
in their time of weak
I failed to help them seek
instead, I buried them deep
words from my mouth
did seep
I didn't allow to creep
in self
I curled up in weep
my time has come and sailed
out of all of it
I tend to bail
turning my back
not wanting to see
how another's picture
on them...creeps
I just give up and flee
whatever awakens
this ignorance of me
strip it
take it from me
strengthen me
help me to see
keep me from feeling sorry
lost in self pity
Lord†, this part of me
that lived unselfishly
I lost
please return it to me
without this lumpy throat
from way down deep
without fears and anxiety
help me open my mouth
in words of calm
humility, peace
without selfish
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‘Ends of Ropes’

If They Did It Once, They’ll Do It Again!

A sample from Book 8

 Ends of Ropes
look at its threads‒
each line
blending in fine
carefully woven
notice its variations
notice what stays
real out of charade
‒the weak
break off
slip away
so strength
doesn't starve
doesn't fade
its fine threads
continue their blend
return to straight
when comes a bend
with tender care
grows these single lines
with love...hope
to thickness of ropes
growing, growing
with decency of time
harmony's kind
it's a pleasurable watch
tic, tic
around the clock
when unexpected knots
slip out
longer, longer
tighter, tighter
strangles doubt
unassureness ends
growing, growing
longer, longer
tighter, tighter
be careful
oh so gentle
lost of hopes
easily tangles
those ends of ropes
‒halting grow
with single knots
stopping clocks
to stay
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‘Dwelling’s ‘Back Then”

Move Forward: Body, Mind and Spirit, and Leave the Past In the Past

A sample from Book 8

 Dwelling’s 'Back Then'
we lived back then
‒our biggest season
living in young
everything’s begun
never still...sitting
‒moving in the constant
of run
having class
having fun
our communion
‒our glittering sun
our mind’s on-going reunion
‒a slight prison
caught-up spectrum
our past
our best, truest companion
turning needles to diamonds
quarts to gallons
each new past
remembering sermon
our present moment’s devotion
staying stuck
all problems, experiences‒
‒digging deep
our use-to-be fund
present’s affirmations
it’s done‒
time for a ascension
new’s dimension
the past‒
our firm confirmation
holding on‒
constantly living
in its circulation
‒caught in its dreamy emotion
keeping us in equivocation
bypassing present’s creation
it’s done‒
our back then
it’s time
make the incision
no longer in young
but still living
in fun
willingness to run
keeping our retrospections
but allow in
new manifestations
all else‒
move to preservation
it’s built us
gave us qualifications
for now’s implementation
stop dwelling on
back then
start living
in now’s skin
new moment’s begin
new memories
creating a foreign spin
now’s life
we’re in
allow the transcend
build new mountains
‒from young
to older...wiser
sets a new trend
that day coming
age sets in
on porches
breathing in fresh winds
under summer suns
in chairs
easily spoken
of live in living‒
not broken
not stuck in young’s brethren
a put-together rendition
of a life lived
in total contribution
let go of back then
in now’s innovation
new moments
in motivation
new memories
adding to collections
for in aged years
the spices‒
our truth’s personification‒
the new young
can’t get enough
with us
lost in conversation
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