Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken!

A sample from Book 4

That was my question as I went through year after year of constantly starting over as a teacher. Yes, there’s things broken with the American education system…but they are constantly trying to fix the wrong things.

The following is from the Introduction to my 4th Book in My 12-Book Series during my denial stage where I focused on everything outside of myself and my home instead of focusing on the important stuff. What I discovered will amaze you! The only thing I could do was write a book about it and offer simple solutions to what the higher-ups makes so complex.

“My frustration had been building for years and one day after school, I went buy several packs of yellow legal-size notepads. I sat down one day and began writing. When I finished, I had seven legal pads filled.

I would go on to teach one full year in the public school system in 2007 (Chapter Fourteen), which at the time of writing the chapter in 2008, I didn’t finish. At that time, I couldn’t be objective because of what took place at this particular school and the ambers that were about to explode in my personal life, which are discussed in my other books concerning the five stages of grief. My thoughts on this particular year are still clear and my objectivity has returned; hence, the completion of the chapter.

My final teaching year, 2014 (Chapter Fifteen), was after I was divorced and living on my own. I only taught for three months before I was declared disabled and had to stop working outside of the home. I wrote a lot of notes during this small period of time. Chapter Fifteen, even though it’s been three years since I’ve been inside a classroom, discusses how things have not changed since I first began this book.

I should also note that my experience only lies within the boundaries of the South, but, as noted below, the problems discussed in this book seem to be problems in most areas of this country.


(First written in 2007 then later edited and added to after my last teaching job in 2014)—I had written the first four paragraphs of this book and my computer erased it. Go figure. But this is not the first time this has happened to me, and each time it has, I didn’t give up. I just started over and wrote something better.

I sense I’m not alone when this happens. Maybe, it’s the higher power telling me it’s all wrong, that I’m headed in the wrong direction. It’s crazy, I know, but when the computer shuts down telling me there’s an internal error, I know there’s someone watching my every move. I also know that I need to rethink my way and find another. The other way is not always the simpler way. It is usually the harder way.

I don’t understand why that is but I do understand this—that I am a pea in a very large field and it’s hard to make some noise let alone make a difference. That’s why the United States is the way it is now because people have become tired of making noise [when] no one is listening.

A while back a group somewhere or other set out to ride 10 miles in the nude to protest global warming or something of that nature. I’m thinking: Lordy, there’s going to be some chapped butt cheeks and swollen other parts when that’s over! It’s like trying to find a local pharmacy but realizing that they have all been swallowed up by the Rite Aids and the Wal-Marts, or looking for a grocer or a banker who knows your name even if you have one dollar in their bank.

Combining resources and assets to create more, and perhaps in the beginning…better…has, in turn, created greed and selfishness. I could go on for pages and pages on this subject but that’s for a different book….”

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