‘My Turn, Your Turn’

You Can’t Take Other People’s Opinion of You Seriously!

A sample from Book 9

(November 17)—The writings are more important than the mimes. Seriously. If you know someone hurting today, direct them to my author page. I can’t promise anything, but I know I’ve been there. Maybe, my work will let them know they are not alone.

It’s all a process…God’s time is not ours. Open your heart. Help that person open theirs. No one has to hurt alone. We all will go through the five stages of grief. There’s no…no getting around it, but we can get through them…yes, we can. It’s easier when we know that we have a team supporting our way. I’m on that team. Are you? God bless.

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You Have to Re-examine the Past First!

A sample from Book 9

(August 20, 2016)—I said I wasn’t posting anything more until my blog. Things do change quickly in my life. That’s the flow I go with. I posted a number of poems this morning for a reason. To show that change. Notice the dates on them.

We can say everything that’s in our hearts, it doesn’t matter. We can show everything that’s in our hearts, it doesn’t matter. We can give everything we have in our hearts, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to those who just can’t see you. It does matter to those who do see you. There’s a big difference.

I can’t tell you how many times others have criticized to my face about my postings here on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many times others have indirectly criticized me for my postings here either. Why? People are so cruel. I’ve been fighting that reactionary self for quite sometime. It’s been a very hard road. I’ve gained some weight. My fibro and back pain has worsened. I have not progressed on my books as I should have. I’ve lost a lot of money.

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‘Troubled Soul’

Other People’s Issues Are Not Yours!

A sample from Book 9

(July 22, 2016)—My author page…getting ready for the blog and excited. You can trust in your journey or trust others who aren’t responsible for your journey…it’s an individual decision.

I write about my journey for a reason…to use what happens to me to help others. That’s how you strengthen your own self…it’s been proven through me as well as countless others who chose the same road I have. I am woman! My roar is loud! For one reason…and one reason only…God!

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‘Laughing Smile’

God Wants Us Happy. Evil Wants Us Sad! You Do the Math!

A sample from Book 9

(June 11, 2016)—In Joyce Meyer’s The Mind Connection, she writes—As you walk with God, you can always begin again. It is never too late for a fresh start. Your history does not have to be your destiny!

When my daughter decided to change her course from Louisiana to Denver back in July of last year, I flipped. She was my shoulder, my rock and suddenly there I was with the reality of truly being alone. I didn’t want to be alone.

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‘Traces in Forgive’

The Lie: Destroys. Steals. Kills. You Decide!

A sample from Book 9

(March 20, 2016)—I think my next piece will be about the damn lie. What is so damn hard about just saying the truth? It breaks my heart to trust, then hear the lie. For what? What purpose does it serve? Why shatter someone’s trust and belief in you because you couldn’t face your own truth? That makes no sense to me. None.

Call me gullible. I don’t care. A lie is a lie. Maybe, that is why God made it one of the Ten Commandments! The lie destroys for absolutely no reason at all! I’d rather tell the truth. It’s easier. So what, someone will get mad at me. They’ll eventually get over it, then it’ll be done with. I won’t have to come up with something else because the truth is just that—the truth. It doesn’t change.

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”Secret’ No More!’

Their Play Is All the Same!

A sample from Book 9

(January 25, 2016)—Though the poem is a red-flag message for woman, this commentary is pretty much written for men. Yes, I do think of the good men who are out there. I do know you are out there, and…there are good women out there who aren’t as loud as I am…I assure you!

Seeing a picture of Marie Laveau’s grave with my daughter’s comment ‘Another Man Done Gone’ gave me a laugh. Awesome, and fitting!

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‘Unshatter’ Who Others Want You To Be!

A sample from Book 9

(January 6, 2016)—Rehashing old stories…brings to mind life. Look back on your life for a minute…mainly your principles. Did they change? They shouldn’t have.

We’re born a certain way, then we have these things, way deep inside, that make us who we are like: Having a conscious (no matter how much you want to live in sin…I mean, treat others the way they treat you…you can’t), having a big heart (you have always wanted to help in someway), being mindful of how you behave in front of people (you’re a lady, a gentlemen, you make people laugh, etc.), your work ethics (you work hard no matter what), what you do for people, even when they don’t do for you, your truthfulness, what you enjoy the most in life (meaning—what’s your gift, that certain thing that makes you lose time and puts you in a complete place of peace), etc.

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The Lie: How Far Would You Go?

A sample from Book 9

(March 24, 2016)—I have been pondering the lie. I mentioned earlier that my next work would be about the lie. I asked for guidance. I sat at my computer last night collecting pictures of inspiring quotes (something I do when I need to clear my mind) thinking about the lie and why is it so hard for people to just tell the truth.

I’ve taken some law classes in college. I’ve read a bunch of true crime accounts. Some of my favorite true-crime writers are Ann Rule and Patricia Cornwell. My dad has an album of local, true, horrific crimes. Human nature has always fascinated me. My commander in the 42nd MP Group in Germany loaned me his copy of the most revealing book on the lie that I’ve ever read: Ted Bundy Conversations with A Killer. I’ve read other revealing books on the lie since then.

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The Day of the Woman

How Narcissist Play Their Game

A sample from Book 9

(Written in 2016)—It’s the day of the Woman! This quote says it all right there. I write about abuse and the five stages of grief (the process of surviving through them by-way of my personal journey) and it’s ALL public. [It is in my books.] It would make sense that I’m a child of God. A stubborn one. My mama always said so, too. My daughter swears this, too. So, I am sweet. But being a survivor that I am, I’m also a raging warrior when I need to be. That’s what makes a strong woman strong.

I’ve stated that my writing was going to squash all them narcissist abusers out there. I wasn’t kidding. They can see their ways or not. Of course, none of them will because they believe they are perfect, they refuse to see how they treat people as wrong.

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Ways Codependents React to Narcissists After a Breakup

A sample from Book 9

(April 10, 2016)—I pulled this quote from Joyce Meyer’s The Mind Connection, chapter four titled ‘Choose Your Attitude‘. She writes—

It is unwise to be content to have a good attitude only when things are to our liking, and then transition to a bad attitude when they aren’t….A good attitude makes life seem good even if it is difficult…An attitude that says things will be made right in the end. An attitude that is hopeful when others are giving up.

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