‘His Softness’

That which gives you inspiration to go on!

A sample from Book 12

 His Softness
(Sweet Man)
there's moments
I want to cry
in this aging bit of life
‒not understanding
what to fight
he comes into my sight
deep in my thoughts
I get lost...caught
then he kneels before me
‒my world gets lost
in his sea
cradling me in his arms
all that fight...gone
aren't you tired of this yet
his question without hiss
we both knowing
we keep rocking a boat
that just needs
to float
my response in insist
over and over...rowing
this knotting rope
without losing
gentle's hope
feeling it all melt away
with soft words‒
he has to say
as he pulls me
in his sway
I want this‒
not just for today
but every day, in every way
I know the truth‒
when I look into his face
love...in every line
to trace
as his black hair
fades to gray
by his side
I feel everything safe
when he leaves the room
behind...closes the door
I'm left with my thoughts
shifting deep
in my core
yes, I'm tired of this
love is far more perfect
surrounded by his softness
then sitting in a room
lost in miss
his love
trying to forget
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‘Straight Curves’

Putting the past behind. Hoping to find a future.

A sample from Book 11

  Straight Curves
(Sweet Man)
do you love me
words from a man
minutes before
thinking to can
not wanting anymore
to understand
catching me off guard
in tracks...all stop fold
rescuing me from hard‒
that place
where lives cold
‒another puzzle's piece
put where it belongs
in this rebuilding heart
yes, with everything I have

from the start
even when denying
played its part
a softening catches us
all our past moments
put in a cup
stirred then drank
building up
to that silly thing
they call love
the beast in warrior
the fire in cracker
spilling their rage
‒a yell and shout
to let's talk it out‒
what communication's about
a curve
again made straight
‒playing our aces and eights
get the fuck out
no thanks...I'll stay
no, at all
meaning words in say
in eyes
no need to sway
that past wanting to break
in the real
patient...I'll wait‒
no matter what others say
you're worth it every day
my heart's here to stay

one question
smoothing tension
God†...part of the equation
brings a heart to attention
each struggle faced
soft, gentle pace

you won't find a trace
I'm† here

your Father's† embrace
those curves

I'll help straight
yes, a firecracker, a warrior
forgiving yesterday's sorrows
from no promises of tomorrow
to questions in borrow
do you love me
easy and free‒
the I of me
whatever comes what may‒
Yes, I'll stay
for he, too, said
he moves the same way
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‘Keynotes of Woman’

Men: Satisfy Your Woman!

A sample from Book 8

 Keynotes of Woman
woman remains undefined
her complete design
‒never a crossing line
she's God's† greatest mystery
she'll never give
totally clarity
‒it's the journey of he
enjoy this road of discovery
here's one simple note
you should know
‒keeps her from go
pay attention
this one simple lesson
keeps you
out of option
a woman
puts a man
in complete

when she's wrapped up
tight and neat

a little explaining‒
those stuck
in lame
‒heads up
no time for sleeping
or you'll miss
keys to keeping
woman summits
everything he'll get
only when
he knows
the right tricks
he can leave
abandon, lie, cheat
blame her
‒destroy her complete
but there's something
he...just doesn't get
in every case‒
the same, the same
he's the true blame
‒her wanting didn't remain
he's the guide
making her open wide
or inside
tightly hide
she must see
all that's in him‒
she must feel
continually free
‒totally complete
when she feels
his every treat
when she sees
his deal
‒his desires, strength...real
trust builds‒
moving her to free will
her heart‒
he steals
her inner self
the most important reality
gaining for he
simple stability
when he
brings her to melt‒
that place
she loses herself
all her desires
she's ready to face
‒her inner fire
begins floating
losing herself
in feelings of ease
when she's brought
to that place
over and over
‒without any need
of race
not one single trace
when her body's needs
in complete's please
the rest of her‒
in receive
all makes her whole
complete's package
without findings
of shortage
no feelings
lost in bondage
then...only then
she moves him
to complete
wanting to please
his every, single need
no need to plead
for actions of he
moved her to total's free
‒everything in she
leaving him
in the gift of pleased
when he
slips into sleep
fulfilling her needs‒
some sort of disease
she knows
as kisses flow
her body grows cold
react fades
lonely consumes
her days
‒her inside make
turns to fake
woman holds no control
‒how her body rolls
she desires feelings in gold
(passion's bold)
she loses to cold
when he folds
forcing feelings‒
move on down the road
her shutting down
all around
‒her heart
moves in stealth
to some place else
warnings to heed
to that of he:
keep her in free
her sexuality‒
something to see
she'll hide
in he‒
open and wide
she'll fly
bringing he
to high
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‘Pity-Party Me Not’

Don’t Fall To the Devil’s Trap and Lose Yourself to Pity!

A sample from Book 8

 Pity-Party Me Not
save your grace
‒me crying in your face
maybe it's best to walk away‒
not have your good spirits replaced
with my selfish-daunting embrace
don't let me crowd your space
in a lost self-pitying race
I have to find my way
backward steps
not to trace
get up
move forward‒
there's a dream to chase
‒a gift
in my heart
God† did place
in all that oh-poor-me lace
‒wasting day after day
I put aside what's great
for others' self-demeaning fate
‒those who lost faith
not giving time of day
to words God† had to say
that day after day
turned to year after year
willingly serving myself up‒
a circling, dead-horse tray
my own bed made‒
self-pity's prized bait
around and around
up and down
burying my I
around, around, around‒
a circling maze
‒down, down, down
in self-pity I laid
to whomever'd sit and listen
I'd saturate‒
serve self-pity's cake
jump in with pleasure
without thought‒
smothering my I in hate
on self
adding burdensome's weight
flying free
in the greatness of unease‒
my eyes‒
lost in sedate
‒shielded behind bondage's tape
over my happy‒
anger's blackened cape
misery's base
I did drape
I closed all gates
let the sun's ray
slowly sink to night's blackened gray
‒down, down, down
in a mercury-ladened lake
'til I laid in waste
seemingly sealed in a darkened cave
I held on tight‒
my wilderness-mentality trait
fighting against moses' trusting faith‒
doing whatever it took
‒forget heart's break
with constant play‒
attending every sinful date
‒hearing God's† words
refusing to obey
falling down, down, down
not caring what's at stake
from reality‒
wanting to separate
losing to evil's webbing spray
everyone turned‒
from me
ran in haste
'til self-pity became my only mate
then came the day
deep inside me‒
God's† hand began to vibrate
my wavering faith
evil couldn't take
‒mixed-up signals
my heart began to translate
at first
a slow rate
raising from a bottomless crate‒
I began harder to pray
through all my mistakes
for me
God's† patience did wait
cradling me
as I lay
‒drowning in self-pity's tears
softly patting my back‒
knowing how slow this I operates
telling me:
it's going to be okay
take your time

it's your way to make
no matter the pace

it's never too late
‒whatever the case
I'll† help you break

evil's enclosed vase
harder I did pray
hearing clearer His† words
stronger became my faith
'til that magical day
His† light alone‒
out of that darkened cave
my way
He† did pave
here and there
self-pity comes, says hey
for moments‒
I lose my way
but as light as a needle of hay
He† lifts me
‒His† light pours within me
an abundance of rays
blinding evil's come what may
filling me with gentle's taste
‒oranges, apples, grapes
fruits of my labor
the brilliance of grace
my truth in faith
proving to me
nothing stands in my wake
so, each time
I seem to embrace
just give me space
let me alone face
find my own way
backward steps
less and less to trace
each new day
faster and faster
I replace‒
that wilderness-mentality trait
‒evil's webbing embrace
oh-poor-me beckoning date
soon to disappear
without a trace
the deeper I pray‒
quicker and quicker
I re-find my way
with purer, stronger faith
it's not just a dream to chase
it's a gift‒
in my heart
God† did place
so, my self-pity
please don't embrace
turn away
give me my moments
to pray
my special one-on-one date
just me and my Lord†
‒heavy in faith
immersing my I
in words He† has
to say
‒no time limits placed
on days I pray
just know when I emerge‒
I'm stronger
heavily armed in His† way
so each tomorrow
I'll easily face
for I'm endowed‒
smothered happily
in His† amazing grace
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‘Brave Hearts’

Before You Give Up On Yourself, Try Practicing Compassion!

A sample from Book 8

 Brave Hearts
(Sweet Man)
compassion takes patience‒
a digging in
bracing-the-heart kind of thing
it's taking all we know
all our experiences‒
good and bad
tossing them out the window
stepping up
‒with another
filling our cup
without needing to know
what's up
it's holding on
through bumpy rides
sitting next to another
letting them cry
it's running out in a street
to someone you instantly meet
offering a hand
‒doing what you can
without needing a return
without thinking you'll be burned
it's meeting anger straight on
‒not moving along
but hitting its head
with praising words said
instead of seeing all wrong
living life selfishly
on our own
it's restraining ones self
‒eager to help
instead of putting those in need
on forgotten, dusty shelves
watching them fall apart...bleed
it's opening our heart‒
trusting in faith
instead of just wanting
to feel safe
it's forgiveness and hope‒
with our warrior ways
away...we chase hate
in another's eyes
sadness replaced
with just our smile
showing a will to walk along
no matter the struggle
no matter the miles
it's bringing joy
to another's face
instead of disappearing
without a trace
compassion is pure heart
God's† way‒
‒showing the hard
the light
of a million stars
He† passes it to each of us
free will
a choice
love or hate, run or face
fight or lose
‒to be silent
or our voice‒
freely use
it's easy to walk away
to say
farewell...good day
lose ourselves
in our self-made cave
‒our forbidden world of safe
it's hard to stay‒
hang to faith
forget the comfort zone
‒through adversities
use pure heart to sway
lift our heads
give it to God†
let Him† light the way
compassion...our gift
to share‒
not to spare
‒to show we truly care
in happiness, in despair
here, there, everywhere
it's not a switch
to turn off‒
when we deem fit
to put individual needs
in moments
when well doesn't fit
it's a constant wave of heart‒
for it to spread
we must honor
words we said
we must release anger...hate
release places of safe
those lost from self
‒open our hearts
let it be felt
pay it forward‒
then in each
God's† reward
unconditional love
‒experienced here on earth
our awakened dreams
plus a full, peaceful cup‒
a beautiful seeing of life
where only glows
God's† pure light
without even
having to fight
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‘Hype Me Up’

We Women Just Want to be Hyped Up!

A sample from Book 7

  Hype Me Up!
take me out of myself
‒off this shelf
teach me to laugh‒
spread my cheeks
show my teeth
help me burst through
show me happy's view
that's all
I'm asking of you
open these doors
lift me off the floor
give me off-the-wall reasons
‒smiling without ending seasons
I just need a little help
to be more than myself
show me what life is like
without all the hype
give me a chance
to really know
how it feels
to dance
take me as I am
be my teacher
not some
manipulative preacher
let me be
your choice
without a need
to calm my voice
yes, take me out of myself
‒off this shelf
put me back into life
reopen my eyes
let me giggle
let me wiggle
teach me to run
show me
what it's like
to again have fun
be my guide
let me ask my whys
take me out of this shy
teach me to trust
let me have my lust
let me throw things, fuss
teach me we are enough
‒hype me up
with unconditional love
show me
even when I fall
‒through it all
I'm still your number one
my I am
is all I need to be
‒all you want to see
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‘Without Burying in Holes’

You Be You. Let Me Be Me. While We Leave the Past Behind!

A sample from Book 6

 Without Burying in Holes
 (Sweet Man)
love outweighs libido
it offers room to grow
in each other an outflow
separate-together scenario
each doesn't forgo
their individual echo
maintaining meaningful amigos
never each other to outgrow
encouraging each's ego
−a constant expanding
each's manifesto
−see how high
they each can go
without one thing to owe
except coffee together
on a patio
having sincere trust
whatever way they row
enjoying the rainbow
kisses under a mistletoe
without doubting shadows
mutual integrity
each to show
each other's lingo
without a need
for macho
love is willingness
to lose control
−pride swallowed
letting it all go
opening the peephole
total envelope
letting every secret flow
exploring every shadow
of each's very soul
keeping it real
with or without clothes
living life with gusto
throwing away
the microscope
love allows feelings to roll
in and out−
allowing each to stroll
without digging holes
love's traveling different roads
enjoying solo
without worry
of an undertow
it's knowing
when to let go
without losing self-worth
apart...even though
wanting the best
keeping each other whole
love's a friendship stroll
hands to hold
without burying in holes
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‘Dying House’ and ‘Our Last Goodbye’

That Place You Have To Leave!

A sample from Book 6

 Dying House
I've watched you grow
I thought we'd grow old
but our lives
have been sold
our hearts broke
our insides
have turned cold
your beauty
you're no longer
wanting to hold
I must go
it's getting harder
to cope
watching you
slowly corrode
piece by piece
you're starting to fold
a heavy load
you turn
from a gentle host
to a heartless ghost
no more
are you
my threshold
soon it'll all explode
for the last time
behind me
your doors
I'll close
with only memories
to be told
 Our Last Goodbye
I'm shaking inside
oh! what a ride
your heart and mine
you were built
with love
we fit
like hand and glove
my hands now tremble
closer and closer
draws the time
when we'll say
our last goodbye
through blurry eyes
I walk your rooms
my heels slowly glide
an unsteady slide
touching your skin
—this rushing, emotional tide
many memories collide
you witnessed
my every side
within your walls
I stood tall
you saw me
humble with pride
then you watched
me fall
—victim to a loving homicide
revenge's careful suicide
to you
I can't lie
in you
I do confide
within your bones
my will thrived
my imagination
easily came alive
you were once
a dream
in my mind
you were my every inspire
it was a thrill
watching you rise
you caressed my children
as they grew high
you heard me answer
their every why
you saw me hug them
through their every sigh
you watched them fly
you saw every transpire
you heard me laugh
watched me cry
you saw love rise
then watched it die
without answers to why
without even a try
you saw me
struggle for breath
you saw me strive
to survive
then revive
reasons to why
our love affair's denied
my deepest I
this emptiness—
hard to describe
it's all been crucified
—slick and sly
we're now down
to our last lullaby
our together forever—
that final day
will soon arrive
when behind me
I'll close your door
our last goodbye
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It’s All About Survival!

A sample from Book 6


temptations fought
wanting to forget
righteous laws
—all I've been taught
this patient jaw
yearning to drop—
release this tangled flaw
so I wait for him
to unlock this vault
raise my pulse
with just his walk
through lessons
I'm caught
hunger sought
I'm just a cat's paw
yearning to claw
hearing him talk
bringing my heat
to a boil
the scent of him—
I'm lost
not just an afterthought
—an immediate draw
seeing him
brings naughty thoughts
to be with him
in the raw
dance sin's waltz
put me in awe
temptations fought
wanting to forget
righteous laws
—all I've been taught
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The Codependent: Make Yourself Happy First!

A sample from Book 6

I've tried to help
in ways
that didn't help
I've said yes
then no
to my self
I've avoided
hurting others
only to hurt myself
to trust my own feelings
I've been afraid
I've believed lies
then betrayed-
I often felt
I wanted to get even
punish others
for putting me
on a shelf
I often
became smothered
in anger and hate
-wanting to kill
not feeling safe
I've fought
for others' rights
when they didn't know
how the law swayed
only to be left
like an abandoned stray
I've often settled
for others' worth
-left my own
to grow another day
I became
the reaction
to others' anger and hate
instead of listening to self
walking my own way
I became
less of me
for others
to be set free
I've lost myself
to dependency
on how others felt
without seeing
my own need
to be free
to be just me
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