‘God’s† Clone’

There’s a Message Within Ourselves!

A sample from Book 2

 God’s† Clone
what’s on this altar
is it a human fault
something forgottenly sought
what has it brought
forgiven sin...it ought
forgiven all that’s naught
has it ever been caught
what’s still in doubt
can it even count
is there a fair amount
what’s on this altar
that’s so many have fought
without a second thought
what’s in its heart
minds become wrought
the wicked begin to haunt
does it ever want
those that won’t
listen to the sound
from your decorated mound
is it this altar
of wood, of cement, of glass
that we should halt
or should we opt
—a belief in a deeper bound
not easily seen or found
is it this altar
of flesh, of bone, of blood
that we should be taught
our I am crop
something readily found
always open and abound
this altar
dressed in candles
a lost handle
a fake mantle
this altar
the hidden am
the true lamb
God’s† very hand
surrounding every gland
the prayers come from inside
here’s where He† resides
listen...do not hide
the self you must abide
don’t cast it aside
hear His† screams
His† silent cry
this altar
this well-made am
each different
each from His† chosen brand
for a reason’s stand
for you to understand
at your own hand
open to your altar
not a stage built by man
inside human land
look deep
through spidery sand
yes!...a hard demand
you’re a destined plan
His† original am
no intentional damn
it’s you to deny
it’s you to be shy
it’s you to be sly
it’s you to criticize
it’s you to hypnotize
you are the altar
not of wood
—of bone
not of cement
—of flesh
not of glass
—of blood
you are the am
He† gave you no shame
through His† name
He† brings no fame
that’s in your frame
He† offers no strain
that’s from your strand
He† sends no pain
that’s what you bring
listen to your altar
hear its voice
it’s not just jumbled noise
He† gives you a choice
elevate your sense
give it a hoist
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‘A Life to Vote’

Mandela: Whatever It Takes For Freedom!

A sample from Book 2

 A Life to Vote
twenty-eight years behind
a prisoned door
political ciaos
left a country sore
political service
single man's allure
youth groups for the poor
community organizations‒
his energy did pour
his writings
never a bore
released in 1990
a country's heart
he still wore
even with reasons before
a south african black
considered the whore
their votes
on the floor
that time lingered
no more
at age 75‒
his first vote
casted in 1994
not a single vote
the country tore
nelson mandela‒
became its commodore
as president
he did soar
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‘The Passion’

Where Is the Passion For Christ?

A sample from Book 2

  The Passion
we live in a closed fear
our laugh a bit queer
He† died on the cross—
so we may not be lost
we build a big house
we’re not treated like a mouse
He† was beaten by a strap—
releasing us from our trap
we worship the almighty green
it matters how we are seen
His† skin fell from his body—
while they stood laughing
we spend wanting the best
who cares about the rest
His† mother watched her son—
evildoers had their fun
we ridicule the less fortunate—
breed cruelty and hate
His† skin soaked in blood—
hitting the ground...raging flood
we spit the hungry in the face
carrying around a can of mace
He† wore a crown of thorns—
so we can be reborn
how much more can we take
how much more can we fake
He† forgave us for our sin—
how many prayers can we lend
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‘There’s Time’

Time Passes but Change Never Comes!

A sample from Book 2

 There’s Time
who the hell knows
what we have seen
it’s under a finer screen
a woman going in as president
is all a bunch of hoot
wait for the actions
—all those who’ll file suit
we sulk for all the disasters
rain, flood, fires
what about all those
who’ve become big fat liars
rumbling with gay rights
struggle flairs
with black authenticity
whatever happened
to american supremacy
liberal-waged fights
conservatives wage
our given rights
what happens when our enemies
change their site
letting mexicans in
‒free passage
now what about our tax hassle
our sign reads free medical
‒free education
ss card holders paying all taxation
turning celebrities
they are permitted to do...say
whatever they deem
sex, drugs, neglect, abuse
whatever the case
for them...it’s an open race
it doesn’t matter when teens
see this as free-will
opening fire
through any window seal
it doesn’t matter
when teen parents
throw baby across the room
fun’s better to hum
it doesn’t matter when song rappers
idolize the kill
to see how many records
they can sell
what kind of society
have we become
when father wants to be
just like his son
what have we done
when kids are empowered with rule
going to court to sue
when criminals kill...maim
—sue our courts for being lame
when schools
aren’t for educating the young
but for baby-sitting your son
when everyone should have a computer
general school yards‒
play grounds are fewer
what happened to family unity
peaceful...friendly communities
when did self-importance
become the norm
in getting it
we have the right to harm
who would have ever thought
a lack of caring could bring
our world to a halt
before 2007
too much rush, too much hush
beyond 2008
we need to slow down
stop being the clown
more honest government
less selfish people—
to start saving what we have
loose faith in this money fad
we’re losing the young
but it can be undone
stop wanting to be their friend
give them books
save them from sin
you have to be firm
if they’re going to learn
we have to turn
this trend around
we need to be firm
parents, teachers, priest‒
need to be sound
help gentle court
your laxed rule
toughen up
allow them to drool
if we don’t return
to our constitutional state
just say good-bye
it will be too late
we’ve only half crossed the line
we can catch it
just in time
o’come...mighty americans
this is more than a war of terror
most motives are interior
if we don’t fight this
state of reverse
more than soldiers will
be in the hearse
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‘Angelou’s Cry’

Still I Rise!

A sample from Book 1

 Angelou's Cry
without anger's explode
voicing tornado
facial's bold cammo
commenting rage's ammo
slipping in a hole
hardly any dough
spiritual implode
emotion's unfold
physically gone cold
then voiced maya angelou
still I rise
a time to decode
can you take anymore
weighted heavy load
to yourself you owe
still I rise
strength quickly to unfold
leading your journeying road
back to being gold
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‘Actions vs Words’

Pay Attention To What They Do…Not What They Say!

A sample from Book 1

 Actions vs Words
saying words
that want to be heard
is like a song's verse
then forgotten
in time's hearse
saying promises
sounding so rich
becomes an endless nich
becomes an endless list
ballad in a fist
a stream of tears
each...sealed with a kiss
becomes a silent contest
the break
starts to hiss
when words come
—where ever they're from
expectations rise
putting a heart on fire
innocent expectations—
waiting for their revelations
waiting for actions
behind their declarations
end the frustrations
tells the tale
—words not just for sale
to make you feel swell
words said
filling the head
are meaningless
—just an old list
if no actions done
the words
weren't just
for fun
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‘Her Arms’

Where Life Begins!

A sample from Book 1

 Her Arms
a beginning dot
yet unrecognizable spot
in nine months
a gentle gift—
left in a woman's trust
a journey’s first knot
put in her arms
to protect
from beginning’s harm
to love
through each raised alarm
a continued...onward growth
eventually she knows
she'll have to let go
but for now—
with each age
through every stage
she'll wipe every frown
dry every tear
chase away—
night time fears
she’ll awaken each day
provide a safe place to lay
she’ll give her life
to make things right
for this newborn child
will bring each day
—a smile
for all the years ahead
she knows
there's nothing to dread
for God†
walks with her
each and every mile
without regret
the break of every dawn
the close of every sunset
wide open
shall remain
her arms
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‘Never Forget’

What Do You Stand For?

A sample from Book 1

 Never Forget
each day you get up—
never forget
who filled your cup
each day you begin work—
never forget
on your back
there's a shirt
each day
you create something new—
never forget
who gave you the clue
each day
you joyfully sing—
never forget
the past-learning thing
each day
you sit to draw—
never forget
you once was young and raw
each day
you start to paint—
never forget
those who can't
each day
you work your farm—
never forget
you have two arms
each day
you design a new dress—
never forget
those poor...in distress
each day
you write on your book—
never forget
the years of learning it took
each day
you write an article—
never forget
those who can't live humble
each day
you sit to learn—
never forget
those who lack concern
each day
you attend a school—
never forget
those controlled
by a dictator's rule
each day
you drive your car—
never forget
those who have to walk far
each day
you take a bath—
never forget
water...some do lack
each day
you sit to eat—
never forget
those who can't afford meat
each day
those you judge—
never forget
they don't ask for much
each day
you wedge your war—
never forget
you're watched by the Lord†
each day
for greed
you make policy—
never forget
where comes God's† glory
each day
you choose not to pray—
never forget
in the end
it's God's† say
each day
you don't thank—
never forget
how your day soon sinks
each day
you have a choice
it's your individual voice
that's heard
above the noise
whatever you say
no matter the day
for your wrongs
you'll eventually pay
never forget
when problems you can't solve
when accidents you're involved
when anger doesn't dissolve
never forget
when you're ridiculed
by your boss
your keys
you carelessly lost
government rendered fines'
heavy cost
never forget
when love leaves your house
when your income goes south
when criticism
comes from every mouth
it's your own choice
ignore the Lord†
your criticizing voice
not believing in His† truth
—playing your own card
your reasons for shedding blood
—your raging fighting flood
using His† name
for nothing but gain
never forget
God†...your Allah
is one and the same
you are His† children
equal in His Holy† vision
to not thank Him†
to ignore His† ten commandments
to think
you're better than Him†
to not believe in Him†
to condemn His Son†
—all that's within Him†
these accidents
these painful moments
that's happening to you
is just a clue
to what He† can do
you think I'm wrong
you're right
—your non-believing song
won't lead you
to any throne
here's a test for you
take a break from your cause
from your man-made laws
a month that's all—
each day
when you first awake
thank Him† right away
don't lie
don't steal
don't cheat

be nice
stand up for what's right

say thank you
say please

to each person you meet
pay attention
to those with limitations
those missing a limb
those blind
those left cripple
those without money
open a door
try to help
do more
for one solid month
then you'll see
how things change
how you start to feel
way down deep
there's nothing to believe
all good—
comes from He†
you just have to stop
slow down your clock
you don't need miracles
to understand
His† principles
is all He† wants
from you
to be true
to be honest—
His† simple menu
if these you do
He'll† be true
to you
His† love will shine
you'll see His Divine†
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‘Straight Forward’

Keep Going No Matter What!

A sample from Book 1

 Straight Forward
this goal
not at all a chore
wide open
was the door
slowly adding

not seeing‒
had torn

to see anymore
had its allure

lisa nichols
put me
in an uproar
all this
to the core
my destination
had taken
a detour
she’s given
me an oar
to see
like before
it’s up to me
to restore
set aside
my added décor
to my open door
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You Just Gotta Shake the Fucking Dust Off!

A sample from Book 1

two roads
frost wrote
God† also spoke
which to turn
which way to go
to live
to burn
one can soak
hearts broke
heavy crime's coat
one can glow
inspired by poe
or some other creative bloke
ending in an urn
nothing to flow
walk on dirt's germ
run amongst green fern
which road
take note
orchestrated vote
pick up...learn
seeds to sow
whatever d.n.a. sperm
rich, broke
no invisible worm
His† only concern
each row you hoe
give into no
your wind's blow
on another's toe
given fruit
you'll quickly earn
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