‘Dwelling’s ‘Back Then”

Move Forward: Body, Mind and Spirit, and Leave the Past In the Past

A sample from Book 8

 Dwelling’s 'Back Then'
we lived back then
‒our biggest season
living in young
everything’s begun
never still...sitting
‒moving in the constant
of run
having class
having fun
our communion
‒our glittering sun
our mind’s on-going reunion
‒a slight prison
caught-up spectrum
our past
our best, truest companion
turning needles to diamonds
quarts to gallons
each new past
remembering sermon
our present moment’s devotion
staying stuck
all problems, experiences‒
‒digging deep
our use-to-be fund
present’s affirmations
it’s done‒
time for a ascension
new’s dimension
the past‒
our firm confirmation
holding on‒
constantly living
in its circulation
‒caught in its dreamy emotion
keeping us in equivocation
bypassing present’s creation
it’s done‒
our back then
it’s time
make the incision
no longer in young
but still living
in fun
willingness to run
keeping our retrospections
but allow in
new manifestations
all else‒
move to preservation
it’s built us
gave us qualifications
for now’s implementation
stop dwelling on
back then
start living
in now’s skin
new moment’s begin
new memories
creating a foreign spin
now’s life
we’re in
allow the transcend
build new mountains
‒from young
to older...wiser
sets a new trend
that day coming
age sets in
on porches
breathing in fresh winds
under summer suns
in chairs
easily spoken
of live in living‒
not broken
not stuck in young’s brethren
a put-together rendition
of a life lived
in total contribution
let go of back then
in now’s innovation
new moments
in motivation
new memories
adding to collections
for in aged years
the spices‒
our truth’s personification‒
the new young
can’t get enough
with us
lost in conversation

(August 6, 2015)—Yes, I’m finding more time to post. I’m still reading 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin. Chapter 7 titled ‘They Don’t Dwell on the Past’ inspired ‘Dwelling’s ‘Back Then’’.We all do it. It doesn’t matter the circumstances. Good or bad. We still dwell.

Morin says it’s good to dwell, but constantly dwelling impedes our ability to fully live in our present. I agree with this. Sure, we had some really good times in our past lives, but for those of us pass our 40s, that’s not the end of our experiences. When I listen to people my age talk about their past, you’d think that’s all there is. It’s not.

I went through a whole life already. I’m not done. God showed me this. I’m so freaking ready for the next journey, I actually shake inside thinking about it. I’m that excited. It wasn’t a year ago. In fact, I couldn’t even imagine another life. I had one. I lived it. That was that. A lot has changed since then. I’ve done a lot in my life. A lot! I don’t regret one iota of it. How can I? My experiences have shaped me into who I am today. I’m proud of all those experiences.

As my baby said (I’ve mentioned this before), after he spent $1.99 on some people search site and discovered all the things I’ve done in my life time: My mom is cool![He done that during class time and said that out loud without even thinking about it.]. That cool stuff my baby referred to was my young years. I had all that energy. I had all that fire to just run and do. Just because I’m in my 40s doesn’t mean the fire is gone. It is not. I’m a bit stationary, presently. I have been for several years. Not by choice.

Now, as I put all my writings together into books, a new part of me is emerging. I get so excited thinking about it. I no longer live in the if part of life. I have so much faith that I can’t help but live in the when part of life.

I guess it’s hard for others to imagine their work making any kind of impact on others. My self-confidence is not as strong as I’d like it to be, but it’s far better than it used to be, and that gives me the energy in my heart to not just think, but to believe that my work will make an impact.

I have no fucking clue how I’m going to get my work out to the public. I don’t need a clue. I have my faith. I raised my hands years ago and passed it all to God. So far, He’s directed my every step. So, I will continue to live in faith.

I may be 80 years old. I might even be six-foot under. None of that bothers me, but I do know…I know…what I’m doing today will have its day in pure light. That’s faith! So, as ‘Dwelling’s ‘Back Then” states, get out of your past and live today. You can’t undo any of it. You can’t relive any of it.

As in being over 40, our bodies are different, our thinking is different, our goals are different. Get out of the past! Look at what is in front of you…now! That’s what you need to be concentrating on. Leave the past where it belongs…in the past! Let’s take this ride into the future. I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking pumped. The best part…wisdom! Now, that’s something I didn’t have in my past. I kind of like that part. A lot.

You are beautiful my friend. You are so freaking worth it, and even though you may have gone through, or currently going through the darkest period of your life, take it from someone who’s traveled that road…the light is alive, and the 40s…hell, we got that upper hand the young don’t have. Take that to the bank. Enjoy it. It’s one hell of a gift. Love the skin you’re in.

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