‘A Lie’ (Hole in Sky/Earth Vision)

The following vision seems to be a piece of a puzzle. I say this because of the water experience written about in ‘Strange Times’ on March 12, 2021. There were many visions and dreams in 2020, but the recent ones have been different.

 A Lie
 how can you tell 
 when truth is gone
 when a role is played
 when the look...sincere
 is no longer near
 how can you trust
 not make a fuss
 when it’s not quite clear
 which way they’ll turn
 in the early dawn
 how can you tell 
 when the lie is born
 when facts become a game
 when a tale starts 
 to take shape
 when you’re caught 
 deep within 
 the web that’s sewn
 how can you stop 
 the spinning zone
 when others start 
 their campaigning crop
 when their 
 make-believe song 
 stabs at your heart
 how can you speak out...warn
 when words twist so fast
 when truth easily can change
 when all is gone
 when you’re the outcast 
 no one comes to mourn

Note: The following photograph is from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel and part of today’s writing.

Angel and HorsemenOn the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month, the month of Shebat, in the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came to the prophet Zechariah son of Berekiah, the son of Iddo. During the night I had a vision—and there before me was a man riding a red horse! He was standing among the myrtle trees in a ravine. Behind him were red, brown and white horses. I asked, ‘What are these, my lord?’ The angel who was talking with me answered, ‘I will show you what they are.’ Then the man standing among the myrtle trees explained, ‘They are the ones the Lord has sent to go throughout the earth.’ And they reported to the angel of the Lord, who was standing among the myrtle trees, ‘We have gone throughout the earth and found the whole world at rest and in peace.’ Then the angel of the Lord said, ‘Lord Almighty, how long will you withhold mercy from Jerusalem and from the towns of Judah, which you have been angry with these seventy years?’ So the Lord spoke kind and comforting words to the angel who talked with me. Then the angel who was speaking to me said, ‘Proclaim the word: This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘I am very jealous for Jerusalem and Zion, but I am very angry with the nations that fell secure. I was only a little angry, but they added to the calamity. Therefore, this is what the Lord says: ‘I will return to Jerusalem with mercy, and there My house will be rebuilt. And the measuring line will be stretched out over Jerusalem,’ declares the Lord Almighty. ‘Proclaim further: This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘My towns will again overflow with prosperity, and the Lord will again comfort Zion and choose Jerusalem.’—Zechariah 1:7-17 (520 B.C.)

(April 3-4, 2021)―‘Fatima’ 2020. I watched this last night. I don’t believe in coincidences. So much has happened in my life time that I’m sure, 100-percent sure, that everything that happens in our lives have reason. This past week I was led to ‘A Lie’, written in 2009 and included in Book 2 of my series, and ‘The Birth of Truth’, written in 2019 and included on my website keleger.com under God’s Mercy, the subpage November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel. I have been having a very hard time with the will to sit down and write this. Writing for the Lord is scary, frustrating. I see all that is happening around me and wonder how did we get this far because of the things the Lord has revealed to me.

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‘Which Way?’

Which Way Will You Turn?

A sample from Book 2

  Which Way?
america's constitution
sets country laws
not school-house rules
it is without flaw
no man a fool
everyone to see
who they want
to be
its our working judicial claw
our law-making stool
we must take the raw
without shaping
for a people's mood
to slowly creep
from this employ—  

for personal awe
into greed's drool
of corporation paw
a string-held mule
its fundamentals
will begin to seep
know the deed—
constitutional seats
weren’t meant
for advancement’s need
america's judiciary jaw
corruption’s draw
in today's money-seeking pool
all’s a binding seesaw
living in material awe
americans must leap
bring this third branch
back to its knee
reenter the path
of being free
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‘Twelve Days’

Do You Know the Truth About the 12 Days of Christmas?

A sample from Book 2

 Twelve Days†
an english raid
catholics to fade
queen elizabeth invade
hidden christmas stage
counted twelve days
jesuit priests...for God† be brave
shh...can't right out say
our true God's† way
a secret betray
christmas melody wave
God's† life engrave

the children...learn His† way
my true love
almighty God† to pave

a partridge
in flesh He† gave

a pear tree
a cross's blade
an apple tree—
adam and eve to fade
tree of knowledge—
good and evil spade
two turtle doves
old, new
testaments made
three french hens
hope, charity, faith
blessed trinity colonnade
gifts of the magi—

gold, frankincense, myrrh
under the night's cape
four calling birds
four gospels
mark, luke
john, matthew

their humble hurry
four major prophets

isaiah, jeremiah
ezekiel, daniel
passing on our yesterday
five golden rings
five books of the old testament

genesis, exodus
leviticus, numbers

our true maid
God's† eternal stay
nature, loving, faithfulness
six geese a-laying
creation of earth
in just six days
seven swans a-swimming
seven gifts of the holy spirit
wisdom, understanding
counsel (right judgment)
fortitude (courage)
piety (reverence)
fear of the lord (awe of God†)

for us to praise
our seven sacraments
confession (sacrament of healing)
communion, confirmation
marriage, holy orders

a living portray
our seven corporals
spiritual works of mercy

feed the hungry
give drink to the thirsty
clothe the naked
shelter the homeless
visit the sick
visit those in prison
bury the dead
seven deadly sins
pride, covetousness, envy
gluttony, anger, sloth, lust  

we must stay away
the seventh day
really is saturday
eight maids a-milking
the eight beatitudes
blessed are the poor in spirit—
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
blessed are they that mourn—
for they shall be comforted
blessed are the meek—
for they shall inherit the earth
blessed are they which do hunger and thirst
after righteousness—
for they shall be filled
blessed are the merciful—
for they shall obtain mercy
blessed are the pure in heart—
for they shall see God†
blessed are the peacemakers—
for they shall be called the children of God†
blessed are they which are
persecuted for righteousness' sake—
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
blessed are ye, when men shall revile you,
and persecute you, and 
shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My† sake
nine ladies dancing
the nine choirs of angels
seraphim, cherubim, thrones
dominions, virtues, powers
principalities, archangels, angels
ten lords a-leaping
the ten commands to obey

thou shalt have no other gods before Me†
thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God† in vain
remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
honor thy father and thy mother
thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery
thou shalt not steal
thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
thou shalt not covet
eleven pipers piping
eleven faithful apostles  

simon peter
james (son of zebedee)
john (son of zebedee)
andrew, phillip
matthew (levi), thomas
james (son of alphaeus)
judas (thaddues/lebbaues, son of james)
simon (zealot)
twelve drummers drumming
original apostles
simon peter
james (son of zebedee)
john (son of zebedee)
andrew, phillip
matthew (levi), thomas
james (son of alphaeus)
judas (thaddues/lebbaues, son of james)
simon (zealot), judas iscariot
twelve minor prophets of the old testament

hosea, joel, amos
obadiah, jonah, micah
nahum, habakkuk, zephaniah
haggai, zechariah, malachi
twelve tribes of israel
asher, benjamin, dan, gad, issachar, joseph
judah, levi, naphtali
reuben, simeon, zebulun
twelve fruits of the holy spirit  

charity, joy, peace
patience, benignity, goodness
long-suffering (patient suffering
over an extended
period mildness), faith, modesty
contingency, chastity
so they say
of the twelve days
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‘Lost Focus’

You Need To Take Action Instead of Complain!

A sample from Book 2

 Lost Focus
each other we don't see
we'd rather—
x-box, play station
cell phone, internet, tv
political wrongs
we don't see
our lives so neat
can roam any street
buy any type of meat
a nice bed to sleep
words we easily believe
whoever can lead
trusting any deceit—
they wouldn't lie to me
losing rights we don't see
our house, our car
our bling, our clothes
we're still free
the reality of it
we don't see
people shunned—
when they speak
running deep
each dollar taken—
we're less free
our lost faith
we don't see
every commercial, every show
every movie
God's† words are missing
the seven deadly sins we seek
without seeing our feed
our endless material need
we've fallen
to gluttony’s greed
without admitting our deceit
embarrassing flee
a selfish need
a self-centered plea
we've fallen
to pride's heed
without ourselves to be
for all eyes to see
for elite company
we've changed our dressing
preventing riot's heat
a willing lie—
we've told indeed
we've fallen
to covet's plea
without covering our need
power we desperately seek
to prove we're better than He†
willing to deceive
satisfying this self need
we've fallen
to lust's creed
without understanding Thee†
taking what's free
refusing to see
we've fallen
to anger's deed
without a wondering seed
hurting without grief
striving for more publicity
trying through deceit
anything for the better seat
we've fallen
in the trap of envy
without standing to speak
or expressing in ink
without researching
truth's creed
by-passing the hard road
to seek
without an honest need
to give a heart-filled speech
without taking the lead
to keep freedom free
we've fallen
in sloth's vining weed
our focus you see
lost down the wrong street
the seven deadly sins
we've already let lead
even if we don't believe
we have a chance
to reprieve
forgiveness He† does see
this individual intercede
can never be a we
in the end—
it's you and He†
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‘I Will’

Are You Willing To Stand For Freedom?

A sample from Book 2

 I Will
I will
use my intelligence
I will
fight for america's
continued independence
I will
protect my
individual residence
I will
america's signers'
aristocratic experience
I will
acknowledge God’s†
miraculous existence
I will
heed to every
historical reference
I will
every sentence
I will
governmental incompetence
I will
stand up
for freedom’s defense
I will
honor my flag’s
unsurrendering presence
I will
turn against
political over-indulgence
I will
I will
go against
tyrannistic obedience
I will
voice with
I will
write with
historical competence
I will
walk forward
with constitutional vengeance
I will
be brave against
corruption’s tendence
I will
I will
suffer my action’s
I will
tyranny’s existence
I will
my constitution’s every sentence
I will
be truthful
in all correspondence
I will
be faithful
to my constitution’s contingence
I will
not break
for greed’s influence
I will
not betray
for corporational benevolence
I wil
not scatter words
for continued turbulence
I will
for america's innocence
I will
learn from
every aristocratic occurrence
I will
obey america's
majority preference
I will
tyranny's insurgence
I will
stand against
constitutional disobedience
I will
be part
of the resistance
I will
american history's every reference
I will
not remain silent
payne’s common sense
I will
be strong...intense
I will
be honest
monetary convenience
I will
put america first
over any other
country's inconvenience
I will
hold firm
my constitution
over prevalence
I will
study in full
without a changing tendence
to weaken or condense
I will
over every
I will
speak america’s language
whatever my native cadence
I will
enforce with a
sharpened percipience
the american way
no matter
who’s abhorrence
I will
survive any
dictating acquiescence
I will
forever be
on freedom's
side of the fence
if through
open violence
to commence
I will
be a
true american
on this soil
foreign co-existence
for only her
my fierce defense!
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‘Changed Policy’

How Long Are We Going To Continue To Ignore Congress Changing Policy?

A sample from Book 2

 Changed Policy
realigned e.p.a.
carbon emissions take away
global-warming craze
set americans in a maze
american judicial branch
forwarding the chance
no longer
checks and balancing ranch
policy now made
world-government crusade
see the evidence
this theory's advance
easy entrance
american courts...hurrah!
foreign terrorist
given their day
miranda rights
you must say
molded in policy clay
cruel...unusual punishment
cause-biting decay
now okay
years of fighting arcade
none-mixing bouquet
moslem religious laws obey
american courts
an agreeing faca
christians...do awake
ongoing crusade
islamic hate
has continued what may
christians to slay
God† warned
to john —
locked away
america's constitution
says nay
God† must be
part of her clay
intrusion now paved
her courts
in disarray
by a false prophet's
two past crusades
jon of arch led the way
held together
after many slain
by islamic sword's rage
third crusade
open roads gave
by corrupting—penetrating
all governments' maid
hold to faith
to win this crusade
have to be made
in this coward's stage
—false leaders' rampage
christianity to lose her age
join together
God's† hand to lay
every conscious state
without fear...hate
God† to protect
open the way
then this policy
to fade
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Congressional Rent Is Overdue!

A sample from Book 2

world lost in its pungency
to see through the prophesy
destruction of past democracy
just historical consistency
horrible...cramping pregnancy
perfect accuracy
unfaltering congruency
plague-corrupted bureaucracy
hidden world autocracy
wanting nothing but supremacy
global warming deficiency
u.s. presidential hypocrisy
brainwashing tendency
leading to inadequacy
without using necromancy
just a structured mobocracy
hidden world allegiancy
with a press’ proficiency

self-serving sufficiency
ratings improved by belligerency
quickened relentless policy
blindly led odyssey
not by contingency
american minds—

an easy absorbency
for their natural contumacy
media’s constancy

too much divergency
world-political diplomacy
focused blatancy
the world’s most powerful candidacy

civilization’s degeneracy

political lunacy
media’s fraudulency

—man’s endangered inheritancy
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‘God’s† Clone’

There’s a Message Within Ourselves!

A sample from Book 2

 God’s† Clone
what’s on this altar
is it a human fault
something forgottenly sought
what has it brought
forgiven sin...it ought
forgiven all that’s naught
has it ever been caught
what’s still in doubt
can it even count
is there a fair amount
what’s on this altar
that’s so many have fought
without a second thought
what’s in its heart
minds become wrought
the wicked begin to haunt
does it ever want
those that won’t
listen to the sound
from your decorated mound
is it this altar
of wood, of cement, of glass
that we should halt
or should we opt
—a belief in a deeper bound
not easily seen or found
is it this altar
of flesh, of bone, of blood
that we should be taught
our I am crop
something readily found
always open and abound
this altar
dressed in candles
a lost handle
a fake mantle
this altar
the hidden am
the true lamb
God’s† very hand
surrounding every gland
the prayers come from inside
here’s where He† resides
listen...do not hide
the self you must abide
don’t cast it aside
hear His† screams
His† silent cry
this altar
this well-made am
each different
each from His† chosen brand
for a reason’s stand
for you to understand
at your own hand
open to your altar
not a stage built by man
inside human land
look deep
through spidery sand
yes!...a hard demand
you’re a destined plan
His† original am
no intentional damn
it’s you to deny
it’s you to be shy
it’s you to be sly
it’s you to criticize
it’s you to hypnotize
you are the altar
not of wood
—of bone
not of cement
—of flesh
not of glass
—of blood
you are the am
He† gave you no shame
through His† name
He† brings no fame
that’s in your frame
He† offers no strain
that’s from your strand
He† sends no pain
that’s what you bring
listen to your altar
hear its voice
it’s not just jumbled noise
He† gives you a choice
elevate your sense
give it a hoist
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‘A Life to Vote’

Mandela: Whatever It Takes For Freedom!

A sample from Book 2

 A Life to Vote
twenty-eight years behind
a prisoned door
political ciaos
left a country sore
political service
single man's allure
youth groups for the poor
community organizations‒
his energy did pour
his writings
never a bore
released in 1990
a country's heart
he still wore
even with reasons before
a south african black
considered the whore
their votes
on the floor
that time lingered
no more
at age 75‒
his first vote
casted in 1994
not a single vote
the country tore
nelson mandela‒
became its commodore
as president
he did soar
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‘The Passion’

Where Is the Passion For Christ?

A sample from Book 2

  The Passion
we live in a closed fear
our laugh a bit queer
He† died on the cross—
so we may not be lost
we build a big house
we’re not treated like a mouse
He† was beaten by a strap—
releasing us from our trap
we worship the almighty green
it matters how we are seen
His† skin fell from his body—
while they stood laughing
we spend wanting the best
who cares about the rest
His† mother watched her son—
evildoers had their fun
we ridicule the less fortunate—
breed cruelty and hate
His† skin soaked in blood—
hitting the ground...raging flood
we spit the hungry in the face
carrying around a can of mace
He† wore a crown of thorns—
so we can be reborn
how much more can we take
how much more can we fake
He† forgave us for our sin—
how many prayers can we lend
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