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A sample from Book 10

I don’t see why because they have been telling you how they are for years. I’m not as into the politics today as I was years ago. Things just seem to keep going in the down direction, and there’s way too many people arguing instead of doing.

I know in my own home the argument over politics was huge. Being in a mixed relationship didn’t help matters as all this black/white issues took center stage. I have never been a racist. I’m not privileged. This seemed not to register with my ex-boyfriend. It saddens me on how many people believe this B.S. There are many people who believe they are privileged. I’ve seen them. I’m glad I’m not one of them. What follows is part of the Introduction to my last book on politics, Book 10, in My 12-Book Series.

“…There’s a posting to the right of my screen that ask: Do you love the Constitution? There are a little over 140,000 clicks for like. I’m a tad bit disappointed in that number. What the hell!

This is the United States of America, right? I think I’m in that country…born and raised, as did every single generation in my family extending as far back as [when] the Choctaw Indians began their existence. I’m a native. The Constitution of this country is very important to me as is the fundamentals of freedoms my ancestors have enjoyed since the inception of this great country.

I have listened to all the arguments on both party sides and I firmly agree with Washington when he stressed the point (as he stated in his farewell speech, which I reprinted in my first political book titled Denial and Isolation of Self: How We Guide ‘Self’ Smack into the Hands of Silent Abuse (Political Charms: Looking at Life on the Outside While Denying Life on the Inside) that this country has no place for parties.

I [also] firmly agree with Washington when he made his argument in his final farewell speech that this country should never get involved with other countries because once you do, then the invasion will start and continue until there is no more free America!That argument was made over 200 years [ago] and it has come to pass.

How wrong we are to have allowed this craziness to go this far! All these lawsuits and debates are useless. If you can sit there and read your Facebook page without once noticing that question: Do you love the Constitution? And, not once, feel obligated to click the like button, then I know that you do nothing to protect the freedoms in this country.

I’m 43 years old and my children have less freedom then I did. It was unheard of [when I was a teenager] to have the government tell you that you have to wear your seat belt, that at 18 years of age you can die for your country, but you can’t have a drink, that you can’t legally drive on your own until what age is it now?! That you are forced by the government to buy flood insurance and if you don’t FEMA (the fucking government) has the right to go into your bank account and take it! That a cop can legally scratch your fucking window up because your tint is too dark! What the hell are you sitting on your ass for?

By the time your children’s children are of age, they won’t be able to buy a gun without having to send the registration to some international organization, let alone have as many Christian children as they want, or cross a state’s line without needing papers! Ever been to Europe…that is what is happening here. Looking back at the 2008 election…. Have you ever witnessed a presidential candidate who could not prove he was actually born in the U.S.? Have you ever witnessed the need to question such a thing? Have you ever witnessed a U.S. President bow to a king?

You are fools for letting this get this far. You have every right to take back your country with force…I’ve never studied, read, or witnessed a time in the United States of America’s history where it was laced so heavily with cowards. The U.S. never backs down…never!

But the Tea Party movement (all was in their rightful place as true Americans) have failed, have proven my previous sentence to be true. The present leader of this country (I will never call him my President…never!) should have been impeached…read the description in the Constitution to what constitutes an impeachment…obviously they don’t teach this in U.S. schools anymore!

There was enough to charge him and fully impeach him. Just by going around and calling the very country he leads arrogant is an impeachable charge. But no…you let it go as so many parents let their children get away with everything because they are so afraid to whip them thanks to the Clintons!

When are you going to be proud to stand up and take your hat off and sing our National Anthem and feel proud to click like when asked: Do you love the Constitution? Enough said…I’m one pissed-off American, and I vow to continue being pissed off and will fight with everything I have to let all of America know that I am an American by my given birth right and I will remain one! And that I have earned my place here!

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