‘Orchestrated Part’

The orchestrated part of the Jews in Jesus’ death…the same In me and YOU! The veils! The veils are put on to teach us, in order for us to grow! Trust is so very important!

 Orchestrated Part
 it was a very long time ago
 still...its people hold
to pride and ego
 passing on lies
 why Christ†, on the cross, died
 they knew the why
 –at least some on the side
 but following the crowd–
 far greater than the One†
up beyond the clouds
 a man who'd done miracles
 right in their faces
 they refuse to believe
was of God†
 they saw then denied
 all past scripture
went out windows
 all evidence given to see
 in their books
coming to life
 ‒it wasn't ignorance or strife
 but veils hiding the light
 they were presented the truth
 still...they remained in fool
 those veils...heavy tools
 when God† has something
for you to do
 no different for the jews, too
 since Jesus'† blood
sealing covenant...in new
 for me and you…had to come true
 they were given a choice
 free-will's uncanny voice
 pontius...in his armored hide
 what ya want me to do?
 with a mixed emotion in his eye
 after all...he was a tool, too
 for the role he played with the Jew†
 they had a choice: all they saw–
 this wasn't a game with toys
 this was a life
put in their hands
 a life of the light
 to decide...their very right
 the ultimate test
 to trust and confess
 or to kill...remain in unrest
 the veils...so heavy to wear
 testing the hearts everywhere
 pride, ego...closed eyes
 to kill...Jesus† must die
 He† had to die anyway
 it was already a paved way
 they weren't wise to that
 –after the third day
 everything became fact
 ignorance came in
took its crap
 history didn't change–
 everything written
didn't change
 just the veils...God's† will
 ‒they didn't appreciate that
 being used as tools
 instead of accepting their role
 they denied
the light's gold
 defying God†
a purposeful stroll
 passing on lies...in deny
knowing the truth
 but hiding, coveting
 wearing black gowns
 mourning their loss
 ego, pride's heavy cost
 they bang their heads
at the wall
 they pray, pray, pray
 in their heart–
 (God's† not going
to do their part)
 in their hearts
they must acknowledge
their part
 accept it, appreciate it
 then praise Jesus Christ†
the Lord† 

(July 12)—Are you worried about your life? You shouldn’t. But I do know how it feels to NOT know. It’s a scary feeling. What would you do if someone came to you and gave you a message from above? Clearing up matters for you in such a way that it sort of all made sense. Would you listen?

There are so many examples throughout history that give us hope. If only ears were open. The veils. There’s much to say about them. Whenever you are lost in the darkness, the veils are on. Every time you think you were dumb in something that you did, you were in a way…but know, it wasn’t you…it was God…the veils. Each of us have a part in everyone’s life that we cross: We are the body and Jesus is the head! God uses us to test each other’s faith, each other’s true heart. Once we learn to accept that (the true meat of the Bible), then we can understand the why behind our trials and accept them.

Oh, Boy! That evil whore sure doesn’t want that! Oh! NO! It enjoys our anger, our worry, our hate, our deception…our sin…i.e. death. It wants that. But you must understand that God is more powerful than death, sin, evil! You must understand HOW He works. He wants…WANTS…you to ask for His mercy. Why would you ask for mercy if everything is going great? For what purpose would you ask during happy, joyful times? None! He has mercy to give! He knows that in our good times, we only glorify Him. But…think of this…has anyone every told you thank you for nothing, you did nothing to receive this thank you. What do we say? What for? Exactly. It’s the same with God. I don’t know about you, but I want to have done something…anything…to receive that thank you.

So…God brings us down…Book of Job…allows…ALLOWS the darkness to fall upon us in order for us to ASK! We have to keep on asking…remember: God’s time is NOT ours! Our faith must…at all cost…remain! That’s part of the test. Sure, we can have doubt. And we will. It’s all part of the journey. But…our resurrection will come. We will be delivered from death…sin…to life…the light…the truth of Him… when we start listening and abiding by His words.

You, then, why do you judge your brother? Or why do you look down on your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. It is written: ‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.’ So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.—Romans 14:10-12

We all have to answer for what we’ve done…i.e. the MARKS placed on our hearts! In the 5 stages of grief, the depression stage is designed for us to deal with our personal, inside pain here on earth instead of having to do it in the pit! God is sure wonderful to give us that chance! Only, a lot of people do not see this because they have been blinded by all these religious leaders who are not preaching (giving information) i. e. the truth…and leaving out parts of the Bible is the same as telling a lie. You need…NEED to know ALL the facts in order to see the WHOLE truth!

Here’s truth: Paul, in the Bible, talks over and over about the NEW covenant. It was already decided that the old wasn’t working except that it made us aware of sin…death. A new order had…HAD to be put in place. God was tired of this yearly sacrifice that did not a damn thing for the people. He was tired of the rituals that did not a damn thing for the people. He was tired of all these high-ranking authorities that held the SECRET of the law…they just egged sin on, persecuting everyone and anyone…leaving zero room for growth. They held everyone prisoners by the law!

Wouldn’t you get tired of that shit? Think of owning a company and you had this arrogant employee that you had made boss, manager, to ensure that your company ran smoothly. This manager, CEO, whatever, had all the documents on HOW to run the company…i.e. they knew all the SECRETS of the company. This power goes to their head and they start using this information to CONTROL the workers beneath them. If you owned this company and was away from it for long periods of time, and kept coming back to witness the frustration of the other employees, would you keep the CEO? OR would you get rid of them?

Well, God’s the boss…the owner of the company. So the old way just wasn’t working. Jesus, not only was the new covenant but He was also the ultimate test of God’s chosen people! They failed by the way. God veiled them to test them in the most ultimate way….as in ‘Orchestrated Part’.

There’s nothing on this earth to justify what I’m about to say, but it does make sense: Who’s to say that God didn’t have plan B already in place? If the Jews would have surprised Him, and chose to believe and not crucify Jesus, who says that God didn’t have another way for the crucifixion to take place?! The crucifixion was going to happen no matter what. Jesus’ blood was the ONLY blood that would seal the new covenant…He was God’s gift…the head!

But…the Jews’ hearts were too weak. The veil too strong.

What about you? Is your faith strong enough to trust in what God is putting you through? He put me through some serious shit! Twice! Sure, my doubt…in the path…not in God…was there, but I threw my hands up, Do with me as YOU will? Did I suffer? I had a mini stroke, I have a damaged heart valve. Is it worth it? You damn straight!

Here’s one for you: My sister suffers from depression as I did. I tell her to read the Bible. She says she doesn’t like to read. I told her to stop going to the Catholic church (oh MY, will this be coming soon) she told me not to knock her church.

Point: I love my sister! But how many others are like her? How many people refuse to read, gain knowledge on their own, and instead listen to churches who are only giving PART of the information…? How Many?

Everything…everything…you need to know is in the Bible! In order to maintain control of the people, these churches made the decision to NOT tell you everything. They know you will NOT read! Those are veils put on by man! God’s testing your ass through man! i.e. other people.

Why are you listening to churches that have millions and millions of dollars in the bank? Don’t you know Jesus? Don’t you know the Bible? Why are you relying on others to tell you what you can learn yourself? The BIBLE says to question everything! Try questioning that evil whore and see the strife that you will cause! Oh, I know this strife all too well!

I fucking question. The hell with who thinks they know more than me. The hell with all these I’m better than you attitudes. You do something that puts a question mark in my brain, you bet your ass I’m going to question! What’s in the dark will be brought to the light…God does that by way of us questioning! It’s no wonder He made me a journalist first!

Then…oh, this is the amusing part…when you know the answer and question, and they buck up with pride and ego and turn that shit back on you! That’s the evil whore’s ultimate game. God’s way of testing our faith, our unconditional love for Him. Will you buck back? Will you hate in anger, pride and ego? Will you just give up to gluttony and sloth? Tests. Veils. ALL to save YOUR soul!

The Jews failed the ultimate test…they would rather pass on the lie in pride and ego than admit the truth: That they were veiled and they didn’t trust in their faith and they killed God’s Son! If they would have admitted their weakness right out of the gate, they wouldn’t have suffered all this time. Now, a lot of them will tell you I’m wrong because they have riches beyond belief. Laugh out loud! They are fooled by the WORLD! They are batting for the other side and God is tapping His foot with His hands on His hips waiting: When…Oh when, My precious people…will you give up the pride and ego and admit the truth?

So they are there waiting in the pit for the second coming! Fact!

That’s the grand-scale example of how God works. He does the same in your life. The tests are hard. The more of a good person you are, the harder the tests. Why? Because He has something big for you to do. He needs to know just how strong your faith is. So, He brings it down harder.

You might say, Well, He keeps on testing me, so I don’t believe this shit you’re trying to sell!

For one, I’m not trying to sell anything. Facts or facts. You can’t change the truth no matter how hard you try. Second, my second trial, I thought the same thing until it was revealed to me the truth. Read my testimony.

Here’s something to dwell your thoughts on: If the Jews were not veiled, they’d realized who Jesus was because of all the scripture and they would not have killed Jesus. Easy. But God wanted to know the truth in their Hearts…What will they do? So, He veiled the truth of the scripture. Everything….EVERYTHING happens for a reason. If you doubt that, you aren’t a full believer yet. Keep going…you will get there.

If God wouldn’t have veiled me during my journey with the sweet man, I would have not moved forward with him because I already knew his truth. God had a different plan. He needed to get something to the sweet man and because of my gifts, I guess I was the only one near him with these gifts, so I was chosen. God veiled all my knowledge just for this message. By doing this, He showed…SHOWED…me how He works, how the evil whore works. Everything happens for a reason.

I’m telling you this again because you need to understand the process. The first trial was to strip you of what you already knew in order for you to grow more spiritually…because THAT is what matters (your SOUL)…if you don’t listen, learn, as I’ve said so many times, back around you go! And if God has something for you to do and you’ve proven to be strong and faithful, He will veil you, bring you to strife if that’s what it takes…but you have to pay attention to what is happening on a SPIRITUAL level…forget the fucking world that second go around. It has NOTHING to do with the world! THAT is ALL the spiritual.

All of this is in the Bible by the way. When I get my video camera in, I’ll start showing you all of this. The stuff they leave out of their ministries is quite amazing. I think the ONLY person that got it totally right is Joyce Meyer. T.J. Jakes is a running second. The rest…they do talk good stuff, but they leave OUT a lot and that’s not telling the whole truth. Showmen…just showmen.

One last thought: When Jesus was crucified, God put the Holy Spirit in each of us. The Holy Spirit put the Ten Commandments in our minds, and God put love in our hearts. We no longer NEED to rely on anyone to tell us how God works. God gave each one of us the power to learn this on our own by way of a simple book! That’s fact. You do NOT need any of these ministries. You don’t NEED to give them your money. God doesn’t want your money. He wants your actions. He wants you to write, teach, go out and spread the truth, help the poor, the broken. He will not see that you give blank amount of money to this charity, that ministry and you think you are DOING! You are not! He wants YOU personally to do it. It’s up to you to understand this. He wants YOU to give up your time, your money, your energy…DO IT YOURSELF! By YOU doing…DOING…you are put into a position to save souls! By YOU saving a SOUL…just one…you repent on past sins that YOU committed while still here on earth, instead of waiting to repent in the suffering of the pit! You don’t have believe me. It’s written in the Bible!

Note: Nothing….NOTHING…I say will ever take away or add to the Bible. If ever I make an error, I welcome correction…but you are going to have to show me the Scripture that backs up what you say! I’m a really good researcher, so be sure your correction is accurate. Thank you.

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