Don’t put it off until tomorrow!

A sample from Book 11

today means nothing in tomorrow
today means nothing in yesterday
today is today
yesterday was once today
tomorrow will be today
one known, one unknown
yet, today is
what happened yesterday
won't happen again
what will happen tomorrow
just a guess, my friend
today, oh! today
each second, each minute
each hour...is ours to devour
don't think of what was
nor what will follow
be its blooming flower
without counting
seconds, minutes, hours
for death still comes
for all...not some
never knowing the exact hour
no more, blooms the flower
today, shines the light
no need to fight
it's up...so bright
use it in delight
without thinking twice
for yesterday is gone
tomorrow...an unsung song
today, oh! today‒
today is
so...go on...live

(July 16, 2017)—Don’t fall for fools. Don’t be led by fools. See things for what the are, not what they could be. One chance. You have one chance at life. In my view: Enough shit has halted my living…enough! No matter how young or old you are…one…you never know when it ends…do you. Live your damn life.

King Solomon, the teacher. Because of him, we have the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible. Have you ever really sat down and read either of these books? Maybe, you should.

I was led to Ecclesiastes today. Particularly Ecclesiastes 9:11,12, in my Bible titled ‘The Unexpectancy of Death.’I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about people losing loved ones, then I had a dream about my youngest dying. Not a good thing to see. The thought ran through my mind on how would I handle such a thing. My immediate thought: I wouldn’t. Maybe, that’s why Ecclesiastes came to me again.

I have something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. Moreover, no man knows when his hour will come: as fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so men are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.—Ecclesiastes 9:11,12

Do you understand what King Solomon is saying here? Basically, it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, how little money you have…we all die!

Here’s the verse that this verse follows in my Bible, titled ‘Importance of the present’:—

Anyone who is among the living has hope—even a live dog is better off than a dead lion! For the living know, that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even the memory of them is forgotten. Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun….

…Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do. Always be clothed in white, and always anoint your head with oil. Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun—all your meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome labor under the sun. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.—Ecclesiastes 9:4-10

King Solomon wrote this at the end of his very long life. He may sound bitter, but I don’t think he was. I think that he saw so much in life that he understood…the basic meaning of life: Live. Stop wanting more. Appreciate what you have today because tomorrow may not come, and yesterday is already forgotten. Live. It is very hard to live when you are struggling. You don’t see the value of today, you just keep pushing for that tomorrow. I know. I’ve been there, and I presently do it.

It seems like I’ve been talking about these books forever…I have. It may even seem that they are some out of this world type of books because I’ve been talking about them for so long. They aren’t. Well, I guess that would depend on who is reading them, and at what stage in their journey that they are reading them.

When I don’t post like this, I feel a bit guilty. It’s like…whatever I have to say may help someone today, and when I don’t post…I didn’t help anyone today. If that makes sense. I’ve been busy. I format-edited completely the last two books (number 11 is this year’s writing, so I’ve put that one aside for now). I’m currently reading these last two books. On Monday, I start the journey to publishing the first ones. No, you won’t see them until, maybe, August because the publishing process is a process.

Anyway, there’s a lot that came in my way, halting the progress of my work. All things happen for a reason. We just have to flow with that. If I go before they are published, then it was meant to happen that way. The reasons we don’t need to know…but think of that saying—why put off to tomorrow what we could do today?—goes through my head a lot.

I feel guilty when I put off working on these books. The saying should read—What we do today is our gift tomorrow.I don’t know how I’ll accept the death of anyone, especially, someone very dear to me. Death is part of living. We live then we die. That fact can’t be disputed. At all. So, I guess we need to try and focus on death with a different outlook. We need to understand that we all don’t live forever. That our day is coming just like the ones who have died…their day came. It’s hard when that someone is young and didn’t get to live long, but who says they didn’t do what God wanted them to do.

We all have a job for God to do, it doesn’t matter if you know what that job is or not. We still have a job to do. When our job is done, our time could come anytime. That’s a fear of mine. Maybe, that’s what keeps getting in my way: The fear of me dying once I’ve finished these books. All I can do is have faith that I’ll be given time to see what happens to these books and see and get to know my grandkids. That’s all we can do…have faith. It’s not up to us when we die…or when anyone else dies. It’s God’s decision. We just have to accept that.

I’m rambling today. I’m anxious to get back on the books and finish them, but I needed to write today. After all, it is today. Ecclesiastes. Job. Two books that I often return to. One tells you to honor God and do what He wants us to do. The other reminds us that everyone dies, so live today. Need I say more. Love the skin you are in and always remember: You are given one life. Live it.

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