‘Apocrypha’s Hide-ness’ (Yeshuah)

‘Apocrypha’s Hide-ness’ (Yeshuah)….This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time, declares the Lord. I will put My laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God and they will be My people. No longer will a man teach his neighbor, or a man his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest. For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more’ [Jeremiah 31:31-34]….—Hebrews 8:8-13

Apocrypha's Hide-ness (Yeshuah)

once upon a time
there was a writer
he was subtle in his words
but clear and precise
he questioned his authority
didn't understand the words
or their meaning
but he wrote them anyway

he was agitated most of the time
not knowing
what to do with all the words
that came to him

he was not priestly
did not consider himself holy
but the words kept coming
and he wrote them

he didn't have paper or pen
nor pencil
he had ink in a jar
he had parchment
thin leathery-like ornaments
that had to dry
before he could roll them up

at one point in time
during his older years
all his rooms were scattered parchment
drying words he didn't understand
but knew they were important

no validation came to him
just words
and the mind of a clear man

isaiah was a better man
than he
so was jeremiah and malachi

all those before him
were better
at understanding
from where the words came

he just knew

without witness or helper
he wrote

crazy, insane
many thought he was
and they left him alone

ramzee was part of a short list
zerabeniah was another

names forgotten, gone
all because man refused
to understand
the importance of their work

some wrote for the prophet daniel
some wrote for jeremiah
even for paul
the scribes that are forgotten
because they didn't perform
for the people

it is I†, Yeshuah†, explaining
the debts of the called

they know their purpose
and their purpose differ
in many ways
from each other

it is only when
what they leave behind
proves them true

they know they will not receive
while in the world
they know from whom
they will receive

they have received

there are many called today
this time of the world

man has conditioned society
not to speak of such things
to hide them
all the words that come to them
then exploit or deem unworthy
if God's† hand shows through them

the fear of God†
escapes many
especially those
who refuse to accept Me†, the Son†
in their man-directed kingdoms
God† leaves their pillage go on
the condemnation is there
living amongst them

their lives are only meaningful
in the world
they live in confusion
and hopelessness
massive chaos surrounds them
demons live in them
and they bring horror to life 

they are the visible dead
and are used as tools of God†
in disciplining all through
the earth

then they perish
never to see life again

you wonder how such things
can be
you only wonder this
when you don't know the Father†

as time moves forward
the message of these types
of hardened hearts
spreads throughout earth

through their pillage
building more and more
for satan's house

there comes a time
for salvation to be needed
and the Father† rises up His† band
of the elect

these elect cannot pillage
sin is removed
and truth is set in place
for God† to speak
through the confusion
He† set

in each time
confusion gets worse
leading up to
massiveness of sin
where salvation is hard
following a simple command
is difficult

to love one another
in the ways of God†
not man, God†
almost seems impossible

as the promise God† made the prophet
He† has shown her in every way
how it seems impossible

but it only seems

showing love throughout
one's life
without sin
is easy with Me†
once you let Me† in
I† fight as you pray
in love and in truth

the words of God† never stop
the world just stops listening
they have a strict line
of devotion
to one thing
and cannot accept more

they build their rules around
this one thing
and spread it throughout the world
without considering
the massiveness of the power of God†

their was the law
then the years in between
the prophets
then Me†
and all the words and the apostles

then man deemed
no more prophets
no more words

how many years lay
between the law and Me†?

how many years lay
between Me† and now?

it's time to listen to God†

[He stopped briefly and led me to Hebrews 8:8-13 through Hebrews 10:15-18. I was instructed to read it out loud. Once I was done, He continued.]

the sins have been forgiven
for those who came before Me†
I† came and did what God†
commanded of Me†
I† am the way
there is no other way

are all sins forgiven?
that depends on the sinner
will you heal and sin no more?

I† told those I† healed
while I† was a man on earth
to sin no more
after I† healed them

did you not hear Me†?

will you falter after I† cleanse you?
small and subtle sometimes
but not big like you did before

are you willing to change, heal?
are you willing to release pride and status
among men
for Me†?

these you must consider

words are sent
not to hide them
but to give freely
and listen to them

how will you know
when are you listening to the right words?

pray to the Father†
He† will show you

the right words may condemn you
at first
they may challenge you
but you are drawn to them

I†, the Son†, am telling you
the right words, the truth
will bring clarity
if you stick with them
they will bring light
to the darkness
they will make you question
at first, make you feel uncomfortable

come into Me† with sincerity
and I† will go into you

the prophet has doubts, too
but she continues to write
all God's† words
she continues to hear
and seek understanding
she refuses to listen to man
even when they condemn her

this is how understanding words
leaves behind tradition
tradition always changes truth
in order to multiply

I† do not seek anything from you
but truth
for I† give only truth
and I† have salvation
to give
whenever you seek it

healing is hard work
and I† am willing
if you are

(July 2, 2023)—The Scriptures, Hebrews 8:8-13 through Hebrews 10:15-18.

The photograph David led me to is from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning.

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You must learn to fight with your mind!

He's† coming
His† fierce wrath
–a warning
that will steal your laugh
He's† waited
as you gently
took your bath
seeing you
enjoy your treasures
He's glad
His† simplicity‒
riddled with an interesting sass
if you fall too far behind
on the graph
He† has an unwavering strap
administered by
a father's unconditional love‒
in a dash
giving you a chance
to bounce back
from your deep, darkened nap
but you haven't read
the telegraph
you haven't heard
the endless knocking raps
you haven't heard
the crash, the clash
or the blast
you haven't even heard
the slush
of His† slow drag
you waddle like an ass
pretending to celebrate
honor His† flag
while others...with a bat
so willing to bash
round and round
lap after lap
slowly distorting Him†
in every class
mixing it all up–
commoners can't even grasp
leaving it all
to be given in mass
not willing
to take on the task
–it's all been a trap
the mark of the beast–
will be an easy lash
they will be willing–
without any wording sass
let alone
a flame from a shiny blast
how to measure gullibility–
the strength needed
to cure this rash
will take more
than attending a mass
or around waist
wrapping a sash
in the mind
will come the nag
–a played-out invisible rag
strange thoughts
making a face sag
doubt...oh! how nasty!
its constant drag
heaviness and confusion–
mixing it all up in lag
there's a better way to combat
this dark invisible rag
–powers hidden
once sealed–
too high to be grasped
it's now time
to bathe in its vast
opening it up–
the vaults...down...smash
mind for mind...slash
taking control back
before the Lamb† comes
in a flash
open up for a higher stash
–sorting through trash
with an energy in splash
yes, He's† coming
a warning in passing
a chance to be given
for a new class
a higher way
fighting in blast
a choice in self's brass
–thrive in eternity's musical jazz
or fall in evil's
forever fire-pitting trap
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‘To Not See in Shame’

Micah adds to the importance of the Choose!

 To Not See in Shame
He's† coming–
He's† watching and...tired
nothing has changed
all lost in shame
playing a tireless game
for simple gain
‒forgetting His† glorious name
He's† coming‒
your songs are deranged
your mentality strange
believing in sports' games
gold chains and diamond rings
leaving His† name
out of range
condemning those who sang
glorifying His† name
He's† coming‒
152 sets the range
in time...sets the change
choose which side‒
you'll play your game
then it will be set
no more chances to change
you choose
it's your time
to arrange the change
before time
gets out of range
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‘Pulling A Jonah’

Adhering to the Message!

 Pulling A Jonah
you can run
but you can't hide
upon you, lies God's† eye
from one end to the next‒
He† does not change His† tide
He† remains the same‒
in all colors of die
no use in the pretend‒
no use in loud or shy
His† call to you to ride–
to accept or to deny
either way
you'll pay with your life
eternity in die
eternity in the light
you choose
you have that right
‒that calling comes
from really high‒
you can run
but you can't hide
you...He'll† seek and find
throw you in perils of life
'til you accept with every sigh
cry little birdie...cry
He'll† wait
'til you get the right high
bowing your head
reaching for the sky
He'll† force your comply
He† knows your heart inside
His† calling
from within or outside
important for the rise
He'll† rage the water‒
'til you submit to the cry
then you'll see‒
the beauty of the light
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‘What Says You’

I am woman and my faith is my Choice!

 What Says You
defiance in its true nature
reaches those too immature
to know the difference
‒a veiled struggling creature
avoiding words of the one
true teacher
over two thousand years ago
blood fell on hands‒
those in the know
as they began to sow
deceptions made
of silver and gold
dawning black hats and robes
ignoring what Jesus† came to show
choices of ignorance
they choose
‒God† released His† grasp
His† hold
time slips in its venture
here and there...new adventures
‒words remain
from the one and only teacher
He† will come
without another lecture
He† will come
in storms of weather
they'll be no guessing‒
go on being the hater, the abuser
you won't have to wonder
when it's time‒
you won't deny
the presence of the creator
so go on...go!
be the reason
for destruction...hold
be thoughtless and bold
He's† coming!
He's† coming
absent silver and gold
He's† coming to decide‒
who stays, who goes
who rises, who He† shall behold
152...a good number to consider
ignore...it doesn't matter
He's† never been the taker
‒a constant in giver
lessons, tests‒
giving all chances in reconsider
now His† patience is on the damper
time is over...in chatter
get on your knees‒
be the prayer
change your heart
to the honest giver
repent in matters of sinner
‒time in choose
is now on the ledger‒
no turning back‒
He's†  becoming the taker!
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‘Renewing Spirit’ and ‘The Awakening’

For the Children…It’s a CHOICE!

 Renewing Spirit
I wake up to an empty dawn
raise my hands up
give thanks...without a yawn
knowing I wasn't deceived
I wasn't a pawn
by the One† wiser
than a fawn
take me, take me whole
in Your† arms...hold
for I'm just in mold
clay being recast
in gentle's bold
awaken me
give me strength
take me from death‒
wash away my sins
put joy in my heart
weaken this defensive anguish
steady my hands
calm my pulse
give me the words
to speak to them
like a boss
 The Awakening
it is of great joy
those willing to voice
‒given a sincere choice
bent over
wrapped in foil
thrown out
like a broken toy
those from suffering
will be the saving
their choice
in their hearts
no need to sort
the warnings
are coming to pass
make the choice
make it last
listen to words
already cast
fires in blast
soon to be coming fast
love, love one another
protect each other
from evil's smother
know life
know how to cover
shielded in hope
for your coming Brother†
don't be weary
don't be tired
for the light isn't a liar
but from the One† higher
the One†, your deliverer
your mother, father
brother, sister
your everlasting Father†
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‘Men of Songs’

Understanding depression and the veils by-way of Job!

 Men of Songs
I thrash out my complaints
I take the hurt, the blame
put it all on my shoulders‒
through all this rough terrain
not one showed sincerity
not one came
so I let tears fall
like rain
open my mouth
my worded train
feeling alone, empty
wondering if I'm really insane
I cast out my stones to You†
‒Your† broken little dame
all these tasks
my life...so drained
not knowing the final aim
just take it all in‒
the arrows of false names
on invisible ropes...I hang
told...life is but a game
learn to play it...you win fame

You† and I know‒
that's not how it's framed
life isn't at all a game
You†...no one can tame
someone so righteous‒
You† easily cast in flames
and that person
will never be the same
when this heart
feels weak in faint
I look at all my I can'ts
I re-hear all those filthy names
know...none of them...I ain't
but I know‒
I'm such a tiny piece of grain
and the only fame
to be claimed
is that of Your† sweet, sweet name
I'm so, so tired
of being maimed
so tired of lonely's strain
what have I gained
on this hateful, lonely lane
I know it's part of Jesus'†
each and every vein
I'm so weary...feelings‒
my work done in vane
so, I call on you...Jesus†
please take all my complaints
straight to our Father†
‒pull me out
this agonizing drain
forgive all my trespasses
turn me over‒
to at least one heart
who feels the same
‒a bit of hunger
a bit of tame
to do works of good‒
in Your† sweet, sweet name
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‘Shelters From Storms’

Using our gifts the right way byway of Matthew! How do we discover our gifts? How to use them? How to multiple our inside wealth? Easy. Listen.

 Shelters From Storms
take these gifts...give them more
open, open...will be doors
no more seeking to find
say this is mine
it shall be yours
place bets on things
instead of doors
what's yours will be no more
treasures are found
in gifts stored
open, open the doors
heal from your sores
be fierce...the power is yours
take these gifts...do more
help the needy, help the poor
put life in their décor
never asking what for
open, open the door
don't be the evil's whore
take what you know‒
take it and soar
high, high...my little commodore
what you wish...will be yours
for without fear‒
the Lord†, you adored!
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‘Solitary Confinement’

The truth of planting seeds by-way of Jeremiah! It’s time for hurting to take the personal responsibility to heal.

Solitary Confinement
they're out there enjoying life
those who lied and betrayed
while she sits in silence
waiting for her time
they all believe the opposite
of what is true
they are all blinded in fool
while her tears cause her to drool
praying...her inward tool
for being condemned
doing what she was supposed to do
all abandoned her
deciding to judge
where no judgment was due
pitying her–
where no pitying was due
so she accepts the cross
‒knowing full well...who's in charge
in the waves of other's flaws
like a rage doll...she was tossed
but her hopes
stayed with the light
their insecurities
weren't even her fight
in her eyes
she just watched their blight
screamed at them
in her troubled fight
thinking it was her right
standing up for herself
against the night
those suffering for lack of insight
in only the Lord†
can things ever be right
yes, she watched...screamed
with all her might
years of blight‒
but it was never her fight
‒she was already in the light
so she waits...sometimes in cry
accepting the silence
her temporary confinement
for ever lasting enlightenment
as those who suffer inside
play with false lives
on the outside
‒the lost coveting what they lost
concealing in lies...lost
not knowing what it means
to take it to the cross
yes, they condemn her, judge her
placing her in depressed...lost
when all the while‒
what they refused to see
she was always a faithful child
of the Boss†!
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‘A Waiting Maze’

God patiently awaits for you to choose by-way of Zechariah! The 4th message to you ‘Today’s Society’. It’s up to you to listen!

 A Waiting Maze
He's† not going to help
what you can do yourself
be wise, full of zeal
each other...truth...tell
don't condemn your brother
stay clear and calm of harm
evil...raise alarms
don't buy into charm
recognize...yes, recognize
what's in disguise
your responsibility
your turn to be wise
see through lies
it's time to stop the randomize
heal those traumatized
‒save them from lies
there's no such thing as elves
‒must believe in self
feelings for another...felt
in order for you to help
you've wasted enough time
draw that much needed line
understand...the Divine†
before it's too late
to even try
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