Anger Controls Your Every Emotion!

A sample from Book 5

Yes, it does. That’s why I felt compelled to write this book. Anger does some awful things to us. When you are going through something you really don’t understand and you don’t have the resources to help you, anger builds.

There was nothing for me to grab hold of. For you, you now have this book to help you understand how anger controls you and how to get a grip. The following is from the Introduction to my 5th Book in My 12-Book series. I hope that this book can keep you from making the mistakes I made.

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Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken!

A sample from Book 4

That was my question as I went through year after year of constantly starting over as a teacher. Yes, there’s things broken with the American education system…but they are constantly trying to fix the wrong things.

The following is from the Introduction to my 4th Book in My 12-Book Series during my denial stage where I focused on everything outside of myself and my home instead of focusing on the important stuff. What I discovered will amaze you! The only thing I could do was write a book about it and offer simple solutions to what the higher-ups makes so complex.

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Reading American History In Rhyme!

In order to understand what it means to be an American you have to actually study American history. The following is from the Introduction my 3rd Book in My 12-Book Series. As I stated below, this wasn’t my intention, but we do follow the path that God sets for us.

“How do we confront our past without destroying our own selves in the process? Just like the next person, we want to deny what we’ve done and move on without ever thinking about it again. But do we really come to terms with it? It is the year 2017. I’m sitting in yet another apartment. Apartment 714. It is strange. That number adds up to 12. That number can mean a lot of things like the 12 tribes in the Bible. The 12 months of the year. The 360. The chance to start fresh. A new year’s beginning.

A lot has happened in my life since this book was written. A lot has changed. Then, again, a lot remains the same.

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My Focus On Politics

As I Lived In Denial and Isolation!

A sample from Book 2

You go back and review the past 10 years or so. The following is from Book 2 in My 12-Book Series. It was part of my denial stage when American politics took a front seat to what was happening beneath the surface.

“Writing about history, much less history in rhyme, was never my dream but something deep inside redirected my journey.

Throughout history, I’ve realized, poems live on pass the generations who wrote them. It is also our reality that America’s younger generations rather music than reading books. If you listen to their music—not just hear but listen—you’d realize that each verse is in rhyme. Lyrics are poetry. With this in mind, and as a former teacher, writing history in rhyme makes sense.

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Silent Abuse…It’s Surprisingly Subtle!

A sample from Book 1

I didn’t know what the hell silent abuse was! I didn’t even have a clear definition to what narcissists was! I did after the year 2012! The following is from the Introduction to Book 1 in My 12-Book Series on living through silent abuse and not even knowing it!

“At times, we deny our reality in order to survive. I can’t tell you about your life. I don’t know you. I only know me—my own experiences, and my own emotions that went with them. I can say this: as I traveled through the darkness in 2012 and 2013, I met others who have experienced the same or similar ordeal.

I’m not a shrink, nor do I hold a degree in any such field. I do hold a degree in journalism and I was a teacher for seven years. By nature, I’m prong to analyze, investigate, question, and be curious about everything.

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‘Fight from Inside’

How Do You Want To Heal?

 Fight from Inside
all around
build a shield
allow inside
glory in heal
this magic of love...feel
–let it be
your strongest appeal
in Christ†
let His† words build
hold steady
forbid evil to steal
all around
let love be real
devour it
like your last meal
on your knees...kneel
make it your biggest deal
all that bottled, stored away pain–
let it all
to the floor
let Jesus† take the wheel
don't anymore
this pain
break loose
fill your heart with zeal
all the layers
then...after you break through
all the fears
after all the tears
after all the fight
after all
what made you cry
through nights
–everything that put you
through the mill
release all that you feel
send it all to God†–
that final bill
then...begin a new life's reel
with only joy
your journey's field
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