What it takes to keep love!

A sample from Book 11

(Sweet Man)
(what is it in life
if you can't tell
wrong from right
to see in sight
what is of great heights
to know
from a wrong fight
and a right fight
‒one worth the cry
one not worth the try)
there was a yell, a scream
an act of rage
mixed in scents of sage
she would leave
she would leave today
her bags...she began to pack
‒the stress off her back
she voiced everything
she wanted to sack
her mind lost in a haze
all those great days
‒reasons why she stayed
anger filled in a maze
this way, that way
‒which path to take
wanting to run
in spite of the fun
then in comes the pun‒
standing eye to eye
tears suddenly
fill in cry
we just can't be together  

coming from deep inside

I know

each not willing to move‒
standing their ground
without making a sound
it all comes down
to mixes in race
different traditions
different tastes
but that's just the base
to what lies beneath‒
in the lace
wanting her to stay
his moments in rage
‒can't keep her in a cage
from her mind
it won't fade
for words to say
wanting nothing in fright
in his dark eyes‒
seeing the willing light
wanting her to seek it
please make it bright
understand the hard in my life
for it, I had to fight
sealing up everything inside

confusion succumbed‒
the sudden in rays
from his silent, pleading glaze
it's not just his aces and eights
that's on the take
she adds up the sum
to it, he wasn't dumb
every piece, every crumb
has to be sorted‒
to smooth out
the constant lump
another chance
another steady ride
taking each side
‒what's buried in hide
no matter how many lows and highs
through pass homicides
all those moments‒
others confused their minds
making them want to pounce‒
in anger...quickly dive
thinking through it‒
hearing every sound
warnings, confusion, heart‒
feeling the surface of found
wondering where its bound
this constant round
has to sooner or later
release its hound
when wanting to stay
is all around
softly relaxing
the lines on her face
that unconditional
is not in a trace
‒it's in the base
of foundation's lace
without living in a race
what others see as a toxic tray
may just be
the difference in race
in raised traditional's case
‒angers set in
wanting to be erased
each learning to let go‒
what once slapped them
in the face
releasing anger's ways
that keeps trapping them
in a haze
‒exploding in a blaze
what is it in life
if you can't tell
wrong from right
to see in sight
what is of great heights
‒to know Jesus'† life
why for us, He† died
love is worth the ride
for it, pay the price
for the reward
everlasting life
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‘Pillars of Death’

Depression: The Feeling of Your Own Death!

A sample from Book 7

 Pillars of Death
I'm an apparent suicide
who took
everything buried inside
‒sprayed it out
like pesticide
they call it a homicide
raging words
was all it took
for love to dry
‒leaving only tears
to cry
slowly I died
asking every kind of why
why only anger's words
was enough
to cast me aside
why my truth
was reason
my life
‒its very existence
to hide
my being
no longer resides
in hearts
I believed
could override
evil's prancing stride
they all cast me aside
for thoughts...words
I could no longer
hold inside
instead of holding me
as these eyes cried
they buried me
‒an unmarked grave
deep outside
with bugs and flies
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‘Twelve Days’

Do You Know the Truth About the 12 Days of Christmas?

A sample from Book 2

 Twelve Days†
an english raid
catholics to fade
queen elizabeth invade
hidden christmas stage
counted twelve days
jesuit priests...for God† be brave
shh...can't right out say
our true God's† way
a secret betray
christmas melody wave
God's† life engrave

the children...learn His† way
my true love
almighty God† to pave

a partridge
in flesh He† gave

a pear tree
a cross's blade
an apple tree—
adam and eve to fade
tree of knowledge—
good and evil spade
two turtle doves
old, new
testaments made
three french hens
hope, charity, faith
blessed trinity colonnade
gifts of the magi—

gold, frankincense, myrrh
under the night's cape
four calling birds
four gospels
mark, luke
john, matthew

their humble hurry
four major prophets

isaiah, jeremiah
ezekiel, daniel
passing on our yesterday
five golden rings
five books of the old testament

genesis, exodus
leviticus, numbers

our true maid
God's† eternal stay
nature, loving, faithfulness
six geese a-laying
creation of earth
in just six days
seven swans a-swimming
seven gifts of the holy spirit
wisdom, understanding
counsel (right judgment)
fortitude (courage)
piety (reverence)
fear of the lord (awe of God†)

for us to praise
our seven sacraments
confession (sacrament of healing)
communion, confirmation
marriage, holy orders

a living portray
our seven corporals
spiritual works of mercy

feed the hungry
give drink to the thirsty
clothe the naked
shelter the homeless
visit the sick
visit those in prison
bury the dead
seven deadly sins
pride, covetousness, envy
gluttony, anger, sloth, lust  

we must stay away
the seventh day
really is saturday
eight maids a-milking
the eight beatitudes
blessed are the poor in spirit—
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
blessed are they that mourn—
for they shall be comforted
blessed are the meek—
for they shall inherit the earth
blessed are they which do hunger and thirst
after righteousness—
for they shall be filled
blessed are the merciful—
for they shall obtain mercy
blessed are the pure in heart—
for they shall see God†
blessed are the peacemakers—
for they shall be called the children of God†
blessed are they which are
persecuted for righteousness' sake—
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
blessed are ye, when men shall revile you,
and persecute you, and 
shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My† sake
nine ladies dancing
the nine choirs of angels
seraphim, cherubim, thrones
dominions, virtues, powers
principalities, archangels, angels
ten lords a-leaping
the ten commands to obey

thou shalt have no other gods before Me†
thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God† in vain
remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
honor thy father and thy mother
thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery
thou shalt not steal
thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
thou shalt not covet
eleven pipers piping
eleven faithful apostles  

simon peter
james (son of zebedee)
john (son of zebedee)
andrew, phillip
matthew (levi), thomas
james (son of alphaeus)
judas (thaddues/lebbaues, son of james)
simon (zealot)
twelve drummers drumming
original apostles
simon peter
james (son of zebedee)
john (son of zebedee)
andrew, phillip
matthew (levi), thomas
james (son of alphaeus)
judas (thaddues/lebbaues, son of james)
simon (zealot), judas iscariot
twelve minor prophets of the old testament

hosea, joel, amos
obadiah, jonah, micah
nahum, habakkuk, zephaniah
haggai, zechariah, malachi
twelve tribes of israel
asher, benjamin, dan, gad, issachar, joseph
judah, levi, naphtali
reuben, simeon, zebulun
twelve fruits of the holy spirit  

charity, joy, peace
patience, benignity, goodness
long-suffering (patient suffering
over an extended
period mildness), faith, modesty
contingency, chastity
so they say
of the twelve days
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