What It Takes To Keep Love!

A sample from Book 11

(December 22, 2017)—We have one life. One chance. What you do with that one life, one chance is totally up to you and no one else. How you choose to life that one life, that one chance reveals your heart and character. The heart and character that God will examine on that final day. It’s up to you how you want that final day to turn out. Are you willing to gamble with that?

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‘Win the Game’

You Gotta Stomp ‘Negative’ to the Ground!

A sample from Book 11

(November 20, 2017)—What other people do isn’t your problem! Read that statement again. The mind likes to make us think that what other people do is our problem. How does that thought get into our head? That fucking evil whore the devil…that’s how! It wants to interfere in our lives. It wants to fuck us up. It uses anything and anyone to achieve its goal. It has no mercy.

‘Win the Game’…we are given the right to choose how we play this life we are given. It’s strictly up to us how we play our hand…our hand. Not other people’s hand. Ours…and ours alone.

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‘Frustrated Notions’

Don’t Let Anyone Halt Your Dreams!

A sample from Book 11

(October 19, 2017)—So many families destroyed because of abuse of any kind. So many lives mixed up.—I wrote this on Feb. 24, 2017. The day I wrote ‘Dedications Unfold.’I was leaving. It was a hard decision. I had forgotten about this poem until today while I was editing.

Strange how God shows us when we are lost. I’ve been lost. Tormented. Not by my past, but by my future and my present. I’m struggling…then ‘Dedications Unfold!’ (This work is in Book 11.) There’s a lot going on inside of me…a lot I can’t explain. I have this very clear mind, focus, then nothing. Is it fibro? Or is it something else? I don’t know.

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Don’t Put It Off Until Tomorrow!

A sample from Book 11

(July 16, 2017)—Don’t fall for fools. Don’t be led by fools. See things for what the are, not what they could be. One chance. You have one chance at life. In my view: Enough shit has halted my living…enough! No matter how young or old you are…one…you never know when it ends…do you. Live your damn life.

King Solomon, the teacher. Because of him, we have the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible. Have you ever really sat down and read either of these books? Maybe, you should.

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‘Depths of Heart’

Mind Your Heart or Others Will Not!

A sample from Book 11

(May 6, 2017)—I had a rough day. Anxiety, panic attack, depression, pain…these things make you see a lot of what you don’t want to see. Unconditional love and free-will reveal so much in yourself and in others.

My story continues. It isn’t always roses and wine. No one’s story is. Sharing is easier than holding it in. I did a video as well. Come to my page to see…give it a like, share it. Be merciful with grace. We are not all super stars. Most of us are just treading waters and trying not to drown…love the skin you are in. You, and me, are worth it. Even if our illnesses mask it. We are still worth it.

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‘Thoughts in Suicide’

When You’re Driven to the Point of Wanting to Take Your Life!

A sample from Book 11

(May 2, 2017)—You will fall. It’s a given. Over and over. Rise. Each time, the sun shines a little bit brighter.

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Anxiety Created from the Fight Against Codependency!

A sample from Book 11

(March 19, 2017)—If you’ve reached out to me lately and I haven’t responded, this post will explain why. I promise to get back to you real soon. Sometimes, we have to deal with what’s happening in the moment and set everything else aside. I’m back to being able to write, which is a start.

My heart is racing at the moment. Why? It is not easy to admit a weakness. It’s even harder to share it with others publicly…but this is part of my journey. This is part of the healing process for me…what I experience, and it’s become part of what I do.

Sharing my journey doesn’t get any easier as time goes by, but it helps me see my road…where I’ve been and where I’m going. So, I do hope that, in some way, it helps you, too, as well as someone you may know who is going through the same thing. If you are compelled, please share, like my page, like the post, and/or comment. The books are coming…I just have to get through this small hurdle: Anxiety.

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Racism, Hate: Evil’s Best Friends. Don’t Let It Consume You!

A sample from Book 11

(March 17, 2017)—…Then I will go back to my place until they admit their guilt. And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me….—Hosea 5:1-15

What is truth? I’ve written on the lie. That one post has quite a few followings. Why? In my opinion, it’s because so many people believe their own lies so much that they take it as pure truth. It is not. And those who see through the lies just know the truth. It’s that simple.

How do we know we are being deceived? That’s the question. Isn’t it? So how can we trust anyone if that thought of being deceived is always floating in the back of our minds? It’s a logical question.Logical. That’s a word. Logical seems to have gone out the window with actual facts and truth. People believe what they want to believe. Many are so strong-headed on their conditioning and traditions that they refuse to bend. Why?

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When Politics Blinds Your Truth!

A sample from Book 11

(January 11, 2017)—The mind is easily fooled if we let it. People see what they want to see, and they will believe what they want to believe. You cannot change anyone. You can preach and teach, but you still cannot change a soul. Only God can do that.

You can pray for another. That is the right thing to do. God hears your prayers, but nothing will totally change for them until they…that person you are praying for…opens up their own heart. No, you should not stop praying for them. Praying for another is one of the best places in peace to be.

I hear a lot, and read a little these days about the state of the political affairs. I have written about the political scene during my denial and isolation stage. I have been battling with the introduction to the book I wrote about the history of the United States. I was going about it the wrong way. He [the sweet man] opened my eyes to this the last couple of days.

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‘Straight Curves’

Putting the Past Behind. Hoping to Find a Future.

A sample from Book 11

(January 3, 2017)—I’m sitting on my patio. The wind is slightly blowing. The sun is shining. It’s a breezy 70 degrees…a typical Louisiana afternoon…even in the dead of winter.

This apartment is situated in the heart of this town and I hear all the happenings going around: the cars on two of the main roadways that pass through Lafayette, people coming and going (voices…talking to each other, talking on phones…echoing as their voices bounces off the buildings around me…, car coming and going, their doors closing and opening, trucks delivering this and that. Alive. Everything is so alive.

I had an emotional holiday season like so many. In fact, I’ve had an emotional holiday season since 2010 except for one. The season was 20142015…when I asked him to stay and from Thanksgiving until February, he did. It was more than I had hoped for. Having him there lifted a burden that was weighing so heavy on my chest. It was the most lively holiday season we had both had in a very long time. And, looking back, it was a prelude to what was to come.

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