‘What Comes Out’

Anger: How changing this one emotion can change your entire life!

 What Comes Out
she weighted
the things she's said
‒those retaliating words
she weighted
the things she's done
thinking it all hard love
but it was anger
‒acting out
over another's danger
what makes you do
these things?
she pondered the question
the only answer: retaliation
she bowed her head
in confession
responding to those living
in secret
putting her in the dark...deeper
she weighted
her lost of control
‒all man things took their toll
grabbing at her in hold
her...letting it all
use her in bold
anger's put her in the red
shaped thoughts in head
then actions without thought
knowing the wrong
in every heart beat
then came further heat
she weighted
all these things
knowing too late always rings
seeking truth
sets off anger in sing
it's her life
not just some fling
she sighed just a bit
thinking these things
anger's become a distraction
at times
giving satisfaction
‒the evil whore's demolition
she bowed her head
in greater confession
this her greatest sin
she no longer
wants to blend
a fight she's determined
to win
‒using gratitude
from God's† den‒
the only way to contend
‒be put in the light
from way deep within
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‘Yelled Sarcasm’

5 Ways to Heal ‘Self’ from Abuse and Trauma

 Yelled Sarcasm
speaking out of turn
oh! how this heart burns
this once gentle character
each time a tone of voice
gone the plow
that once endured
for this ache!
there is no cure
once betrayed
bitterness lays
honesty...only the heart craves
that forever solid pace
‒left with only discern
out the heart‒
drops of dimes‒
where truth is clipped
all smells like week-old manure
‒nothing left that's pure
seconds, minutes, hours‒
turn to days
as what was
gets lost in a bitter haze
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