‘Knowing is Living’

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart!

A sample from Book 7

 Knowing is Living
if you're stuck
at a place
there's reason
for your stay
the longer you wait
‒longer you'll suffocate
look deep in your face
beyond flesh and bone‒
beyond memories you chase
beyond hurt
you want to erase
beyond a past
that did not last
deeper you must go
for life
to flow
it's no one's race
but your own
when you're at
a constant steadfast
there's something
way down deep
you must surpass
something to grasp
so a future
you can earn
stop complaining
living in emptiness
look at self
get off the damn shelf
you again
all else
beyond face
look deeper
reveal your hidden secret
open your eyes
your new life is ready
‒a steady, slow pace
for you to take
nothing's at stake
but self
your inside wealth
for you've already earned
what in your heart
your fruits‒
it's all up to you
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‘Spaces of Real’

That place where you are no longer hurting!

A sample from Book 7

 Spaces of Real
where do you fit in
when you're searching
for truth
–all seems a flute
when you're pushing–
revealing all you do
just to get through
when you talk to God†
–each day
just getting by
this day
you survived
because of someone else
tears you try
not to cry
over anger
you become
a hardened manager
what it is
lost inside of you
yes, where do you fit in
–this society of fake
lost in its self-absorbed wake
when men are weak
something always better
they seek
hanging you out to dry
without reasons of why
leaving you
for spaces of real
where there's no reason
to conceal
what's truly hiding
deep inside
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”Read Books”

Don’t Let Suicide Take You!

A sample from Book 7

 Read Books
(for Samantha)
read books
she says to me
write your story
she pleads
I see her sincerity‒
her begging
please don’t go away from me....
please don’t let hate win

I feel the hurt in her
‒so deep
when my words spill
I don’t want to be here
she’s exhausted
her please
please don’t let
suicide take you from me

so I fight
I stay
in this lonely world
just for me
for her
her sad pleas
how can I die
leave her
not free
so I must
read books
lose myself
in false looks
try to forget
this evil hook
and all he took
for her I’ll stay
make it through
another day
me and memories
of love I believed
of love which deceived
I struggle for her
try to hide this hurt
so her eyes
don’t cry
death...I push away
one more day
for her to say
mom, I love you
please stay
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‘Pillars of Death’

Depression: The Feeling of Your Own Death!

A sample from Book 7

 Pillars of Death
I'm an apparent suicide
who took
everything buried inside
‒sprayed it out
like pesticide
they call it a homicide
raging words
was all it took
for love to dry
‒leaving only tears
to cry
slowly I died
asking every kind of why
why only anger's words
was enough
to cast me aside
why my truth
was reason
my life
‒its very existence
to hide
my being
no longer resides
in hearts
I believed
could override
evil's prancing stride
they all cast me aside
for thoughts...words
I could no longer
hold inside
instead of holding me
as these eyes cried
they buried me
‒an unmarked grave
deep outside
with bugs and flies
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‘Veiling of Truth’

Speak Your Truth or Live in Captivity!

A sample from Book 7

 Veiling of Truth
we start off life
like a snail
taking each moment
as it comes
giving ourselves
time to breathe
we're young...vibrant
over anything
we're champions
we have mentors
–someone always there
pushing us
tormenting us
encouraging us
criticizing us
it doesn't matter–
we feel invincible
in our youthful hearts
gives us one desire
over anything
we can prevail
so we take chances
we jump fences
crawl through tunnels
see life
as a simple funnel
when we're derailed
we take a moment–
giving ourselves
time to breathe
we get back on the rail
then life tips the scale
–half-way point
where all just stops
we're pushed over the top
we try to sail
to no avail
we start to see
–the slow coveting veil
the part of us
for others we curtailed
bit by bit–
small pieces of our being
we willingly retailed
leaving us
feeling alone and stale
it's at that moment
no longer wanting
to feel frail
wanting instead
again to breathe
taking from our legs
our tucked-in tail
this perfectly placed veil
it's at that moment
we explode
our outpouring gale
see me, hear me
I'm not for sale
opening our truth
putting ourselves
in plain view
screaming out loud
this is what I'm about
it's at that moment
when life tips its scale
all is unveiled
we see every detail
who impaled
who drove the nail
we chose to lower the veil
we signed our own
bill of sale
it's at that moment
–tipping the scale
our truth
to unveil
get back on the rail
over our own injustice
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‘Reality’s Unjust’

Dating Sites Lead You To Unjust Fantasy!

A sample from Book 7

 Reality's Unjust
(Sweet Man)

it wasn't long ago
in our heads
picture of perfect
without flaws
pulled from reality
then that sudden chance
that perfect
we meet–
in imperfect form
at first
we disengage
–a mere friend
someone we know
that imbalance
slowly transforms
two people collide
imperfect provisions–
there's just something
–no finger to place
drawing you close
the lease expected
becomes the one
it takes time
'a constant union–
the irritating
the friend-like balance
the missing of presence
–wanting to be
then I can't do without
there's no formula
no bodily temptation
it's in a smile
–a certain look
the way words
fall from the lips
becomes balanced

time spent
time wanted
time needed


reality's unjust
forcing of chance
through pictures on a screen
breeding false hopes
lost in our heads
searching for perfect
not giving time
instant decision
instant irritation
instant befriend
its beginning
freezing hearts
too many encounters
getting to know
bodies to show
the small imperfections
leading to
innocent flirtations
summing up life
–complete satisfaction
instant gratification
instant perfection
in another
we don't truly know
in a world
just for show
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‘I’m But a Child’

Take It To God and Let the Child In You Breathe!

A sample from Book 7

 I'm But a Child
would you believe in Him†
if you had riches of gold
would you honor Him†
if you weren't in the cold
in your darkest days
do you hold faith
when no money's in hand
when deceived by man
do you cry out to Him†
in a simple hymn
when possessions
flood your gates
when you have so much to take
do you stop a moment
say wait
let me give some away
do you welcome
the sinful in
treat them
like a friend
or do you shun them
you're better than them
do you hide
what's deep inside
swallowed by ego and pride
not wanting the outside
see you cry
or do you rise high
trusting in God†
that He†
won't turn with a sigh
but see your I
never asking you why
never you, He'll† deny
are you strong enough
to admit
I'm but a child
I've failed along the miles
but God's† with me

all the while
it takes strength
to admit defeat
falling to His† feet
unconditional love
free will
His† love is sealed
His† love is real
He† forgives you
it's all up to you
with nothing
to others
to prove  
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‘Shallow Bumps’

Learn This: Love Takes Patience

A sample from Book 7

 Shallow Bumps
each day I take
I don't want to waste
these moments I hesitate
‒over someone else's worries
I saturate
‒step back
on what
I cannot say
why myself
do I sedate  

why myself
do I weigh
for another
who cannot say
I'm sorry
I hurt you today
I let them halt
my way
for what
I cannot say
from this beacon trait
‒shallow bumps
my journey must face
I need to turn away
without a trace
each day I take
I cannot waste
for love somewhere awaits
love so worthy
I want to say
I forgive you
for hurting me today
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‘Hype Me Up’

We Women Just Want to be Hyped Up!

A sample from Book 7

  Hype Me Up!
take me out of myself
‒off this shelf
teach me to laugh‒
spread my cheeks
show my teeth
help me burst through
show me happy's view
that's all
I'm asking of you
open these doors
lift me off the floor
give me off-the-wall reasons
‒smiling without ending seasons
I just need a little help
to be more than myself
show me what life is like
without all the hype
give me a chance
to really know
how it feels
to dance
take me as I am
be my teacher
not some
manipulative preacher
let me be
your choice
without a need
to calm my voice
yes, take me out of myself
‒off this shelf
put me back into life
reopen my eyes
let me giggle
let me wiggle
teach me to run
show me
what it's like
to again have fun
be my guide
let me ask my whys
take me out of this shy
teach me to trust
let me have my lust
let me throw things, fuss
teach me we are enough
‒hype me up
with unconditional love
show me
even when I fall
‒through it all
I'm still your number one
my I am
is all I need to be
‒all you want to see
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‘Bringing Her Back’

She’s Inside There. Go Get Her!

A sample from Book 7

 Bringing Her Back
she took a step off the curve
her mind racing‒
which way to turn
the wind blowing in her hair
pulling her coat tight‒
she wandered for a while
then just stood there
people were talking
kites were flying
cars were passing
behind her a soft rustle
she turned
to someone jogging
a squirrel sitting, staring
in the distance‒
a dog barking
then she felt it
‒no longer the need for dying
she felt life‒
she deserved
her heart beating
there was so much more to learn
she smiled
not a big smile
no, not one just anyone could see
it was an inside smile
on her lips‒
the hint of a small curve
she closed her eyes
enclosed herself in her arms
held her head back
her feet began to move in a tiny circle
I'm coming back
the gentle voice in her head
she heard
suddenly but gently
she stopped
opened her eyes
there before her...a path
not knowing
if it was the way she wanted to go
or the way she needed to go
she just began walking
her smile noticeable to all
she was now free
‒no longer a caged bird
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