‘Share Grace—Repent’

To repent and forgive ourselves and others is really hard, but a must and it takes courage and a warrior heart. Do you have it?

(September 27, 2019)–Jackie Robinson: Dodger’s #42! I watched the movie 42 last night and was in awe. God sure does make His stand through us. Branch Rickey, the general manger of the Dodgers at the time, was one hell of a God instrument. In one part of the movie, Jackie asked Rickey why did he do it?, take a chance on a black man. And Rickey told him about Charlie, a black player during his college years. Charlie was harassed to the max and Rickey didn’t do anything about it, he didn’t know what to do. He was finally at a place in life where he could do something about it. What was the it? Defeat racism in sports of course. Rickey said that what he witnessed happening to Charlie made him dislike the game because baseball was supposed to be a game of fairness. He told Jackie that Jackie made him love the game again.

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Racism, Hate: Evil’s Best Friends. Don’t Let It Consume You!

A sample from Book 11

(March 17, 2017)—…Then I will go back to my place until they admit their guilt. And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me….—Hosea 5:1-15

What is truth? I’ve written on the lie. That one post has quite a few followings. Why? In my opinion, it’s because so many people believe their own lies so much that they take it as pure truth. It is not. And those who see through the lies just know the truth. It’s that simple.

How do we know we are being deceived? That’s the question. Isn’t it? So how can we trust anyone if that thought of being deceived is always floating in the back of our minds? It’s a logical question.Logical. That’s a word. Logical seems to have gone out the window with actual facts and truth. People believe what they want to believe. Many are so strong-headed on their conditioning and traditions that they refuse to bend. Why?

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When Politics Blinds Your Truth!

A sample from Book 11

(January 11, 2017)—The mind is easily fooled if we let it. People see what they want to see, and they will believe what they want to believe. You cannot change anyone. You can preach and teach, but you still cannot change a soul. Only God can do that.

You can pray for another. That is the right thing to do. God hears your prayers, but nothing will totally change for them until they…that person you are praying for…opens up their own heart. No, you should not stop praying for them. Praying for another is one of the best places in peace to be.

I hear a lot, and read a little these days about the state of the political affairs. I have written about the political scene during my denial and isolation stage. I have been battling with the introduction to the book I wrote about the history of the United States. I was going about it the wrong way. He [the sweet man] opened my eyes to this the last couple of days.

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‘Looking Within’

Men Miss the Point of What Makes a Woman Special!

A sample from Book 10

(November 29, 2016)—The blog is coming…slow, mind-bogging, aggravating…the books, too. Who cares! All I have is time. What the hell’s the rush for anyways?! Live your life. It’s all about being a woman. It’s all about loving yourself just the way you are. Anyone who can’t comprehend that can take the bus!

To all you guys who appreciate a good woman (all of her—emotions, baggage, cries and laughter, ass-hole family members, etc., etc.), you are a good man. Stay like that. There are so very few of you. Those other guys, they are complete morons.

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‘Tradition’s Backfire’

You Are NOT a Girl! You ARE a Woman!

A sample from Book 10

(September 28, 2016)—Traditions. Lies. Stories. What’s real? What’s not? It’s hard to tell these days with so many websites putting up fake information, with so many people, like the underground web, Photoshopping and manipulating, specifically, to deceive us.

In order to survive through all the mess, we have to know who we are inside, our individual truth, and we all, individually, have to stand for something, and that something has to be a good something free of anger and hate.

I read all these articles concerning race. I have to ask—What the hell? I’m a woman. I write about abuse not because it was my life-long ambition, but because it was an experience that altered the entire course of my life! I decided after going through so much of other people’s drama that if I didn’t take all this negative and turn it around, it would consume me. So…I plowed on.

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‘Hands to Hold’

Is Race Going To Continue To Rule Your Life?

A sample from Book 10

(July 20, 2016)—You don’t have to read this. Ignore it. It’s okay. I’m used to it, but, like Mother Teresa, I won’t stop. It’s my choice. It’s your choice to ignore. I still choose to love you. I still choose to pray. I still choose to speak of God’s message in the voice that He gave to me. I still choose to hope that others will see truth and stop falling to lies and deceit…that, too, is a choice. I choose truth.

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‘Colorless Birds’

We’re All Various Shades of Brown!

A sample from Book 10

(October 20, 2017)—Can you feel it? The emotions of this piece. Each time I read ‘Colorless Birds,’I get thick in the throat. It was written April 15, 2015. That says a lot about change. How sad are we!

I watched a video last night about a brown boy (who I will name Tom) who was raised by a white mother. He never had any problems with the law. He was raised like I was raised. One day, he and a white friend was pulled over. He was searched first. The white friend had a bag of weed on him. Tom did what I would do. When the police began to search his vehicle, he asked to see a warrant. I know that police can search if in the moment there is probable cause. The bag of weed was. Tom did what any young person would do. It was innocent. The police gained up on Tom and beat him to almost death. I forget how many stitches he had to have after all was said and done. The other boy was not touched.

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Breaking Your Codependency….

…and Moving On To ‘Normal’

A sample from Book 12

That is the question that I had to end this book with. Going through the trials in life are hard. This year I had to face my mother’s death and the destruction of my three-year relationship, as well fight more health issues while being 1600 miles from all my family.

Codependency had still a hard grip on me, but the anxiety that I had fought through was just about gone. I would have to go through a forced intervention to figure out what the true medicine for codependency and all those negative thoughts were.

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Don’t Be Baffled By Today’s Politics!

A sample from Book 10

I don’t see why because they have been telling you how they are for years. I’m not as into the politics today as I was years ago. Things just seem to keep going in the down direction, and there’s way too many people arguing instead of doing.

I know in my own home the argument over politics was huge. Being in a mixed relationship didn’t help matters as all this black/white issues took center stage. I have never been a racist. I’m not privileged. This seemed not to register with my ex-boyfriend. It saddens me on how many people believe this B.S. There are many people who believe they are privileged. I’ve seen them. I’m glad I’m not one of them. What follows is part of the Introduction to my last book on politics, Book 10, in My 12-Book Series.

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Recognizing Codependency in Yourself!

A sample from Book 9

Oh! Are you in for a treat! I began talking about codependency in Book 6. I didn’t see the horror in it until 2015…that need to make others happy began to affect me in the worse way. The following is part of the Introduction to Book 9 in My 12-Book series.

To heal…to completely heal from abuse, you have to deal with the codependent in you. It won’t be easy. From this book all the way to Book 12, I fought it. You can do it, too. Trust in the journey and get my books…I do have a different answer than most do.

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