‘Ignorance of Spirit’

Would You Listen If Someone Tried To Help You?

 Ignorance of Spirit

our bodies are the temple
our hearts...filled with love
a mark placed from above
through the spilling‒
of an innocent man's blood

since that day
comes few miracles
in faith, we must see
when words are sent to believe
to take us out of deceive
words placed in hearts
way down deep
for only us to reach
for only one to receive

we set boundaries, principles
God's† words come in a nudge
giving us a rush
with a unwelcomed blush
‒something He† wants of us
something we can't‒
down toilets...flush
in dreams, in signs
comes the flood
'til we no longer‒
to the side...can shove
we become
a quiet little disciple
knowing what‒
relaying messages to relieve
to tone down‒
the spiritual creed
‒silently waddling in scream
how will they believe
without something in see
any forced retrieve
will just not be!
...goes further the decree
faith...for some...so weak
matching the heart's message in lead‒
a solid force shown in see
disclosing the known‒
small strokes to brush
without any lust
‒crushing every bit of trust
a task so tough
the pull to run...give up
wanting to do away
with this stuff
‒too deep holds the grudge
all the pieces‒
just too much
too many things
running a muck
realizing the struggling pup‒
buried in dirty mud
‒thoughts in heart
begins to be enough
down, down, down
into so much mush
if you don't help
erase the slush
then...comes in
the morning dove
the symbol of love
saying don't give up
‒messages from above
that you can't
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Quotes on the Self

I Am Woman. Hear Me Roar. That’s the yell I screamed in my writing since the beginning. It doesn’t surprise me that I have made it my motto. If you don’t speak up, the train of life will just run right over you…leaving you dumb-found and drowning in a sea of tears. Speak up! Don’t bury yourself in silence. It will only age you and sink you into a bottomless pit. Say what’s on your mind. Speak the truth even while you are shaking. Enjoy the quotes here and the artwork. Love the skin you’re in!

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