‘Hype Me Up’

We Women Just Want to be Hyped Up!

A sample from Book 7

  Hype Me Up!
take me out of myself
‒off this shelf
teach me to laugh‒
spread my cheeks
show my teeth
help me burst through
show me happy's view
that's all
I'm asking of you
open these doors
lift me off the floor
give me off-the-wall reasons
‒smiling without ending seasons
I just need a little help
to be more than myself
show me what life is like
without all the hype
give me a chance
to really know
how it feels
to dance
take me as I am
be my teacher
not some
manipulative preacher
let me be
your choice
without a need
to calm my voice
yes, take me out of myself
‒off this shelf
put me back into life
reopen my eyes
let me giggle
let me wiggle
teach me to run
show me
what it's like
to again have fun
be my guide
let me ask my whys
take me out of this shy
teach me to trust
let me have my lust
let me throw things, fuss
teach me we are enough
‒hype me up
with unconditional love
show me
even when I fall
‒through it all
I'm still your number one
my I am
is all I need to be
‒all you want to see

(January 17, 2014)—Some of you found your perfect partner in life. Some of you made some mistakes, decided too fast, and had to start all over in your search. That’s where I am in life. I sit and think: What do I really want in a life partner? That’s where ‘Hype Me Up!’ comes from.

I don’t want much. Money, material things…has nothing to do with real happiness. When you sit and think about what you really want in a partner, you begin to see happy is all that matters.

When you are young, the ring, the house, the cars, the trips, the clothes catches your attention fast. It’s easy to get lost in it. But when you are older, wiser, you see the truthful meaning of life. Maybe, showing us our initial mistakes is God’s way of saying: My child, I want you to really be happy. I let you make your own choices so you can learn. Now, it’s My turn to step in and show you your mistake then move you to what real happiness is like.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, but a worthy journey. Love the skin you’re in and don’t settle, for if you do, you’ll be allowed to go with it for a while, then He’ll step in. Oh! and believe me, His love sometimes is hard-love! Have a great day.

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