‘Shallow Bumps’

Learn This: Love Takes Patience

A sample from Book 7

 Shallow Bumps
each day I take
I don't want to waste
these moments I hesitate
‒over someone else's worries
I saturate
‒step back
on what
I cannot say
why myself
do I sedate  

why myself
do I weigh
for another
who cannot say
I'm sorry
I hurt you today
I let them halt
my way
for what
I cannot say
from this beacon trait
‒shallow bumps
my journey must face
I need to turn away
without a trace
each day I take
I cannot waste
for love somewhere awaits
love so worthy
I want to say
I forgive you
for hurting me today

(June 18, 2014)—When you love someone, you want to always forgive them. When you love someone, you forgive over and over until you sometimes lose yourself in the process. Sometimes…sometimes you don’t realize how much you’ve lost in yourself until love has changed its course and leaves you on the side of the road with your hands in the air saying WTF! It’s only then do you realize the loss.

When that happens and you’re left alone, you begin searching for fulfillment. The only problem is…you’re not exactly sure what the hell you need fulfilled. You end up traveling in one direction only to turn around and travel in another. It takes time. Many dead-end roads go by until you realize what it is that you need. That’s where ‘Shallow Bumps’ comes from.

It’s that point in the journey when you realize the type of person you are looking for. Along the way, you meet all sorts of people and some of those would bring you into their life in a heartbeat. But, if you are true to yourself, you can’t just be with anyone. No, that’s not how the heart works at all. The heart has a mind of its own.

You can’t force it to love anyone. In fact, when you get to that point of realization, you realize the main reason why you’re in the predicament that you are in in the first place. The truest form of love comes with patience and not jumping in for security reasons or false hopes. Wait…I tell myself…wait…it’s coming. Love the skin you’re in. Be patient with yourself. Be true to yourself. For in the end, no one else will.

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