‘Brave Hearts’

Before You Give Up On Yourself, Try Practicing Compassion!

A sample from Book 8

 Brave Hearts
(Sweet Man)
compassion takes patience‒
a digging in
bracing-the-heart kind of thing
it's taking all we know
all our experiences‒
good and bad
tossing them out the window
stepping up
‒with another
filling our cup
without needing to know
what's up
it's holding on
through bumpy rides
sitting next to another
letting them cry
it's running out in a street
to someone you instantly meet
offering a hand
‒doing what you can
without needing a return
without thinking you'll be burned
it's meeting anger straight on
‒not moving along
but hitting its head
with praising words said
instead of seeing all wrong
living life selfishly
on our own
it's restraining ones self
‒eager to help
instead of putting those in need
on forgotten, dusty shelves
watching them fall apart...bleed
it's opening our heart‒
trusting in faith
instead of just wanting
to feel safe
it's forgiveness and hope‒
with our warrior ways
away...we chase hate
in another's eyes
sadness replaced
with just our smile
showing a will to walk along
no matter the struggle
no matter the miles
it's bringing joy
to another's face
instead of disappearing
without a trace
compassion is pure heart
God's† way‒
‒showing the hard
the light
of a million stars
He† passes it to each of us
free will
a choice
love or hate, run or face
fight or lose
‒to be silent
or our voice‒
freely use
it's easy to walk away
to say
farewell...good day
lose ourselves
in our self-made cave
‒our forbidden world of safe
it's hard to stay‒
hang to faith
forget the comfort zone
‒through adversities
use pure heart to sway
lift our heads
give it to God†
let Him† light the way
compassion...our gift
to share‒
not to spare
‒to show we truly care
in happiness, in despair
here, there, everywhere
it's not a switch
to turn off‒
when we deem fit
to put individual needs
in moments
when well doesn't fit
it's a constant wave of heart‒
for it to spread
we must honor
words we said
we must release anger...hate
release places of safe
those lost from self
‒open our hearts
let it be felt
pay it forward‒
then in each
God's† reward
unconditional love
‒experienced here on earth
our awakened dreams
plus a full, peaceful cup‒
a beautiful seeing of life
where only glows
God's† pure light
without even
having to fight

(March 12, 2015)—I feel a return. Those who know my writing well, understand what I mean. I’ve been writing nonstop since 4:30 a.m. this morning and I realized that I have been putting my energy in other things that aren’t as important as this…my gift.

I’ve always preached, if you want to call it that, to be true to one’s gift, and I feel slightly like a hypocrite for not practicing what I preach. Now that I have many more friends from all over the world here on Facebook, the building need in me to move forward with my writing has been increasing ten-fold.

I’m not some religious nut. Not even close. My faith is strong. One thing I don’t fear is God. I don’t fear talking about Him or sharing how He’s helped me. I think sometimes, my words make others doubt who I truly am, sometimes, I even doubt who I truly am. That’s a normal cycle in our lives. It’s a constant struggle. We doubt who we are because others come into our lives and raise the doubt.

Those who are new to reading me should know a little about my beliefs: I believe 100% that everything happens for a reason. I believe there are no accidents. I believe God sends people into our lives to test us. Yes, test us. If you ever pick up a biography of a person’s life, you’d see how I see the world. I’ve read a lot of biographies. I’ve studied a lot of lives. Studying a person’s life from the beginning to their end reveals how each part of their life propels them forward to who they became at the end.

Sometimes, it is difficult to live life, as well as, record life. I get caught up in the moments and forget about my calling. I embrace what I do. I do not expect worldly riches or acknowledgment. I expect to be condemned, ridiculed, criticized, ignored. That’s just who I am. I live one day at a time with God as my co-pilot.

I believe He gives us tests to see our strengths, our weaknesses. If we pass the test, the tests get easier and we get closer to our rewards, our dreams coming true. If we fail then we are given harder tests, until we learn the lesson at hand.

In biographies, you can see how this plays out. At times, I recognize the test. I fight it. One hundred percent, all the way…I’m like that…stubborn as a mule, then, it’s like God says: Give it up, Karen, I’m more powerful than you.Yes, He is. I, then throw up my hands and give it up, and believe me, that’s after days, weeks, sometimes, years of wailing and screaming and protesting.

The good Lord surely knows He has His hands full when it comes to me, but my bark is louder than my bite. I can’t help that. When I do finally give in, the words scream to be written. I’ve seen something that I hadn’t seen before. I’ve experienced something different, something out of my own self.

I don’t know how others perceive the ways of our Lord. I can’t tell you how to believe, or what to believe. I believe that is left to us as individuals. It’s our free will. I can’t tell you how to live, what to feel, how to heal, who’s good, who’s bad…no, that’s not my job. It’s yours. I can only write about my experiences: The emotions of how I personally felt or how I feel when I read someone else’s emotions. I can show you my point of view. What you do with it is your choice and your choice alone. Free will. Life is precious. Too precious to be selfish.

Sometimes, I go down that selfish road and I don’t see it, until I’m literally halted in my tracks by something I didn’t expect. When that happens, all back-full and, then stop! My co-pilot is saying: Karen, pay attention, you are now amongst the wise. Your actions are watched. The wise are the guiders. Pay attention.So, I have to stop. Go quiet for a while and listen. Life is too precious not to love. Compassion, as the Dalai Lama says, is too important to ignore.

I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve experience the depths of the darkness. I’ve traveled my journey sometimes, without being able to breathe. My faith has carried me through. There’s no denying the power God has shown in my life. When He brings me to a halt, I’ve learned it’s time to listen, time to pray, time to say: Karen, you can’t do this on your own right now.

That’s when I seek help. I’m never old enough, or wise enough, to not ask for help. I’m always a child in my Father’s eyes. I’m always willing to learn more. I mess up at times. I step in and perform my own little tests because I’m impatient sometimes. Like any defying daughter, I want to by-pass my Father and take matters into my own hands. That’s really when things get halted. I’ve lived almost half a century, I still make mistakes, and we are never too old to get scolded by our Heavenly Father.

Don’t be afraid to cry. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Pray. When you mess up, pray. Things work out the way they were meant to be on His time, not ours. That’s a concept hard to accept, but we have to. It’s fact. It’s truth.

Love the skin you’re in. Be true.Never carry too much ego or too much pride to say I was wrong. Compassion is in the heart of every man. To spread peace, we must not be afraid to show compassion, even when we are afraid. God is great all the time.

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