‘Alone’s Passion’

Being Single Is Better Than Being Abused!

A sample from Book 8

 Alone's Passion 
I can do this, do that
without time
to count
no voices to hear
I want this, want that
missing it
no doubt
I can say this, say that
without being condemned
for going too north
or too south
I can talk to myself
out loud
as loud as I want
not worrying
to shut my mouth
I can wear
what I want
cover it or flaunt
I can sleep all day
play all night
jack up my music
keep on
all the lights
without anyone saying
I can sit around
not do a damn thing
is there another out there
doing the same
another's hand to hold
in want
–deal with the game
so in old
life doesn't die in cold
without ever
having another
how I roll
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‘Floating in Air’

Stress-Free Zone Ahead!

A sample from Book 8

 Floating in Air
I came around
to see change
shortening the range‒
just to see
all's the same
so I float
in this air
here and there
hoping for flair‒
hearts open
gentle love's token
but all's still broken
‒all's still forsaken
eyes still closed
minds sealed‒
that forever
round and round wheel
so I'll reside here
just for a while
give a little time
then off I'll fly
all this here try
fully learning
no one can rearrange
what's lost
in derange
what refuses
to grow
stay stuck
in naysayer's flow
so here
I'll just float in air
give a chance
a second
a third
then off
I'll go
hit the road
seek places
where real love
without needing
chances to prove
out right show‒
I won't just be there
flowing freely in airs
desiring to share
‒easy will come
yes, somewhere
out there
lies a place
one face
where real
the only deal
over comes fool
this place
I'll feel the overwhelming
to drool
I'll come down
stand on solid ground
without a need
to just float in air
for then
I'll truly feel a need
to open up‒
for something
feel life's breath
in share
really be there
in that place
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‘Quiets in Storms’

You Be You. Let Me Be Me!

A sample from Book 8

  Quiets in Storms
open thoughts
living only once
one...one long moment
in count
which way
which way
to bounce
choices to pound
determines ways bound
silence the rush‒
eyes in storms
see alarms‒
which hat worn
determines coming forms
stay in hate's way
or let go
just flow
talk...talk a lot
let life know
trust in God†
or in silence
build knots‒
life in compliance
open thoughts
one life
one...only one
given chance to bounce
live in it
or from coveted walls
let it stall
see it
without ever
knowing it
at all
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‘Ends of Ropes’

If They Did It Once, They’ll Do It Again!

A sample from Book 8

 Ends of Ropes
look at its threads‒
each line
blending in fine
carefully woven
notice its variations
notice what stays
real out of charade
‒the weak
break off
slip away
so strength
doesn't starve
doesn't fade
its fine threads
continue their blend
return to straight
when comes a bend
with tender care
grows these single lines
with love...hope
to thickness of ropes
growing, growing
with decency of time
harmony's kind
it's a pleasurable watch
tic, tic
around the clock
when unexpected knots
slip out
longer, longer
tighter, tighter
strangles doubt
unassureness ends
growing, growing
longer, longer
tighter, tighter
be careful
oh so gentle
lost of hopes
easily tangles
those ends of ropes
‒halting grow
with single knots
stopping clocks
to stay
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‘Dwelling’s ‘Back Then”

Move Forward: Body, Mind and Spirit, and Leave the Past In the Past

A sample from Book 8

 Dwelling’s 'Back Then'
we lived back then
‒our biggest season
living in young
everything’s begun
never still...sitting
‒moving in the constant
of run
having class
having fun
our communion
‒our glittering sun
our mind’s on-going reunion
‒a slight prison
caught-up spectrum
our past
our best, truest companion
turning needles to diamonds
quarts to gallons
each new past
remembering sermon
our present moment’s devotion
staying stuck
all problems, experiences‒
‒digging deep
our use-to-be fund
present’s affirmations
it’s done‒
time for a ascension
new’s dimension
the past‒
our firm confirmation
holding on‒
constantly living
in its circulation
‒caught in its dreamy emotion
keeping us in equivocation
bypassing present’s creation
it’s done‒
our back then
it’s time
make the incision
no longer in young
but still living
in fun
willingness to run
keeping our retrospections
but allow in
new manifestations
all else‒
move to preservation
it’s built us
gave us qualifications
for now’s implementation
stop dwelling on
back then
start living
in now’s skin
new moment’s begin
new memories
creating a foreign spin
now’s life
we’re in
allow the transcend
build new mountains
‒from young
to older...wiser
sets a new trend
that day coming
age sets in
on porches
breathing in fresh winds
under summer suns
in chairs
easily spoken
of live in living‒
not broken
not stuck in young’s brethren
a put-together rendition
of a life lived
in total contribution
let go of back then
in now’s innovation
new moments
in motivation
new memories
adding to collections
for in aged years
the spices‒
our truth’s personification‒
the new young
can’t get enough
with us
lost in conversation
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‘Use It To Be It’

What ‘Not’ To Do When It Comes To Your Past!

A sample from Book 8

 Use It To Be It
it happened‒
look back there
once, twice, thrice
‒don’t stay there
turn that wayward stare
towards something rare
turn that experience
into deliverance
he may have gotten you
clouded your view‒
that hidden abuse
that traditional muse
demanding traits of you
change your clothes
‒that too
so subtle, so quiet
you went along
after all‒
you had a home
to call your own
time ticks
‘til matters click
change comes quick
only for you‒
he’s his own game
inside...the same
hiding from you
‘til open...wide
clear becomes the view
you fell hard
that knife
beyond sharp
but here you are
a survivor’s star
lies where
your somewhere
from back there
turn that clouded stare
‒things begin to clear  

don’t put that past
totally in the rear
take it‒
use it with class
bettering you
pave an avenue
‒there’s no excuse
only you
had the view
share it‒
help others
overcome it, too
that place
out there
what he tried to kill
you’re headed somewhere
he’s stuck back there
there’s nothing to it‒
it’s just fair
his childish control
your gold
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‘Keynotes of Woman’

Men: Satisfy Your Woman!

A sample from Book 8

 Keynotes of Woman
woman remains undefined
her complete design
‒never a crossing line
she's God's† greatest mystery
she'll never give
totally clarity
‒it's the journey of he
enjoy this road of discovery
here's one simple note
you should know
‒keeps her from go
pay attention
this one simple lesson
keeps you
out of option
a woman
puts a man
in complete

when she's wrapped up
tight and neat

a little explaining‒
those stuck
in lame
‒heads up
no time for sleeping
or you'll miss
keys to keeping
woman summits
everything he'll get
only when
he knows
the right tricks
he can leave
abandon, lie, cheat
blame her
‒destroy her complete
but there's something
he...just doesn't get
in every case‒
the same, the same
he's the true blame
‒her wanting didn't remain
he's the guide
making her open wide
or inside
tightly hide
she must see
all that's in him‒
she must feel
continually free
‒totally complete
when she feels
his every treat
when she sees
his deal
‒his desires, strength...real
trust builds‒
moving her to free will
her heart‒
he steals
her inner self
the most important reality
gaining for he
simple stability
when he
brings her to melt‒
that place
she loses herself
all her desires
she's ready to face
‒her inner fire
begins floating
losing herself
in feelings of ease
when she's brought
to that place
over and over
‒without any need
of race
not one single trace
when her body's needs
in complete's please
the rest of her‒
in receive
all makes her whole
complete's package
without findings
of shortage
no feelings
lost in bondage
then...only then
she moves him
to complete
wanting to please
his every, single need
no need to plead
for actions of he
moved her to total's free
‒everything in she
leaving him
in the gift of pleased
when he
slips into sleep
fulfilling her needs‒
some sort of disease
she knows
as kisses flow
her body grows cold
react fades
lonely consumes
her days
‒her inside make
turns to fake
woman holds no control
‒how her body rolls
she desires feelings in gold
(passion's bold)
she loses to cold
when he folds
forcing feelings‒
move on down the road
her shutting down
all around
‒her heart
moves in stealth
to some place else
warnings to heed
to that of he:
keep her in free
her sexuality‒
something to see
she'll hide
in he‒
open and wide
she'll fly
bringing he
to high
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‘Pity-Party Me Not’

Don’t Fall To the Devil’s Trap and Lose Yourself to Pity!

A sample from Book 8

 Pity-Party Me Not
save your grace
‒me crying in your face
maybe it's best to walk away‒
not have your good spirits replaced
with my selfish-daunting embrace
don't let me crowd your space
in a lost self-pitying race
I have to find my way
backward steps
not to trace
get up
move forward‒
there's a dream to chase
‒a gift
in my heart
God† did place
in all that oh-poor-me lace
‒wasting day after day
I put aside what's great
for others' self-demeaning fate
‒those who lost faith
not giving time of day
to words God† had to say
that day after day
turned to year after year
willingly serving myself up‒
a circling, dead-horse tray
my own bed made‒
self-pity's prized bait
around and around
up and down
burying my I
around, around, around‒
a circling maze
‒down, down, down
in self-pity I laid
to whomever'd sit and listen
I'd saturate‒
serve self-pity's cake
jump in with pleasure
without thought‒
smothering my I in hate
on self
adding burdensome's weight
flying free
in the greatness of unease‒
my eyes‒
lost in sedate
‒shielded behind bondage's tape
over my happy‒
anger's blackened cape
misery's base
I did drape
I closed all gates
let the sun's ray
slowly sink to night's blackened gray
‒down, down, down
in a mercury-ladened lake
'til I laid in waste
seemingly sealed in a darkened cave
I held on tight‒
my wilderness-mentality trait
fighting against moses' trusting faith‒
doing whatever it took
‒forget heart's break
with constant play‒
attending every sinful date
‒hearing God's† words
refusing to obey
falling down, down, down
not caring what's at stake
from reality‒
wanting to separate
losing to evil's webbing spray
everyone turned‒
from me
ran in haste
'til self-pity became my only mate
then came the day
deep inside me‒
God's† hand began to vibrate
my wavering faith
evil couldn't take
‒mixed-up signals
my heart began to translate
at first
a slow rate
raising from a bottomless crate‒
I began harder to pray
through all my mistakes
for me
God's† patience did wait
cradling me
as I lay
‒drowning in self-pity's tears
softly patting my back‒
knowing how slow this I operates
telling me:
it's going to be okay
take your time

it's your way to make
no matter the pace

it's never too late
‒whatever the case
I'll† help you break

evil's enclosed vase
harder I did pray
hearing clearer His† words
stronger became my faith
'til that magical day
His† light alone‒
out of that darkened cave
my way
He† did pave
here and there
self-pity comes, says hey
for moments‒
I lose my way
but as light as a needle of hay
He† lifts me
‒His† light pours within me
an abundance of rays
blinding evil's come what may
filling me with gentle's taste
‒oranges, apples, grapes
fruits of my labor
the brilliance of grace
my truth in faith
proving to me
nothing stands in my wake
so, each time
I seem to embrace
just give me space
let me alone face
find my own way
backward steps
less and less to trace
each new day
faster and faster
I replace‒
that wilderness-mentality trait
‒evil's webbing embrace
oh-poor-me beckoning date
soon to disappear
without a trace
the deeper I pray‒
quicker and quicker
I re-find my way
with purer, stronger faith
it's not just a dream to chase
it's a gift‒
in my heart
God† did place
so, my self-pity
please don't embrace
turn away
give me my moments
to pray
my special one-on-one date
just me and my Lord†
‒heavy in faith
immersing my I
in words He† has
to say
‒no time limits placed
on days I pray
just know when I emerge‒
I'm stronger
heavily armed in His† way
so each tomorrow
I'll easily face
for I'm endowed‒
smothered happily
in His† amazing grace
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‘Brave Hearts’

Before You Give Up On Yourself, Try Practicing Compassion!

A sample from Book 8

 Brave Hearts
(Sweet Man)
compassion takes patience‒
a digging in
bracing-the-heart kind of thing
it's taking all we know
all our experiences‒
good and bad
tossing them out the window
stepping up
‒with another
filling our cup
without needing to know
what's up
it's holding on
through bumpy rides
sitting next to another
letting them cry
it's running out in a street
to someone you instantly meet
offering a hand
‒doing what you can
without needing a return
without thinking you'll be burned
it's meeting anger straight on
‒not moving along
but hitting its head
with praising words said
instead of seeing all wrong
living life selfishly
on our own
it's restraining ones self
‒eager to help
instead of putting those in need
on forgotten, dusty shelves
watching them fall apart...bleed
it's opening our heart‒
trusting in faith
instead of just wanting
to feel safe
it's forgiveness and hope‒
with our warrior ways
away...we chase hate
in another's eyes
sadness replaced
with just our smile
showing a will to walk along
no matter the struggle
no matter the miles
it's bringing joy
to another's face
instead of disappearing
without a trace
compassion is pure heart
God's† way‒
‒showing the hard
the light
of a million stars
He† passes it to each of us
free will
a choice
love or hate, run or face
fight or lose
‒to be silent
or our voice‒
freely use
it's easy to walk away
to say
farewell...good day
lose ourselves
in our self-made cave
‒our forbidden world of safe
it's hard to stay‒
hang to faith
forget the comfort zone
‒through adversities
use pure heart to sway
lift our heads
give it to God†
let Him† light the way
compassion...our gift
to share‒
not to spare
‒to show we truly care
in happiness, in despair
here, there, everywhere
it's not a switch
to turn off‒
when we deem fit
to put individual needs
in moments
when well doesn't fit
it's a constant wave of heart‒
for it to spread
we must honor
words we said
we must release anger...hate
release places of safe
those lost from self
‒open our hearts
let it be felt
pay it forward‒
then in each
God's† reward
unconditional love
‒experienced here on earth
our awakened dreams
plus a full, peaceful cup‒
a beautiful seeing of life
where only glows
God's† pure light
without even
having to fight
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‘Wasted Not’

That Pain Is Not Wasted!

A sample from Book 8

 Wasted Not
you look at me
what do you see‒
an empty hole
or pieces
put back to whole
you hear my voice
what's your choice‒
to fold
let truth unfold
or close
grow lower and cold
here's what I see
when I look back at me:
a woman lived
gave all she could give
then betrayed
left to be reborn
on an empty tray
when I hear my voice
‒read my words
only truth heard
shaking within
for granted...taken
all that I've done
all that I've become
grew from life lived
around lies
I survived
around hate
I lived another day
I have made mistakes
I've learned
no longer living fake
as the world turns
as time ticks on‒
leaving me alone
no longer burns
for life I yearn‒
no longer anger's will
I'm concerned
I am wasted not
for my trust in God†
untied all the knots
nerves quaking
to give a new year
all I've got
look at me
hear me
turn your head
for I am not dead
with or without you
I'm living this one life‒
shadowing all fears‒
my own way
without one word
for you to say
too late
you've paved my way
yes, shaking
but open and ready
for a brand new day
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