‘Which Way?’

Which Way Will You Turn?

A sample from Book 2

(December 3, 2013)—[‘Which Way’ was written in 2010.] As I go through this Asset Separation crap with x, taking pictures of everything I own, placing a value on it, etc., etc., I feel like I’m being raped over and over again. How cruel for the person you used to love to make you go through this type of thing AFTER they already ripped your heart out!

It got me to thinking about our Judicial branch and it just makes me sick how it treats the women in this country. First, instead of being attacked, I FELL! and the courts accepted a lie even though a hand was placed on a BIBLE and swore to be truthful, now this crap.

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‘Twelve Days’

Do You Know the Truth About the 12 Days of Christmas?

A sample from Book 2

(December 26, 2013)—[‘Twelve Days’ was written in 2010.] When I home schooled my children, this explanation of the 12 days of Christmas was in my young one’s history book. I always took the song as just that a song. But according to his book, it’s not just a song.

It was designed in France as a code to teach the children about our Lord when it was forbidden. I was stunned, amazed, bewildered for a long time; then one day, I sat down and wrote this piece. I am still in awe over it. I know all nursery rhymes which we read to our children are parables actually of really horrible things that have happened in history, the parables are passed down so the children never forget.

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‘Lost Focus’

You Need To Take Action Instead of Complain!

A sample from Book 2

(September 9, 2013)—[‘Lost Focus’ was written in 2010.] I’ve been posting a lot of stuff about our government. I think it’s important. I’m a mother of 3 and I want them to have a chance to experience freedom, but they don’t have the same freedoms I had at their age. Think about it.

At 18, they can fight to the death as a soldier but they can’t drink until they are 21. That’s just one on a long list of things that have come into play since I was young.

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‘I Will’

Are You Willing To Stand For Freedom?

A sample from Book 2

(March 29, 2014)—‘I Will’ was written in 2010. My frustration of that year remains just as strong today. My frustration is the same as a lot of Americans.

In 1987, I took an oath to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic. I wonder how much of our freedom has to be taken before Americans will decide talk is just talk.

There will always be war when it comes to religion. Always. In this country, we have tolerance when it comes to religion. You practice yours and I’ll practice mine. But something is changing. Something is not right. Do you know what that change is? Are you smart enough to see it? Are is it that your ignorance is better so that you can bury yourself in your material world, in your greed?

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‘Changed Policy’

How Long Are We Going To Continue To Ignore Congress Changing Policy?

A sample from Book 2

(October 13, 2013)—[‘Changed Policy’ was written in 2010.] Are we imagining all these bad things in our country or are we really going through another crusade of sorts without all the swords but with suits and big words? I’m just wondering.

I saw the Facebook postings of all those motor bikes in D.C. and now all these truckers. To me, it seems to be an extraordinary event yet I watched the news last night and not one report. As a student of journalism, I would have wanted to be there to report such an event.

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Congressional Rent Is Overdue!

A sample from Book 2

(August 12, 2016)—[‘Repeated Unnoticed’ was written in 2009.] I wasn’t going to post any of these any more. But I watched something today that made me see that these writings aren’t of some crazy lunatic like the ex and others tried to make me seem to be.

These writings go back as for as before 2000. These are part of the 11 books I’m putting out. The serpent has been over and over trying to halt my progress. After watching what I seen today, it seems I’m not the only one receiving these messages in rhyme format.

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‘God’s† Clone’

There’s a Message Within Ourselves!

A sample from Book 2

‘God’s Clone’ was written in 2009 as I sat in church hating the hypocrisy of it all. I think the work speaks for itself.

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‘A Life to Vote’

Mandela: Whatever It Takes For Freedom!

A sample from Book 2

(December 6, 2013)—In memory of Mr. Mandela (1918-2013). I wrote this in 2009. It’s simple, nothing to brag about.

He’s always been an inspiration to me. This lost should not be mourned but celebrated. He prevailed. Cheers to a meaningful life. They cast him out for a while, too. He was betrayed but he held on. The strong can never be held down for long.

Thank you God for giving us a life such as Nelson Mandela. Love the skin you’re in.

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‘The Passion’

Where Is the Passion For Christ?

A sample from Book 2

(2004/05)—If you asked me to describe this day, this year in a sense of its character, its morality, I would shudder with a peculiar sickening feeling in my gut unable to explain thoroughly what causes it.

How could anyone describe the character of the way in which we live? How could anyone explain it with any truth or coherence? We are surrounded by greed and all its material worth. We believe the more tangible assets we have the better. We have forgotten our hearts, our passions. We have settled for comfort instead of reaching for truth. We blame others for our shortcomings. We live for that blame. We sacrifice for that blame.

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‘There’s Time’

Time Passes but Change Never Comes!

A sample from Book 2

(March 18, 2014)—My politics are strong and I wrote a lot on this subject up until 2012 when I mostly began concentrating on the personal side of life.

I wrote ‘There’s Time’ back in 2007. Strange how not much has changed. I read a piece yesterday a friend posted asking if we had enough of the craziness going on in D.C. and I went back and read some of my political pieces. No, not much has changed.

A good question to ask: When will enough be enough?Then I picked up a book given to me at Christmas time, John Grisham’s The Racketeer, and started reading. Grisham writes about the Federal code and all it’s laws. He discusses how complicated the Federal code has gotten and the amount of laws passed behind our backs to control us more and more. His book is a work of fiction, but he speaks truth.

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