‘Silence of Me’

You Tend To Hang On. It’s Normal.

A sample from Book 5

 Silence of Me
I look at me
I hear me
I wouldn't be
I ruffled the sea
this romantic bee
words I see
to be free
it's better for me
I want to be
just you
I do see
all thoughts
inside of me
you'd see
confusion's deed
all that I aim to be
all that I use to be
my wanting
to be free
inside of me
there's more to see
the outside sea
you along side of me
open and free
what used to be
look at me
hear me
all there is to be
a wall closed to me
burying me
inside of me
silence of me
I wouldn't be
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‘Unconditional Love’

Does Unconditional Love Exist When It Comes To Relationships?

A sample from Book 5

 Unconditional Love
(Sweet Man)
to walk by my side
‒me by yours
an endless glide
hand and hand
standing beside
knowing each's inside
protecting from the outside
with each other
no hidden pride
with each other
no need to hide
to each other
nothing denied
not just a ride
an endless passionate tide
no drawn lines
not just being kind
knowing each's mind
keeping love's drive
awake and alive
without conditions
without bribes
walking side by side
through life
love's endless glide
until life and death collide
side by side
each to lie
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‘Talking Heart’

Stick To What You Say!

A sample from Book 5

 Talking Heart
(Sweet Man)
when two become one
something extraordinary's begun
into each other
combines all matter
into each other
weakness doesn't stutter
all is revealed
into each other―
deeply open and concealed
when two become one
fear is undone
sincere trust
―the ultimate must
helping each other
overcome inside danger
helping each other
see through stormy weather
when two become one
happiness is won
hearts can fight―
hurt and pain
when the mind
plays us like a game
when two become one
hearts can fight any situation
with open conversation
when to each other
there's true dedication
can be undone
when two become one
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‘Company of Friends’

Your Friends Are the Key To Your Survival!

A sample from Book 5

  Company of Friends
my Lord†, I'm going to ask
–you're my ultimate dad
I can be open like that
I remember friends I had
how they made me mad
sometimes really sad
they seemed just a fad
some made me bad
some made me glad
–making it feel like a trap
I want something
more than that
please, Lord†, send to my life
a more gentle pack
ones that can make me laugh
–not concerned
with where I once sat
when I'm down
they have my back
ones who don't act
like spoiled little brats
ones who come
no matter where I'm at
put me back on track
know all my crap
to me
take off their hat
ones who do for me
I do for them
they understand tit for tat
ones who wouldn't dare
attempt to whack
destroy my pad
or my love
try to hack
ones who look pass
whatever I lack
ones who'd never sack
for this, for that
our friendship's basic fact
unconditional love
that's where it's at
my Lord†, that's all I ask
surround me
with friends like that
who understand
where the home is at
that love
is a humble task
–when I'm sad
arms around me do wrap
ones who enjoy seeing me laugh
and know
You† are always
part of my map
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‘Text Me’

Moving Through Anger with Bargaining!

A sample from Book 5

 Text Me
in this phone
I am a clone
away from home
easily...I roam
no longer alone
words I've thrown
cast a bone
string along
however long
I want you to belong
in this phone
I'm on loan
read my worded song
I'm wearing a thong
―hear me moan
I'll send a picture―
for your visual tone
with words I'm strong
―played like a trombone
I can turn you on
in my world
you'll be drawn
in this phone
nothing's wrong
it's my zone
imaginations grown
be careful―
if to me you're drawn
I'll take you
where you've not yet gone
for in this phone
I own
my imaginary throne
I'll make you moan
dance to my song―
your emotions
get too strong
I'll exit
and be gone
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‘Lies vs Deception’

There’s a Big Difference Between a Lie and a Deception!

A sample from Book 5…This is what Anger and Denial looks like!

 Lies vs Deception
everyone lies
ones needed to get by
―little white ones
sometimes a big one
―not for fun
more to avoid
heavy explanation
we can forgive some
an immediate redemption
take time for calculation
forgiveness does come
not everyone deceives
a lie used to covet
to hid beneath it
a little white lie that grows
without a why
making someone believe
―hoping honesty
they receive
lies used to deceive
turning facts to fiction
deep wombs to leave
given no consideration
small lies
we often give
makes lives
easier to live
deceptions hide
reality's gift
closing hearts
helping them die
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‘Hold My Hand’

Men: Just Do It!

A sample from Book 5

 Hold My Hand
when I'm lost
― confused
wanting to give up
will you hold my hand
when I doubt
want a way out
will you stick around
when I'm angry
call you names
will you not place blame
when I cry
lost in sadness
will you change my mind
to live and not die
when I hate
my vision clouded
will you be my guide
tell me my life
is not a lie
when I want to run
leave all behind
draw a heavy line
will you walk beside me
―hold my hand
take my feet
from the sand
plant them
on solid ground
when I'm alone
lost in darkness
make you want to leave
will you forgive
help my eyes to see
I want to be
when I'm here
cold...closed up inside
will you stay
give me space
help me see my way
when I want
to give up
will you stand by me
take my hand
help me be free
help me to see
what it takes
to be happy
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‘A Woman’s Strength’

You Deserve Appreciation and Love!

A sample from Book 5

  A Woman's Strength
did you think of me today
no call came my way
underneath my smile I sway
no words do I say
I thought of you all day
as I rushed through my filled plate
early I started to bake
not long the house was laced
with the smell of your favorite
chocolate cake
the kids were at play
a new toy
one did break
one became the prey
the other screamed hate
peace...I had to make
clearing the haze
putting smiles on their face
anger left no trace
but it was too late
the cake―
I had to throw away
ring phone ring
I did pray
hoping you'd call to say hey
then the dog did stray
I had to move in haste
apologies to convey
the neighbor's yard―
a garbage-strung maze
after an hour's pace
a cleaned yard
done in good faith
I reentered the house
noticed it was only eight
my day―
moving at a slow rate
still no word from my mate
breakfast I did make
then the taste of toothpaste
the cleaned dish plates
no time to wait
everyone dress
screamed hurrah
to the babysitters―
who monthly I pay
to take my place
a goodbye kiss
a last minute wave
off to work
my smile...fake
then I remember
I hadn't ate
my eight-hour day
drove its heavy weight
still no word from my mate
rush-hour traffic
a nerve-raking state
thus beginning the evening chase
babysitter, supper
no flirter's bait
comes my way
sent the children
off to bathe
finally you call
again...you're working late
a quiet evening to waste
long, restless night
again...I must face
until you're home
and I feel safe
did you think of me today
no call came my way
underneath my smile I sway
no words do I say
I thought of you all day
as I rushed through
my filled plate
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‘The Experience’

Your Anger Turns to Lust to Move You!

A sample from Book 5

 The Experience
I'm your past
I'm what
didn't last
I'm what
never last
I'm the passing blast
to move through
really fast
with the quickness
of a kisser's dash
I'm the wine glass
wearing a mask
my on-stop splash
I'm your past
leaving you
in a gasp
easily slipping
from your grasp
in your mind
thoughts are cast
in my heart
the debris
of a failed lover's task
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‘Anger’s Brethren’

Don’t Use the Children!

A sample from Book 5

 Anger's Brethren
its face is ugly
peeking through
little by little
building its soul
one small piece at a time
it patiently waits
then the attack
increasing the heartbeat
a once throughout plan
wilting the roses
rains replacing sunshines
beautiful language
turns to spiteful vengeance
over ruling logic
closing open hearts
its face is ugly
destroying all good
taking its time
taking all time
closing doors
'til love exist
no more
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